Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who Knew...

Boobs would be such an interesting and fun topic to discuss with all of my virtual BFFs!  After my last post announcing my Blogging Hiatus, I received numerous emails from ladies wanting and hoping that I'd still share all the deets about my upcoming Boobie Makeover...I mean who can say no to women wanting to hear all about you and your boobs?  I'll tell you who can't...this girl right here!  I'm a self-admitted Attention Whore so of course I'll tell you everything you want to hear and more, much, much more that you probably don't want to know...but you take the good with the bad I guess!

Lindsey over at A Plane Doctor, His Nurse and 3 Little Passengers and I were emailing last night about the upcoming boobie makeover and below is what I told her about the upcoming procedure.  This pretty much covers everything I know at this point.

Well I'm not getting implants! Ha. I have D's already and honestly wouldn't mind if they were smaller!
So I'm just getting a lift. I originally thought a small implant was what I needed/wanted before I went to my consultation. Someone had told me that if you go over the muscle it gives you like an "instant lift" - that's a lie! Haha!

Dr. Old Balls said that my boobs are too big and too heavy (nice way to say saggy) that an implant would only make them bigger and heavier. He said I still have enough good breast tissue that I just need a lift. I even asked about an implant with the lift and he said not unless I wanted them bigger - which again, I don't!

He point blank said what are your biggest complaints? What do you want out of the procedure? I said I want them back up where they are supposed to be and I want them evened out.

My right boob is WAY bigger then my left - probably a good 1/2 cup size. Everything pulls to the right side - all my clothes and bras! And stripes - can't wear them because the stripes like go downhill to the left! LOL! A v-neck shirt or dress? The "v" is always off to the right, never centered. And when I don't have a shirt or bra on - my right nipple is literally a good inch lower than the left!

I told Dr. OB that I had two concerns with a lift - I have always said that I would never do a lift...

Concern #1 - That the idea of a lift scared me because I love my nipples - the sensation (and yes I've had my nipples pierced twice in my life) not the appearance! ;-) And that the thought of someone cutting my nipple off, moving it and then sewing it back on scared the BEJESUS out of me! He quickly said, " I do not cut your nipple off! No, no, no! Your nipple will never be unattached from you breast!" He said that a permanent loss of sensation is like less than half of 1% and that in the "old days" (like his balls) it was more common, but that the techniques have really evolved and that loss of sensation is so, so rare these days! He did say that some women have a temporary loss or decrease in sensation, but that it only lasts like 60-90 days. Concern #1 Resolved! Score! 1 Point to the Dr. with the Old "Heavy" Balls...

Concern #2 - How would a lift solve my asymmetry issue? I always assumed an implant would be the only way to even them out! You know a little more saline in the left one kind of thing? He explained that before he does the actual lift he will liposuction my bigger boob to take the volume down to match closer to the smaller one. Then once he was satisfied with that, he would do the actual lift procedure. I asked him if that would for sure make them even. He was quick and honest to point out that they will probably not be perfect! He said, "They won't be exactly the same, if God can't make you perfect, I can't make you perfect!" But he assured me that there will be a great improvement from how uneven they are now! I was satisfied with his answer and even appreciated his honesty and real-ness about the issue! Concern #2 Resolved!  Chalk up another Point for the Balls!
So that's my Boobie Story and I'm sticking to it!

So that is basically what I know right now!  I went for my pre-op appointment yesterday morning, it was uneventful - really they just wanted my money!  Who knew you had to pre-pay for plastic surgery?  I also tried to get them to submit to my insurance company, yeah so don't bother with that, they won't do it!  However, this did happen...

Then I was talked into this...peer pressure is a Bitch!

Surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 5th at 9:00am CST!  I'm super excited and not nervous at all...YET!  And I'm honestly just worried about post-op, the pain and uncomfortableness don't sound so pleasing!  Neither do the fact that I might not get to shower for 5 days...more on that later!

I will update as much as I can next week, but if you want more "real-time" updates as shit goes down make sure you are following me on my Home Girl, Instagram @ darci_spear

Holy Old Heavy, Hair Balls!  I've missed you Girls! xoxo

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mardi Gras - The Party That Ends It All...

Happy Monday Morning!

