Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Herbal Cleanse - Day 1 and 2 Recap...

I've made it two days in on my 10 day cleanse and I've only slipped up once! Pretty good, right? Here's a quick recap of the last couple of days...

Day 1:
Am = Citrus Fiber Drink: Verdict - OK taste, DISGUSTING texture!! Seriously, good thing my gag reflex isn't a weakling! See?

Food Log: There is a Food Guide that comes on the insert in the cleanse, but the flavor of it is eating a clean diet - lots of lean meats, veggies and fruits.

Work is CRAZY this week so I've yet to step foot out of the office over lunch, let alone hit the Y... :-(

PM = Herbal Cleanse Pills. You take them at night before bed. I have no clue what they do, I would if I read the insert.

Symptoms: I fully expected to be shitting my brains out and was completely surprised when I didn't! I'd have to say the non-stop urinating was probably the biggest annoyance of the whole thing (second to the Citrus Fiber Drink)!!!

Day 2:
AM = Citrus Fiber Drink. I drank it like ice cold today and in about 45 seconds so it wasn't as horrible, but it was still bad!

Food Log: Notice, still no running! It's cool, I only have my VERY. FIRST.5K.EVER in 4 days...

Did you find my "slip up" ? Believe me, I'm not pointing it out!

PM = Herbal Cleanse Pills. Still haven't looked up what they do?!? Anyone know? If so, fill my lazy ass in will ya?

Symptoms: Peeing still seems to be the main symptom. Although a few peeps I've talked to said it could take a few days and then it will hit! I'm so looking forward to that! TMI, but I did have a pretty good poop early this evening - but not yucky and I wasn't racing to the bathroom!! :-)

On a side note, I weighed this morning again (obsessive, I know!) and was down 3 pounds from Monday morning! I know it's water, but still it's a motivator!!

xoxo Darci

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Herbal Cleanse...

Today I'm starting Advocare's 10 Day Herbal Cleanse. Seriously, ladies I don't know what is wrong with my body me!  4 weeks ago I was down to 170.8 pounds, this morning the scale (and no I'm not shitting you) read 180.4 - like WTF?  I've been running doing the C25K training program the entire time and I'm not overeating - might not have always made the best food choice, but I wasn't over indulgent!  10 effing pounds...seriously kill me now!  I hate this shit!

Anyway, I'm doing this cleanse b/c quite frankly I feel full of like shit!  I'm so gassy and constipated to boot!  I'm also seriously trying to break my soda habit with this cleanse as well so I'm also trying out Advocare's Spark "energy" drink.  I took some before pictures and I took my measurements - I'll share those at the end!

Also, Mama Laughlin's FB Fit Camp group has started a blog: Mama L's FB Fit Camp Group Blog and the ladies over there are starting 31 Days of Jillian on October 1st.  Since I'm running my first 5K this coming Saturday I thought doing the 30DS would be a perfect way to switch things up a bit!  Join me, won't you?

This morning started off with a good ole Fiber Drink which resulted in a horrible gag reflex all morning and face to match!  Seriously, it wasn't the taste, it was the texture!  Yuck-o!

Certain days you drink the Fiber Drink, every night you take some pills, then on other days you take some other pills!  I'm a wealth of knowledge, can't you tell!  I'll keep you girlies posted as the days fly creep by and I'm salivating for an effing cheesburger!  :-(

Look for a complete Day 1 recap tomorrow - hopefully maybe!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Family Blog...

I just wanted to remind my 8 (one of which is ME - pathetic, huh?) Loyal followers of my Family Blog!


I've had a back log of posts for months it seems, but I finally had a little time and I made some way down my list!


xoxo Darci
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary...

Four years ago today, I got hitched!  Yay!  Happy Anniversary, Husband.  To be completely honest our wedding day was a total bust!  We live in Kansas, but somehow the hurricanes that were breaking land down in the Gulf managed to make it monsoon on my wedding day all the way up in Kansas!  Boo!  So everything was wet, thankfully we had a ballroom (or what we here in SEK call a ballroom - hell it's the closet thing you are going to get to a ballroom anyway) where both the ceremony and reception was held.  But my dreams of outside pictures walking down the middle of our main street in town and jumping up and down and getting the "mid-air" photos were quickly washing away down the gutter with the rest of the rain and trash in the street.

