Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Rewind...

Goooooooood Monday Morning, Hookstars

Haha, I crack my own shit up!  I saw on Instagram, aka my Home Girl, that someone said Hookstars, probably Mama L (that lady is the bomb), and I'm obsessed!  It's so funny and unexpected, especially when you say it to women at the office... yes, I'm THAT girl - sue me!

Guess who's rockin' the Celebrity status today?  Me, duh!  Holly is pimpin' out my LGCs today over on her blog!  I feel so special...and I may, or may not, have paid sponsored her blog so she'd have to be my friend!  And by pure coincidence I happen to be rockin' the LGCs today myself!  See... Now go check me out over at Holly's!

If you are new here, thanks for stopping by!  I love a good audience, so leave me a note and I'll come visit you too!  All my contact info is up on on the left hand side of the blog - you can stalk me in all sorts of ways - The Blog, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest or Email Me!  I'm an email whore, I love it!  It's my preferred method of communication fo sho!

Now, on with your reguarly scheduled programming...

Gosh, the weekend was a whirl wind, total WHIRL WIND and I'm exhausted!  I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking today (yeah, right)...enjoy!
  • First things first, can we please talk about Miranda Lambert for a minute!?  Technically, this didn't happen on the weekend, it was whatever night the CMAs were on last week, but I fell in LOVE with her!  I've always liked Blake on The Voice, but Miranda is now officially my Girl Crush.  She is gorgeous and a "real" woman - curves and all! xoxo
  • Friday night was packed.  We took a quick road trip to Joplin to Academy - do you have those where you live? - I love that store!  And it's a place the whole family can go, I shop for workout clothes and The Husband shops for hunting crap!  Win-Win!  Although, Jack must have found some crack in the bathroom at Academy because he was actin' a fool when we got home!
That is a gun AND a glow stick in his unders...
Wrestling on Crack might be a good bad idea...but we are signed up and going to give it a go!
  • Saturday was jammed packed.  I ran my first of two Turkey Trots, then the Children had Santa Pictures, then we had a wedding reception and damn Daylight Savings to top it all off.
I didn't improve my 5K time, in fact was 4 seconds slower than my last run, but it was COLD and my Hip hurt...
Feel sorry for me?  Me neither, "Buck up Sista!"
Santa Picture Outfits for The Children - they are Bad Asses!
Not really thrilled to drive 1.5 hours to a reception, add being DD on top of it and yes, it Blew Balls...
  • Sunday was a lazy day for Norah Bean and I - the boys were off hunting.  Although Bean did not understand the "we get an extra hour" of sleep thing and we were up before 7am.  Nothing much was accomplished other than playing, laundry and the oh-so-fun trip to Wally World.  Oh, and I got registered for the Jingle Bell Run with my Bestie Julie - you don't know Julie?  Go here and you will instantly love her!
Norah has officially grown out of the Bumbo...When they can crawl out of it, it's time to retire...
My little Hippy Chick.  Jack made her that necklace/headband at daycare - too cute, huh?
Update - I forgot to post about POTM.  The first week was a short one, only 3 days and I only managed to log my 3.2 miles from my 5K Saturday!  My goal for the month is 50 so I better get my ass a jigglin' movin'...

 That's my weekend!  How bout you?  Fun stories to tell?!?!


  1. Your kids are so sweet! Love your LGCs! Happy Monday!

  2. Happy Monday Darci Baby. I love the kids pics and YAY to the Turkey Trot - you did it regardless of the time. You got out there in the cold and RAN.. Now if I listened to country music I could comment on the ML thing - but since i don't I will leave my ranting to myself.. hahaha

  3. soo this was my first time reading your blog and i'm hooked :) I may or may add you to my must stalk list. i also am in love with Miranda Lambert and the Voice (aka the Blake Shelton and Adam Levine show). Your kids are precious also, which makes you even more awesome!!

  4. I love your blog!! I am also a HUGE fan of Miranda Lambert. She is great!! In a perfect world thats what I would look like, and I would be married to Blake hahahaha Have a fan freaking tastic day!!!

  5. I LOVE Miranda Lambert. I think its really awesome that she has curves and isn't a stick. And she is a bad ass chick. Good job on your turkey trots this weekend! Happy Monday :)

  6. Well aren't you fun? I LOVE your kids' outfits for the family Christmas pics. That is about as cool as it gets. I might just have to...ohp there you are on my blog list.

  7. I love Miranda Lambert! I have always loved her songs, but I fell in love after she tweeted about Chris Brown at the Grammys.

    I love that you call your kiddos underwear "unders". I do that too, and my husband looks at me like I am crazy!

    Have a great week!!!

  8. Ummmm such a boy to be sticking all kinds of boy things in his undies :) Who cares about your time, you ran that's what really matters! I love Academy too! They have better deals than Dicks!

  9. Cute curls! I've tried to curl mine and within the hair my hair is back to flat. boo

  10. Two things: I laughed for a good ten minutes when I saw your kid with a gun in his underoos.

    Second, you can have Miranda but I want Blake. He is my faaaavorite celebrity and my husband knows I'd give him a key to our house any day of the week lol

  11. Look at you over here blowing up the comments! Get it, Dar-say!! And you don't have to pay me to be your friend-- I am obsessed... but you can keep thinking that, if it gets my ass to Texas.

  12. Hey Girl! I just came across your blog recently and loved it! I have now started stalking you daily lol but thanks for all the entertaining reads :)

  13. I love seeing the pics of your kids. My son does the same thing with putting things in his underwear! I am terrified to know what he hides there! God help us!!

    I think Miranda Lambert is the bomb, she is hot, she is a great singer, person and has a rockin' body and husband! I would totally love to party with her and you and several other of these bloggers I follow!!!

  14. You are so purdy! :D

    Miranda is so beautiful, she looks like someone I would enjoy having a glass (or 8) of wine with.

    Love those crazy kids! Seriously gonna steal Norah...just adore her!!