Let me start out this morning by saying I had a ton of fun at Mardi Gras this weekend!  So much fun, for the most part - a few events lead me to re-evaluate some things though...more on that later.

First, the FUN!

The drive was long Friday afternoon, like a little over 5 hours long!  I think over that 5 hours I went through pretty much every emotion - Happy and Excited...Fear of the Semi's...Extreme Exhaustion...and lastly Annoyance!  :-)  But I did indeed make it in one piece!
  After Holly's babysitter arrived we went out and had a so-so Mexican meal.  I was starving so I scarfed the chips, salsa and queso down like a bad habit and then still managed to eat a good two-thirds of my dinner.  We tried to do some blog-mom boot shopping, but that ended in defeat, which lead to the DQ late night trip on the way home! #fatfluential As well as the oddest conversation regarding baby teeth which led me to post the picture below of a little girl and her baby tooth - just for clarification...that is not my child - it's a random, googled image!
 We were up bright and early (too bright and early for me) and soon out the door to head to downtown STL!  We met up with Amanda at the hotel and then grabbed a cab that dropped us off right in the middle of the fun!
 Tons of people were dressed up in costumes...and no I don't know what was going on in the pictures below...
 It was overcast the majority of the day so none of us though to bring along our sunglasses - Big Mistake!  We were on a mad sunglass hunt for a good hour!  I ended up buying some off a guy for like $10, then Holly bought some at a gas station and we switched...I ended up with the sweet ass pair of shades in the above pictures, although they didn't end up making the trip home.
 I'm not sure what time it was, I'm going to guess around 4pm we decided we should head back to the hotel and take a nap before the evening's festivities.  Note to Self:  Naps when drunk are good for nothing other than an early hang over and bad attitudes all around!  It was close to 7pm when we emerged from our naps...I eventually made my way down to the hotel lobby in search of Tylenol, caffine and something to munch on - I hadn't eaten since breakfast!
 The lobby was full of people at the hotel bar so I decided to just sit down there, enjoy my snack and snap a picture of the huge painting over the TV - I still don't know who that dude is, anybody know?

The night ended in a rather unplanned, unanticipated cluster fuck.  I was up and on the road just before 7am the next morning for my 5 hour long drive back to KS, unfortunately Mother Nature wasn't going to let me off the hook.  It rained and it poured for the first good 2.5 - 3 hours of my drive.  It sucked!
And today, today brings more rain showers - I'm sicker than a dog!  Head pounding, ears popping, nose running, fire in my throat and a cough so loud I'm sure I woke the neighbors last night!  I hit up Quick Care this morning and got a steroid shot in the booty, an antibitoic, cough medicine and throat losanges!  Here's to feeling better quick!  I'm probably the absolute worst sick person ever, I can't handle it at all!  It's going to be a Pity Party up in here until my meds kick in!
 I'm sure no one noticed yet that I made my Instagram account "private" and also removed the majority of my followers (I did the same thing on FB).  Sometimes things happen and it's like a rude, hard slap back into reality, well that happened to me this weekend.  Not going into any detail, I just didn't want to leave you all totally in the dark as to my disappeance.  I'm going to take some time away from this little "blog mom-runner-weight loss circle of love/hate" - it's nothing personal against anyone, I just need to take a step back in light of some recent events.  Nothing tragic is happening to me or my family - everyone is fine!  I think in trying to "find" myself and take time to just be "me" lead me in some directions that might not be best in the end.
I hope that someday - maybe in a week or two, a few months, whenever - I'll find the desire to put myself out here again, but for now I'm not ok with doing that.  I will however continue to focus on myself, my family, my fitness and health and when I come back maybe, just maybe I'll be wearing the Red Bikini (I will have new boobies after all)!  Take care, Ladies - you will be missed!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bean's Birthday Party & Liebster Part 2...

We had Norah's birthday party last Saturday and thankfully everything actually went fairly smoothly!  We had about 50 guests and Bean was spoiled rotten with all her gifts! 

The theme was Winter One-derland and the lovely Kristen at First Name Smith made her invitations, the cupcake toppers, two banners and the goodie bag tags!  I loved everything!  You can check out Kristen's creations at Little Laws Prints - she is amazing and I highly recommend her for any of your invitation and decoration needs!  You can also find her on FB at Little Laws Prints or search the hashtag #littlelawsprints on my Home Girl (Instagram)!