The rain did let up enough that we did end up venturing outside with black umbrellas!  Cute idea, right?!  Thanks Momma Nan (my mom)!  The rest of the day was a blur: outside pictures, inside pictures, family pictures, wedding party pictures, actual wedding, reception, cake, food and lots and lots of booze and blaring music!  I remember telling the DJ that I wanted to to be like we were "up in da club" during the reception and that if I heard YMCA or the Chicken Dance he would be fired on the spot, but forced to leave his equipment.  We didn't do all the traditional Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances.  I loathe that part of weddings when everyone just wants to drink and dance, but yet we sit watching slow dances for an hour!  But you better bet your ass we did the $ dance, Boom!  I'm greedy like that.  We did do our first dance together, but our wedding party quickly joined in and eventually almost everyone had switched partners and I don't even know who I ended the dance with (in my mind it was my back-up hubby, Greg, he is one of the Husband's best friends and a total HOTTIE - can you say yum!?).

I know you are thinking, this doesn't sound SO bad, right?  Well here's the kicker!  Two months after the wedding I get a call from our photographer, I assumed to tell me we could view the proofs online, instead I was told that "Something went wrong with the disk in my camera and I've sent it out to two different data recovery places and they still can't pull anything off the disk..." silence...crickets....and more silence... I finally replied with, "so...." and that's when I heard the tears start falling on the other end of the phone!  In the end we ended up with ZERO, yes that's right, ZERO pictures from our wedding day - the whole day (well except candid that's friends/family took which absolutely count, but not enough).  She said she would refund our money - you bet your ass you will refund our $ - and offered to do a free studio shoot and then make us some story book and give us the rights to get the pictures wherever we wanted instead of paying her ridiculous prices.

After the shock (I had to let her go before I screamed and made her cry more) wore off, I was like well what's done is done - let's get what we can.  I had to have my dress clean, which was still in a ball on the floor from when I took it off and it was nice and dirty mind you (it was monsooning remember) and we had to go buy the Husband a new black suit, tie, shoes, shirt, etc.  Now for the shocker - by the time we went for the studio shoot 2 weeks later I was already 10 weeks pregnant!  Yeah, that's right I got knocked up on my honeymoon (or that's what I like to say - doctors said it was probably the week of the wedding, mid-week to be exact based on my cycles, but I digress)!  And my dress...my dress was a tight, all lace, no poof dress - uncomfortable didn't even begin to describe it!  But in the end, we got some decent shots - even though I'd already gained like 10 pounds since the wedding (half honeymoon food and half baby bloat).  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, but it still would have been nice to have some authentic wedding day pictures...


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day in the Life of...Me!

I'm linking up with Holly and many other blogging ladies for a "Day in the Life" party!  Since I'm giving away my linking virginity I hope it's worth it!  :-)

Without further delay, here is a day with me in my Hot Momma Shoes...be jealous (of the shoes, not necessarily my day)! ***
G by Guess - I'm a size 7.5!!
Chris' (the husband) alarm usually starts blaring anytime between 5:30 - 6:00am, ugh!  But no way do I get up then.  I usually yell like hell and shake him politely nudge him and whisper "Your damn alarm is going off.  Get up!  Turn it off, you are waking everyone up!" and at some point during my rant peaceful wake up call I strip the covers off of him!  Yeah, I'm nice like that!

