Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Rewind...

Monday, Monday, Monday....  Oooooohhhhh.... Nope, that sucks!  Totally doesn't have the same ring to it that Friday does!

Work is batshit again this week, so let's make this a quickie!!

I can't remember for the life of me what we did Friday I'm assuming a movie that wasn't very good!  :-)  Let's just skip ahead...

Saturday I had my second Turkey Trot 5K back home in C-Town (Chanute, KS).  I was meeting up with my girls Jayci and Chelse!  This was Chelse's first 5K and she rocked it!  She couldn't have made me (and Jayci) more proud!  Chelse set the pace and she didn't walk ONE step of the whole 3.1 miles!  She did awesome!
Fueling up on the way over! For some reason, people think this is a naughty picture!? Still haven't figured that one out... ;-)
Me, Chelse and Jayci Pre-Race
Post Race - Really wish I would have pulled my hair down...
After the race we went and had breakfast at the dirtiest, greasiest place in town - you know the kind of place I'm talking about!  Then I went and saw my bestie Jenny and then stopped by my friend Taryn's house to see her little baby girl!  Then it was back home to F-Town (Frontenac, KS) for vaccuming, laundry and a shower!  Then I got the call(s) and text - The Husband had shot (with a bow) a Big Buck!  It was already dark out and he was headed back to his parent's house to grab Jack and then head back out to track the deer (using like the blood or whatever).  Jack was SO excited!  Chris said he was outside waiting on the porch before he even got to the house!  He asked a million questions and told me his "Daddy got a Monster Buck!"  I love that little boy!

Jack and Daddy's Buck
The Husband and The Monster Buck...
Sunday was like every other Sunday - Girl's Day!  The Husband and Jack headed back over to Columbus to take The Monster Buck to the Taxidermist.  Yes, The Husband mounts every.single.buck he shoots.  I'm just thankful that they aren't in my living room anymore (they were at our old house) and all animal mounts are now donning the walls of his office! 
Norah had some lunch...
I cleaned and organized my closet - too bad half of this shit doesn't fit...
And Norah made messes....
 Lame weekend, huh?  I thought so...

However in the exciting news arena.... This girl is going to Tulsa for the Route 66 Marathon!  Hell no, I ain't running, but Mama L is running the half marathon and I am crashing Holly, Aly, and Keyona's party!  What!?  What!?  We have family pictures first thing Saturday monring, then I'm headed to T-Town - I was hoping to make it in time to see Mama speak, but I think that's at 1pm and there is no way I'll make it!  Sad face... But I'm super excited to go and meet some of these women I call my "friends"!!!

Anyone else going to be in Tulsa this weekend?!  Hit me up!!
I'm pretty much sucking ass so far in the POTM challenge.  The hip issue has really set me back, but I'm happy to report that it seems I've turned the corner to recovery!  The race Saturday started off a little rough, but my hip seemed to losen up once we got going!  I saw the Dr again this morning and he gave me the OK to run Tomorrow and Thursday and come back to see him on Friday to evaluate how the hip held up!  I don't have my next run until December 1st in Wichita - it's a 4 miler, but I really was hoping to get in on a Thanksgiving Day 5K Trail Run - so we shall see!  I've never done a trail run, I've heard they are much harder than a street race... Anyone have experience?

So again this week, I'm only logging the 3.1 miles from my 5K which brings my total to 6.2 - which sucks!  Like sucks bad, my goal is 50 miles... 

However, I have a plan!  If my hip seems to do well this week then I'm going to start next week with my 10K Training!  Whoop! Whoop!  I want to do this awesome 10K the end of January - it's called the Groundhog Run and it's in these "caves" but in the middle of Kansas City!  I have a friend that's done it a couple times and she says it's really fun!  I'm stoked!  And I'm trying to talk Julie (you know, my cool BFF) to do it with me!  Who else wants to join?!?

Alright, Hookstars!  That's all I got... I know I was kind of lame today...sorry!  This might be a bad week, but don't forget about me if I go MIA!  My Home Girl, Instagram will proably be the best way to stalk keep up with me this week!  Follow me @darci_spear


  1. My husband is a hunter too... ehh. You should totally go for the 10k! Ultimately (after I finished C25K and actually run in a 5k) I want to work towards a 13.1 sticker! Then I will have another baby. :)

  2. I love that your kiddo got so excited about helping daddy with his big buck! And what an adorable little girl. I wish I was going to Tulsa- sounds like a big ol bucket of party!!!

  3. I am counting down the days until I see your sweet little mean muggin' face!! :)

  4. I am tired just reading about your weekend :)

  5. Jealous of the Tulsa ladies have a blast :)

  6. Thanks for all your support! I couldn't have done it without you! Maybe one of these days we can run one side-by-side at your pace! I'm getting there!