Little Laws Prints Goodies
Momma's Birthday Party Outfit! 
Teal Cardigan, White Basic Tunic, Black Fleece Lined Leggings all from Hazel & Olive Boutique!
Leopard Print Wedges from Shoe Dazzle.

I'm horrible for not getting all the questions for my Liebster Nominations done yet!  But here is the second installment featuring questions from:
Ashley @ Living My Dash

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's In A Name...

Today I'm linking up with Amanda for her "What's In a Name" par-tay!  The idea is to share how you came up with or what inspired your child(ren)'s names!  Head on over using the button below to link up and share your naming stories!


I have one rule when it comes to baby names; the name has to be a good name for a baby, a good name for a young adult and a good name for a professional and a good name for a grandparent.  Take my name - Darci, it's cute for a baby and a young adult - as I get older I'm not loving it as much though, like I'm going to be a 60 year old Darci some day... you know what I'm saying?

Jack Nolan - I have loved the name Jack for a boy for as long as I can remember, it's so simple, clean and masculine.  Early on The Husband and I had the boy name discussion and he actually liked Jack too for a boy so we were set.  The minute the ultrasound tech said "It's a Boy!" we knew his name would be Jack! 

Of course there were certain assholes family members that made the standard - "Are you sure you want to name him Jack?  You know kids are going to call him Jack Ass or Jack Off and stuff, right?"  I hate when people give opinions in general on someones name choice, but to make negative comments drives me to the edge of Crazy Town!  Needless to say, said assholes weren't privy to Norah's name prior to her birth! Bitch move?  Sure, but they were assholes first! 

Coming up with Nolan was a different story.  For some reason finding a middle name that "flowed' after Jack was a more difficult task than expected.  We threw around a million names and just didn't love anything.  The Husband and his entire family are avid baseball fans/players and one day he just threw out the name Nolan - as in Nolan Ryan, who was a great baseball player for the Kansas City Royals back in the day and since we live in Kansas it was an added bonus!  And honestly, the name fits Jack perfectly.  I call him Nolan as much as I call him Jack and it's so cute to hear him say, "My name is Jack No-anne Peer."

Norah Jane - Norah's name was a task in general.  I went in thinking for sure I was having another boy, I wanted another boy... you see I'm not that "emotional" (I've always been a girly-girl, the farthest thing from a Tom Boy) as far as girls go, and I would much rather hang out with 10 guys than 10 girls - let's face it I'm an Attention Whore... so I never really knew what I would do with a girl! 

Moving on, when we found out Norah was a girl, I think I was in denial because I was dead set on naming her a boy name!  I have always loved boy names for girls - my favorites are Brette, Tyler and Kyle - however The Husband was NOT on!  I actually looked at alot of the online baby names lists and just wasn't impressed.  There had always been one name I liked for a girl though and it comes from the movie "Step Up" and the completely irrational thoughts that maybe Channing Tatum would show up at my doorstep to dance around with me the way he does in the movie with Norah (Jenna Dewan Tatum). 

I also liked the fact that it was an older name and complemented "Jack" as being traditional and simple!  I didn't want one traditional name and some "off the wall multi-syllable named spelled with a twist just because I think it's cute, but no one ever knows how to pronounce it" name - I hate those names!  I mean parents realize their kid has to learn to spell their name as like their first word, right?  Why would you do that to them?  It's like setting them up to fail from the get go! 

Anyway, The Husband wasn't a huge fan of Norah at first, but the more I insisted he came around - I always win!  Deciding on a middle name happened fairly quick, I just like the ring to it - Norah Jane.  But as many of you know, she is referred to as "Bean" most of the time!  I'm not sure where it came from and some of my Mexican family members can't believe I call her Bean - it's not like I'm calling her "Beaner" or "Mexican Jumping Bean" - that I could understand, but Bean - come on!

Lastly, on the backside of picking Norah's name we realized the kids had the same initials, just the first and middle ones flipped... JNS and NJS.  The N names were also 5 letters long, while the J names were both only 4 letters long.  Weird/Neat, huh?

There you have it - the mad science behind my kid's names!