Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So What Wednesday...

*This week's SWW is brought to you by me (duh), along with a bunch of pictures for emphasis!
This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I will be laying on the beach, or by a pool, in the bright ass sunshine THIS Saturday! Go jealous, I know, and you know, you are!
Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa
  • I'm only going to Cancun for 8 days but have at least 24 outfits and I am still 100% planning to take all 24 - I've tried to edit, it ain't happening. What girl doesn't want to rock multiple outfit changes every day for 8 days straight?
    Hazel and Olive Boutique -
    Hazel and Olive Boutique -
    Hazel and Olive Boutique -
    Audacious Boutique - find them on FaceBook
  • This is my Wedding Dress Dress for the Wedding and Laura B and I went back and forth for over 3 days deciding on THE perfect necklace for it and in the end I didn't end up ordering any of them! Don't look at me like that...I ain't the bride, I don't have to keep it a secret!
  • THE perfect necklace showed up on GroopDealz yesterday (the red/coral one)...and even though I won't have it before we leave I still ordered it AND a black one!
  • I'm still wearing the 10 cent Neon Green Friendship Ring I received at the bar on Saturday night by a nerdy dude dressed as Mr. Rogers with a name tag...this shit is supposed to "change my destiny"...well destiny, this B is still waiting...
  • I won my first prize/giveaway EVER this week!  I have been obsessing over Evie J Boutique for a few week's now, ever since Laura B started pimp'n them out on her blog and IG. There was a FB Share Giveaway and the prize was $30 to spend on the website! I'm been stalking my choices for 2 days now...

  • Kimmy was providing her professional, recent emoticon "What Do They Say About You" evaluations on IG yesterday and thought I liked to eat Eggplant - as in the actual food... (and no, those aren't even all the comments - to see more check on my IG @darci_spear)!  However, I do like Dance and Cut People!

  • I started a new DietBet on April 8th and haven't weighed myself once since I submitted my Starting Weight... I was lucky enough to get the weekly email reminder that I now have "18 days to lose 6 lbs" - real F'n nice!  Don't they know I'm going on vacation next week?

  • You couldn't tell by now that I'm slightly obsessed with Laura B @ Walking In Memphis In High Heels and we like to communicate via every social media site, email and text all at the same time - proof is in the picture!  But no, really, she is amazing!  So nice and sweet!  She is a fashion blogging goddess!  Go check her out if you haven't already!
Text, Instagram, Email, FaceBook and Pinterest... all within about 15 minutes!  LOL
What are you B Faces saying "So What" this week?  Go link up with Shannon and spread the Love!

So What Wednesday


Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Rewind...

I'm going to be a tease like every other day today and give you a weekend rewind from my Home Girl...I have a couple good stories that I want to VLOG to explain some of these pictures, but for now...this is all you get!  You love it!

Captions are in circular motion starting at upper left and moving right... LOL, this really should be this hard or need to be explained, but I don't want anyone confused!
1.  Someone got Tattoo Numero Tres
2.  Brecken & Fallyne rocked the Purple Stride 5K - I however did not run
3.  Official Before Selfie
4.  Half a Chicken...enough said
5.  Does this sucker remind YOU of anything?
1.  Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar
2.  My two favorite Blondes
3.  Outside breaking the law...
4.  Brecken got mad, said her face is as BIG as TX in this pic... I don't agree, maybe OK but definitely not TX
5.  Fallyne rockin' her best "Darci" face - love this girl!
* Leopard Tunic from Hazel and Olive Boutique, Turquoise Elsie Polka Necklace from Evie J Boutique

1.  Fallyne breaking it down on the Air Guitar...
2.  Shot of new ink!  I am in LOVE!
3.  It's hard to see, but that there is a good 'ole fashioned ThreeSome action - not kidding...
4.  This Friendship Ring was supposed to change my life, it didn't unfortunately!
5.  Brecken was pumpin' it on her bar stool and it may or may not have been because she couldn't get off it...
* Orange and Tan Dress and Turquoise Layers & Gold Necklace from Hazel and Olive Boutique

1.  The scene out in the streets KC...
2.  Sleepy Time Shot!
3.  First Five Guys Experience, can you say YUM-O!?
4.  Tina Turner Dance Off Contest
5.  Photobomb'd, but they were fun guys!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Ton of Crap...

Advocare Herbal Cleanse Updates...
1. Drank Fiber Drink as soon as I got up!
2. Chugged the H2O like there was no tomorrow, over 100 ounces! Holla!
3. No workout today because I'm lazy and tired.
4. Took Herbal Cleanse Pills (3) before bed.
My Fitness Pal Diary
Since I know someone will probably see it and comment, yes I cheated - a little!  Pringles are definitely NOT on the list of foods to eat! Haha!  Sue me.  I'm not sorry I had those Pringles...they were delicious and are my WEAKNESS!  Me and Pringles go together like PB and Jelly!

