Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday Truths

I'm a day late and a dollar short, sue my ass! 

Wow, yesterday was a weird one!  I went to a new doctor, call him Dr. S, who specializes in hormone replacement therapy to see what he/it is all about.  I also had heard he was good at Thyroid Dysfunction and since I don't have a thyroid anymore (it was removed when Jack was about 5 months old), it's a constant battle and I just haven't been satisfied with my current Endocronologist. 

What I learned...
  1. There is so much MORE to monitoring thyroid dysfunction then just checking your TSH level - this was exciting to me, because my Endo keeps saying "Your TSH is within normal range" and I keep saying "Then why do I feel like shit all the time and why can't I lose any weight and why am I constantly tired, annoyed, angry, depressed, moody..."
  2. If Dr. S is for real and not a total quack then I might actually start to feel good and more like my old self, pre-babies and pre-thryoid removal!
  3. If Dr. S is full of shit, it's going to take me quite a few dolla's to figure it out b/c hormone replacement therapy isn't covered by our insurance.  The office visits and lab draws are, but actual injections are not.
  4. I might be Iodine deficient...never heard of that?  Me either.
  5. It's nearly impossible to find Iodine in stores b/c I guess Meth Heads really like to use it when they are mixing up (do you mix up meth?) their goodies.
  6. I do not want to do a 24 hour urine sample testing to verify if I'm Iodine deficient - so I better find a Meth Head stat and borrow some Iodine. There is a quick and dirty test that involves putting Iodine directly on your skin and monitoring how long it takes for the color to disappear or your skin/body to absorb the Iodine - if it disappears sooner than 24 hours, good chance you are Iodine deficient - which leads back to the 24 hour urine sample...shit!
  7. Food allergies can make you fat - this was interesting and I'm still debating spending the $200 to see what I'm allergic too...although if they come back and say cheese I'll punch whatever unlucky sap delivers that news in the face!  What?  I'm Mexican Hispanic (I guess that's the acceptable terminology), I love cheese dip!
  8. Your adrenal glands - them little bastards can eff you up!
  9. I think Dr. S is an effing whack-a-doo...seriously...
Yesterday was also my second weekly weigh in and the results weren't impressive, but a start!  Progress, Not Perfection....right?

Week 2 Poundage - 178.4

Total Poundage Lost - 1

Update - A co-worker had Iodine at home (no she isn't a Meth Head - I don't think...) so I just drew my Iodine square on my arm!  If you are as excited about this as I am follow the progess on Instagram!  What, What?!


  1. I hope they are able to tell you what is going on soon doll! Don't you hate when they give you the "hormone range" speech??? It makes me want to punch my dr in the teeth, seriously. I'm lactose intolerant but you couldn't pry cheese from my cold, dead hands! Hope you have a good day beautiful :)

  2. AW I hope that find out what's going on!
    My grandma had her removed too so she worries about mine and makes me get it checked out often.
    Happy Halloween lady!

  3. I have thyroid issues too, I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Turns out that because Hashimoto's is technically an autoimmune disorder I am more likely to have sensitivity to gluten. I cut out most of my gluten and lost weight and felt better!

  4. At least you kinda getting answers! That is a good sign even if he is a wack a doo! Makes the appointments more interesting! I hate going to the doctor especially when you find out something you don't want to know. (For my instance, why I pee my freaking pants when I run, jump, skip, sneeze, cough, etc. - my kids have made my bladder about fall out) sugery is the answer so they say. Waiting to go to specialist soon! Hope you get it figured out!

    Happy Halloween Chickie!!

    PS - I kinda used your Tuesday Truth over on my blog. Hope you don't mind! Think it is an awesome topic!

  5. Holy cow! Maybe I need to go see Dr. S! I have thyroid issues (Graves Disease) that I've been medicated for every since I was pregnant with my daughter, so about 5-6 years. They recently took me off my meds to "see what it would do" and I am apparently in the "normal" range after 3 months, but I still don't feel "normal". I know they check my TSH and 2 others (can't remember their names...) and since I am on the lower end of normal, they can't do anything for me. What a crock...

    How did you find this mysterious Dr. S?

  6. Interesting.I didn't know any of those facts. Good to know. I hope you find the answer to your ailments.

  7. That's what those little squares were on your arm! ;)

    And God, to be allergic to cheese would be a death sentence for me, too. So... did the square disappear? Will you be doing some pee tests? Just don't borrow the urine from the meth heads.