Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Hodge Podge Apology...

Hey Ladies! 

Please accept my deepest, sincerest, most heart-felt apology... wait, lesbihonest... I'm sorry for sucking balls lately with ye ole blog!  Work has my mind working overtime and I just can't produce anything blog worthy or funny or even mean at this point!  But I love y'all and I miss this! 

I'll be back on the bandwagon soon!  But for now a little more Hodge Podge catch up!  You know you kind of love it...

Weekend Rewind
The long holiday weekend was nice, but it also drove me a bit bonkers.  One because 24 hours straight with my husband and children is enough to drive anyone off the cliff, and two because I had so much work to do I could never relax and enjoy the so called "down time".  Feel sorry for me yet? either!

This is what I managed to snap of Norah on Thanksgiving...blurry and not looking was the intention theme...
Jack Hunting with The Husband on the iPhone...
You bet your ass this really happened...
A nice sunny, selfie...
Bean had her 9 month Well Baby Visit on Friday - 20 pounds 11.5 ounces and 28 inches long!
She also continues to have a LARGE head...WTF, Doc?
Jack Slept Hunted
But woke up for the fun part!  Papa's Monster Buck - according to Jack the deer was a "Big Bastard"... Yes, I'm serious...
Now this...this killed me!
It then turned into this... but I'm happy to report it is all now nicely organized in the laundry room!
Tuesday Truths
After 4 days of stuffing my face I'm actually happy to report that I weighed in yesterday the same as the prior week!  I call this a success, considering Forced Family Day Thanksgiving makes everyone food coma crazy!

Starting Poundage - 179.4

Week 6 Poundage - 175.2

Total Poundage Lost - 4.2


So What Wednesday

Today I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I have an online shopping problem...
  • Most of the clothing I purchase online is too damn small... a Bitch can dream, right?
  • Jack says "Big Bastard" and "Hell Yeah"... I didn't say it, don't blame me!
  • I just had the Ex-Live In-College Boyfriend show up at my office door!  I didn't invite him, I didn't ask to be stalked!
  • I've been drinking more Dt. Dr. Pepper than H2O the past week...
  • I've become an even slower runner in the past month...I'm still running jogging!
  • Every time Jack says "It's Funny" when he does something bad I want to punch his lights out!

Well Pile On The Miles is almost at it's end and well I blew balls!  My goal was 50 miles and I only managed 12.7 this month.  FML... I blame it on the hhhiiippp-hhiiipp-hiip (read that like the J Foxx song "Alcohol" - it's funnier like that)!

There you have it... my life this past week!  Miss you all! xoxo


  1. You still managed to give me a chuckle anyhoo :) and i thought this whole time I was running...maybe I am actually jogging? lol damn just when i thought i could call myself a runner..I actually might only be in the jogging stage :( New follower, love your funny self!

  2. haha. I'm worried that Eliana will pick up her daddy's language. It's quite colorful. Hope the rest of your week is great.

  3. Gaaahhh I hate doing the damn laundry too. And now I have the alcohol song stuck in my head. Happy Hump Day B**ch! ;)

  4. You continually make me laugh.

    Your laundry piles this weekend remind me of my every weekend laundry piles! Glad I'm not alone on that.

    Norah is just stinking adorable.

  5. Your kiddos are a-freaking-dorable. I would kill someone if I spent every year waiting on rolls. Of course, for my hubbies Forced Family Day we drive 2 HOURS!! to visit his 95 year old grandparents. Where it smells like a nursing home, his grandma has Alzheimer's and doesn't know anyone, all while chasing around my autistic 3 year old whose stuck inside. All the old people stare at him nervously like he going to blow up the house at any moment. Then we have to drive 2 hours back home!! Fun times... not.

  6. Thanks for getting the song in my head. i will return the favor soon. I am at .6 miles that I ran for the month so you are doing STUUUPENDOIUS! haha

  7. Oh my love how I have missed thee! And I need to know more about this old boyfriend!

  8. I am the same way on long weekends. I love the hubs and kids to death, but I can't stand 24/7 of them for more than 48 hours. After that, it is unsafe for everyone around.

  9. i'm gonna need you to mention things like the old boyfriend on instagram...we need to know juicy shit like this. :)

  10. Yep... old boyfriend deets... Kids are adorable.. Deer hunted is big.. LOL.. and I have missed you.

  11. I love that your son says 'Big Bastard' makes me giggle out of control!

    My laundry nightmare looks EXACTLY like that. Can we get some effing laundry maids up in here?! K thanks!

    I gained 2 lbs over the holidays, and I want to PUNCH myself. I thought I did good, turns out not getting off your ass for a few weeks will catch up with you. Damn the luck!

  12. ok. I know this is my second comment on the same post. Anyway, its to let you know that I nominated you for an award on my blog. It's the Get To Know A Hoe award. You should stop by and play if you have some free time.