Mood/Energy - Day 2 was decent...not great, but not bad!  I was still a little on the ANGRY side, like just agitated and annoyed (not like that's totally out of the norm though)!  I was still pretty worn out when I got home from work though, like as soon as I got the kids their snacks at the table I laid down on the couch and wanted to pass out!

1. Drank Fiber Drink as soon as I got up!
2. Chugged the H2O like there was no tomorrow, over 100 ounces! Holla!
3. No workout today because I'm lazy and tired - see a pattern?  Horrible, right?
4. Took Herbal Cleanse Pills (3) before bed.

My Fitness Pal Diary

Again, the Pringles and Alfredo Noodles...Seriously, I know it's "cheating" but for me to only cheat by that much for me is like winning GOLD at the Olympics!  I seriously eat like SHIT 24/7!

Mood/Energy - I was hot to trot on Day 3! The lack of RED MEAT and SWEETS combined with a ton of work and personal BS had me on 10 all day long!  Yikes!  I've heard once you get past Day 4 or 5 you are in the clear...let's all keep our fingers crossed and say a little prayer that isn't total BS!  LOL!

I'm sure what everyone is really wanting to know about though is the "cleanse" part of the cleanse...or poop!  I have to say this cleanse has always been gentle in my opinion when it comes to the "Dash to the Bathroom" - I've had none of that!  I mean I've been going and going and going, but it's not like you have to run and pray you make it, no stomach cramps either!  So that's a major plus to this specific cleanse!  I'm a crazy person and have been weighing myself every morning, but for now I'm going to keep the exact specifics to myself so I didn't link up for Weigh In Wednesday yesterday!  I have my first 5K, or run at all since the 10K in January and the Boob Makeover, next Saturday in KC.  I've ran once, this past weekend and ran 1.5 miles, walked 0.5, then ran the last mile - FML!  I must run tonight!  Someone text me and make sure I get my ass off the couch and lace up, mmk!?

Now, I need some help!  I've been asked to guest post for a friend, but I have no clue what topic to post about!  You girls know I love a good VLOG, but about what?  Help me!  What do you want to know or want to hear me talk about (and probably make a fool of myself about)!?  Ideas, please!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Day ONE...

Ugh! This is going to be short and sweet...Today is Day ONE of the Advocare 10 Day Herbal Cleanse and to say I'm exhausted and drained would be an understatement! Here are the basic rules for the cleanse and the info really helped me prepare, both mentally and food-wise. Seeing the do's and dont's in black and white yesterday was like a slap in the face!

I have to be honest, this is my THIRD go around with this same cleans and I've yet to make it past Day FOUR or FIVE without cheating and completely falling off the cleanse wagon by the end of the 10 days! What's different this time!? A little thing known as CANCUN! The countdown is ON! Three weeks until sand, sun and swimsuits! That's enough to make anyone do whatever it takes to shed a few pounds like NOW!

I'm going to try to do a short recap daily, not only because I know you B Faces are dying to know just how miserable I am, but more so as a way to keep myself on track...hopefully! Megan @ It's A Grimm Thing also started the cleanse today and we've already been texting about how badly she needed coffee this AM and how hungry I was this afternoon! I hope this "Buddy System" helps us both!

Day ONE!!
1. Drank Fiber Drink as soon as I got up!
2. Chugged the H2O like there was no tomorrow, over 100 ounces! Holla!
3. No workout today.
4. I will take my Herbal Cleanse Pills (3) before I go to bed.

Here's what I are today, I was going to just post MyFitnessPal daily log but posting from my phone isn't user-friendly good old fashioned typing it is...
Breakfast - Fiber Drink
AM Snack - Spark
Lunch - 2 Celery Sticks, 2 tbsp of Natural PB, medium sized Banana
PM Snack - Spark
Dinner - 10 oz.. Grilled Chicken, 1.5 cups of Green Beans.
Total Calories = 725
I'm definitely planning to increase my calorie intake some tomorrow. I was rushed this AM to get out the door and just grabbed whatever was in reach the easiest and quickest!

Mood/Energy - The morning started out well and I was in good spirits. I became pretty agitated and on edge this afternoon, tonight is pure exhaustion. Like it's 7:45pm and I could easily close my eyes and be out!

Day ONE Down and ZERO Cheating! Boom! Here's to NINE more... FML!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

H&O Workout Tank Review...

