Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day Jig...

If you are in need of a little Forced Family Turkey Day relief, check out Jack's Turkey Day Jig... Be sure to stay tuned for the ending... He's got a surprise for ya!


  1. Where did he learn those moves ha!

  2. He's got skillz!haha Cute.
    By the way...I was reading Holly's blog today and I got schooled in the fact that if I've responded to a reader's comment by simply replying directly on my blog then the reader may never know that I've responded. So emailing people your response to a comment is the way to go. I always always always respond back to comments but it wasn't until today that I learned that my readers may never actually receive the response. So just wanted to say I'm sorry! I'll be emailing from now on. Have a great day!