My alarm starts going off at 6:30am, but I still don't get up.  I'm a snooze-aholic.  I love to snooze.  I used to snooze for over a good hour before getting out of bed, now it's down to a 27 minute snooze!  When I finally decide I need have to get out of bed, I roll over to this...
My Main Man, Jack
It NEVER fails, he always sneaks in our room at some point and quietly gets in bed - but at least he doesn't wake me up, right?! I love waking up to him, unless it's one of those mornings when I'm still so groggy that I don't pay attention hear what he requests for breakfast (in my bed) and bring him Tiny Top Tops instead of a Big Top Top (pop tarts) or bring him a Rice Crispie Treat instead of a Cereal Bar - spoiled much!  Either way, my mistake results in full on tantrums - he is 3 after all.  To which I say, "I'm sorry I made a mistake, but you can either eat that or not - it's up to you!"  Which prompts more screaming and crying as I walk to my bathroom and close the door and turn on the radio.  Norah also is handed her bottle at this same time, since she is more of a Morning Girl - she is allowed into the bathroom with me while she drinks her bottle and I get ready.

Then it's the normal getting ready for the day: use the restroom, brush teeth, wash face, toner, face lotion, make up, hair and then I stare at my closet debating what to wear... by now it's usually close to 7:35am and I look decent - evidence below...
90% of the time, I go with Contacts

The other 10%, Glasses
Now, this is where I'm spoiled; I have to be at work by 8:00am - it's now 7:35 and I still have to get the kids to daycare and then make the 10 minute drive across town to work.  Well, in order to accomplish this - my awesome daycare provider, Tonya (who loves my children like her own - they are the obvious faves), dresses my children for me - I just pack a bag every night!  After I get dressed, I send Jack into the bathroom where he uses the restroom and puts on his shoes while I change Norah's diaper.  Then we brush his teeth and we are out the door by 7:40-7:45am, it takes exactly 2 minutes to get to daycare.  I'm usually back into my car by 7:50am and the road rage kicks in as I drive like a lunatic across town!

Once at work I am in my office, sitting in front of my computers most of the day.  Every day is different, some are full of back to back meetings, then there are days when I only look up and say hello to my coworkers as they pass my door.  There is lots of emailing with my 2 best girls Chelse and Chelsea - we've known each other since 6th grade - Go Royster Rockets!
Between 11:00-11:30am I usually head out for the Y and my lunch run.  I'm currently doing the C25K training program and have my first race the end of this month!
After I run, I head back to my office, eat a quick lunch... which is usually left-overs, a smart one or a Subway sandwich.
Then it's back to the grind and lots of these...
But I do take some breaks and kick back and relax...
5:00pm rolls around and it's time to head out and pick up the rugrats.  We get home around 5:25pm, and if it's MWF we let Norah do this...
However, if it's TTh - we do a quick change and head back to the Y for Jack's swim lessons...
We arrive back home at 7:00pm on swim nights and it's time to feed the lions - which means everyone, but Momma.  Then it's bath time!
He usually doesn't do this!!

My Best Girl, Norah Jane
Norah is usually in bed by 7:00pm - unless it's TTh (by the way, she doesn't appreciate her schedule being "Jacked" with - literally!  Get it?  Jacked with?  I know you got it!  After Bean is in bed, it's Jack's time to go wild!  Hunting, Fishing, Saving America or NYC and Mess Making are usually all on his agenda.  His bed time is anywhere from 8:00-8:30pm, we brush teeth and turn on the movie of his choice for the night.  I set the sleep timer for 60 minutes and we usually hear from him at least once in that first hour, but most of the time he nods off in his own room - that is until he wakes up and makes the sneak attack to our room!


After both rugrats are in bed, it's usually Momma's dinner time.  The it's TV time (which covers all of the following activities - FB stalking, blogging, reading blogs, emailing, reading, texting, or actually watching TV - I also shower at some point during this time).  I'm usually in my bed by 10:00pm and aim for asleep by 10:30-11:00pm.

Wowza!  That was long - I'm exhausted just thinking of my day!  I hope you enjoyed your glimpse into my life!

*** Disclaimer:  Many of you might be wondering if I'm a single Mom!  I'm not, the husband travels for work ALOT!  If he is in town he is usually gone before we wake up and maybe home before Jack goes to bed, but rarely before Norah does.  But if he is home, he helps - giving baths is usually his job if he is home.  He also is the primarily "housekeeper" (most of which gets done on the weekends) - he washes the dishes, cleans the bathrooms, does all the outside work. My jobs are taking care of the babies, laundry and sweeping/vacuuming.  Just wanted to throw that out there!  But this post was about our everyday and that's what I wanted to represent!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday...It ain't so bad...