Morning Ladies!  The Lovely Taylor at Hazel & Olive Boutique sent me the very FIRST Stronger Than You Think workout tank from her new line about a month ago!  Sadly, just this week has been the first time I've gotten to wear them (I purchased one of the Drop It Like A Squat tanks) since I haven't been able to workout since the BOOBS happened!  Now, I have to say - I'm not normally a huge fan of tank tops for working out, or in general, but these tanks are amazing!  I still might not show them off in public because I'm conceited and insecure like that when it comes to my huge arms and back fat, but I'll rock these bad girls all around my house for now and I'm hoping in another 15 pounds I'll be good with rocking them on the road or at the Y or wherever!
But seriously, these tanks are the SOFTEST material ever!  They are super lightweight and a great length!  I would say they run a bit on the small(er) side, both of mine are Larges and they aren't big by any means.  Overall though, I love them and I'm just waiting for her to make an I Love Kansas tank!  Hint!  Hint!
H&O has tons of color options and sayings to chose from! 
Taylor also recently added a t-shirt style to the line as well!
This Incline Walking Workout is Tough! 
Work by Iggy Azalea is my current FAVORITE workout song - you should totally check it out!
I also only wear Urban Halo headbands when I work out!  They are great for me b/c I sweat...alot!
My At Home Garage Gym!  What?!
H&O Stronger Than You Think Tank - Size Large
H&O Drop It Like A Squat Tank - Size Large
I'm doing Alyssia's, @100daysofcleaneating on IG, April Fit Challenge!  It's #WallSitMonth... FYI - Wall Sits Suck!
Erin's DietBet ended yesterday!  I need/want to do another one to keep this "roll" I got going on!  I searched the website and found this starts Monday!  I think I'm going to do it, join me won't you?!
  And now for your viewing please, a hot, sweaty, breathless Darci!  Enjoy!  You're Welcome!
My Bestie Julie's wedding is tomorrow!  Eek!  So excited!  I'm heading to Wichita tonight after work and the festivities begin tomorrow!  I apologize in advance for blowing up your IG or FaceBook feeds #sorryimnotsorry ....but if you want to follow along in real time make sure you are following me on Instagram @ darci_spear or on FB @ Darci Spear.  Love You, B's!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We're Going Back, Back...

To Liebster Awards!  I had a good plan back in January for how I was going to tackle my original 10 nominations for the infamous Liebster Award...The plan was in action and I managed to tackle 5 out of the 10 nominations with Liebster Award Part 1 and I know I made a Liebster Award Part 2 video, but I'm pretty sure I never got it uploaded...FML!
I was nominated again by the Amazing Jennifer @ FatChick2FitChick and the Realist Rachel @ Rachel Runs Her Mouth !!  I'm still super excited to be nominated and I've made the Executive, because I am the HBIC around here, to answer their questions today via Vlog.  At this point I still have good intentions to answer all the questions, but I figure I might as well answer these while they are FRESH!
The Rules:
1. You must thank the person who nominated you for the award.
2. You must write eleven facts/things/tidbits about yourself.
3. You must answer eleven questions that were given to you from your nominator.
4. You must nominate eleven other bloggers who have 200 or less followers and tag them in your acceptance post.
5. You must create eleven new questions for your nominees to answer in their acceptance post.
6. You must notify your eleven nominees on their blog, so they can accept their award and pay it forward.
7. You must not nominate the person who nominated you.

Aaaahhh! I totally got cut off right at the end of the VLOG! I'm not re-recording it...sorry, I'm not sorry!  The dress is the Exclusive H&O Label This Way That Way dress that was re-stocked just yesterday!  Hurry over there and grab yourself one!  It is the MOST comfortable dress with the SOFTEST material I've ever worn!  #truth  Here are some pics, of my multiple personalities at work this AM, oh and that's the dress too!

Also, it's Weigh In Wednesday!  It's also the final day of Erin @ She's a Big Star's DietBet!  And guess who was a winner!? This girl right herrr...Holla!  Momma made some Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all!  I don't know how much yet because everyone has until 11:59pm tomorrow to get their final weigh ins submitted!  I'll keep you posted, but I figure if I can double my money that's great!  The buy in was $15, so I'm shooting for $30 bones!

Weigh In Wednesday Stats...
Week 1 Weigh In: Down 5.6 Pounds! Holla! Only 1.2 Pounds until Goal, Bay-Bay!
Week 2 Weigh In: Down 5.0 Pounds (Gained 0.6 Pounds)! Only 1.8 Pounds until Goal!
Week 3 Weigh In: Down 6.2 Pounds (Lost 1.2 Pounds)! Only 0.6 Pounds until Goal! Boom!
Week 4 Weigh In: Down 7.4 Pounds (Lost 1.2 Pounds!  Beat Goal by 0.6 Pounds!  Holla!
Love You, B Faces!