Thursday, November 1, 2012

Look Out, Dallas...

This Momma is headed to BlissDom!  What!?  What!?

I kept hearing about BlissDom from Holly, Kassie, Mama Laughlin, Aly, and Keyona and never really knew what it was and still don't really know all the deets, but I do know that it's a Women's Blogger Type Conference - sounds cool, right?!?!

Right now I'm planning to drive with Keyona and we may or may not be sharing a room with Kassie and Leigh Ann - I so hope for a slumber party with these gals!  Aly, Holly and Mama L are bunking up sisterwives style so it should be an AWESOME girls weekend and a little bit of blog inspiration as well! 

And I'm trying to talk one of my friends in real life, Chelse, to join us too!  If you want Chelse to come as much as I do head on over to her blog and tell her about it!  :-)

This is the conversation I had with the Husband about it last night...
Me:  So you got that invite for March, right?  I'm going to Dallas...
Husband:  Yeah, I saw that.  What was it called? 
Me:  BlissDom... it's like a women's blogger conference thing...
Husband:  Who are you going with?
Me:  Oh there are a bunch of girls going that I'm blogger "friends" with...
Husband:  So you don't know any of them in real life? 
Me:  No, I've never met them in person...
Husband:  Just don't get murdered!  Are they normal?  What if one is a serial killer?  What if they want to eat your organs?  Or sell you as a sex slave?
Me:  Don't be dumb, no one is a serial killing, cannibal, sex slave dealer (I mean I'm pretty sure everyone is "normal")!  I'll be fine!
Husband:  Oh, ok.  Well are they hot?

MEN!  Typical man response!  Haha!

So that's that!  I'm going to the Big D!  Any one else want to join in the fun or is already planning to go to BlissDom?  If you want to know more about BlissDom click here.

Say My Name
I'm linking up over at Running on Empty.  Today's link up is about what your blog name means... Well, I used to have a "family" blog that was all about my pregnancies and kids.  The first name was "True Life We Are Having A Baby" then it was "True Life We Are Having a Boy" then it was "Chris - Darci - Jack" then it was "Chris - Darci - Jack - Norah" and it is currently "Life As I Know It."  Haha!  No wonder I wanted a fresh start and a new blog!  StronglyFeminine started as a blog where I could focus on just ME...we as women tend to lose a bit of ourselves when we get married and especially when we have kids.  Finding ME TIME is almost impossible, so I wanted some ME SPACE and StronglyFeminine was born!  I always wanted a cute, catchy, witty blog name like SkinnerRunner, Analyze This, Skinny and Delicious, etc. etc. etc.  I was scanning the Ruffles With Love shop on Etsy (thanks Mama Laughlin) and there it was on one of Vanessa's tanks - Strongly Feminine...I thought it was perfect to describe me and the blog!  I'm about the girliest girl you'll ever meet, but I'm strong - strong in body, mind, soul and personality!  So there you have it ladies, what you'd all been wondering for oh so long!
Running on Empty
In other important news today is November 1st and you know what that means?! POTM starts TODAY!  Did you sign up?  I committed to 50 miles - doable I think for sure!  I am having a hip issue and have been to the chiropractor twice already this week to get adjusted.  I'm icing and stretching and BioFreezing my ass off (literally) in hopes that it gets better before it gets worse!  So far it hasn't stopped me from running, but it definitely is a pain in the ass (again, literally)!

Upcoming Races
I have my first of 2 Turkey Trot 5K's this Saturday - 11/3/12 here in Pittsburg for the YMCA.

The second Turkey Trot is next Saturday - 11/10/12 back home in Chanute.

Then I don't have any races lined up until 12/1/12 in Wichita (Jingle Bell Run - everyone dresses up in Christmas garb, I'm pretty stoked about that) with one of my bestest bestie's in the whole world, Julie! 
Meet Julie
I love this girl!  Julie has been my PIC (Partner in Crime) since she moved to Chanute our freshman year of high school.  I remember thinking, who is the weird new girl with her initials on her LL Bean back pack?  We (meaning the "cool" kids) didn't even carry back packs...haha - oh high school, how I don't miss you one bit!  But soon, soon Julie's funny, outgoing, crazy, dance like a stripper personality had me hooked and we were attached at the hip from that point on and could be found reguarly dancing on randomn cars stopped at red lights or fire hydrants on Main Street...I'm serious!  We were dancing fools!  And guess what?  Julie is getting married in April - finally!  Girl we are almost 30!  Here is a conversation from today discussing her bachlorette party...

Here is Julie and I at my Bachelorette Party back in 2008!  She is so cute!
On a more serious note, Julie is also Norah's godmother! 
There is a rare glimpse of the Husband in the background in the picture on the right!
Wow, did I really just go completely ADD on this post or what?!  Haha!  You girls love it!


  1. Sounds like you might just have a blast at the blissdom confrence! Take lots of pics.

  2. Jealous....I will make it to blissdom someday.

    Take care of your hip/ass. I recently dealt with the same issue, but my Chiropractor fixed me up pretty good and told me to STRETCH! STRETCH! STRETCH! And double up your warm-up time before running, that really helped me. Best of luck on your races!

    1. Hi Laura! GO!!!! Just make it your Christmas present to yourself! :-) You won't regret it, I promise!

      My chiropractor said the same thing and he even showed me a few good ones to stretch my ass real good! Haha!

  3. I'm planning on going to Blissdom too! It's going to be a blast!

    1. Yay! The more the merrier! It should be a total blast! Holly and I keep talking about skipping the conference and just partying like rockstars!

  4. Thanks for linking up! :) I really like your blog name and the idea behind it. Jealous that you are going to Blissdom too btw.

  5. I thought about going before, but wasnt sure if I wanted to do the whole sit in a room and listen to somebody talk about blogging thing --- but damn it, you make it sound like I NEED to be there to hang with the girls! Haha! Maybe I'll have to rethink about going :)

    1. Heck yes, you need to! Do it! Do it! Do it!

  6. You gotta bring Julie to Dallas!!

    1. Holly! That's an amazing idea! Ill ask her but with her wedding only 2 weeks later I'm doubtful! But I will definitely make her come to some blogger gal get together with me sometime! She is so fun and without a doubt always brings out the funniest version of Farci there is!!

  7. Thanks for linking up with us! Love your blog. :)

  8. Ha! Loved the convo you and the hubs had about blissdom- sounds like the exact conversation my husband and I would have had if I were going!! Found your blog through Holly's and now I love ya!!

    1. Hey Mandy! Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the world wide web - do people still say that? Anyway, stick around and enjoy!