Back on track y'all!

I stole the above picture from Mama Laughlin. Check on her blog if you haven't already: www.mamalaughlin.com !!

Lunch Time!!

I finished C25K W5 today and it was the hardest day yet! 2 miles in 20 minutes!!

I also rode our stationary bike once I got home from work this evening. Knocked off another 7.5 miles in 30 minutes!!

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner...

Today's Exercise Log using my Lose It App!!

I've decided that I need to try to not eat back my exercise calories. Hence why today shows me 500 calories under budget.

xoxo Darci

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Well, after a weekend full of hamburgers and chips and feeling extra flabby this morning - I was too scared to step on the scale.  I am pretty sure that I have probably gained a couple pounds.  So I'm giving myself one week to get back in line before weighing.  I'm going to start using my Lose It app again, because I've been slacking on that (which means I've been eating so poorly that I don't even fill it out 1. because the food isn't readily listed and 2. I don't even want to know what my daily intake has been) and making time for myself!

As I noted in my last post, work has been crazy and that has deterred me from the Y on some days in the last few weeks, but I have to make time for myself!  I owe it to ME!  I'm also considering stating the 30DS in the evenings since I'm already all sweaty and nasty from my lunch run!

I feel like this is a bit of a cop-out, but I also don't feel like I want the discouragemnt of documenting a weight gain!  :-(

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Family...

Imagine the most beautiful, cute, adorable kid/baby you have ever seen... I'll give you a minute... now let me introduce you to MY beautiful, cute and oh so adorable babies!  Don't be jealous, we know they scored in the looks department, hell they are in a league of their own.  It's almost unfair how insanely attractive they are...

First up, is my main man - Jack!
Jack @ 3 Years
Next, their first professional picture together!
PS - Check out the lashes on little Miss! I'm jealous!
She adores him, He loves her
Last, but not least, my best girl - Norah!
Norah @ 3 Months
And for good measure, here are the Faces of my Family!

Who do you think they look like?

The Countdown Is On!!

I have signed up for my first 5K the end of this month! C25K, you better be the magic everyone raves you are dammit!  The race is back in my hometown *shout out to C-Town* and I will be running with one of my girlfriends from high school, Jayci.  Jayci runs...ALOT.  She does 5K's like I do online shopping - have I disclosed my addiction to online shopping?  Not yet, all in good time people, all in good time.

So here is the picture evidence...

Wish me luck!

Playing Catch Up...

It's Friday!  Whoop, Whoop!
I've been a bit MIA the last couple weeks because my "busy season" at work has kicked in to full gear!  I work for a transportation company that owns multiple short-line railroads, mechanical repair shops (repairing locos and railcars), transloading locations (train to truck or truck to train), switching locations (switching trains in industrial parks) and ports (barge to train or train to barge) and warehouses all across the US.  We also have a couple locations in Canada and one railroad in Australia.  I work in Strategic Planning, I'm an analyst - I like Excel Spreadsheets. HP! - descreet shout out to Mama Laughlin! - like this one.
I am the coordinator of our entire budgeting process, which runs from August through the end of January - in other words FFFOOORRREEEVVVVVEEERR!
To be honest, I haven't weighed in almost 2 weeks.  A couple days after I posted my update that I weighed 171.2 I weighed again and weighed 170.8.  Go me!  Unfortunately, life has taken over and I've been a bit distracted BUT I'm still running and doing the C25K training program on my phone!  :-)  I just completed W5D2 today!  I'm pretty proud of that!
Random Picture Time!! My equivalent to T-Shirt Time!!

Top Right, I was on my way to the Y for my run. Bottom Right, I back in my office post-run.  Hot, right?

Hot Momma Heels on Wednesday!
Resulted in Not so Fabulous Flats on Thursday!

A Date with the Eye Dr = A Day in Glasses!
I'm going to weigh Monday morning and I'll post that Reality Check here ASAP - I know you are all waiting...