Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Back...

I think!  But I got lots of good crap for you today!

Holiday Weight Loss Challenge

Have you ladies been over to Courtney's Blog "Journey of a Dreamer" lately?!  No, well you need to!  She is organizing an awesome Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!  Basically, you throw in $20 and at the end of the 4 weeks (12-5-12 thru 1-3-13) whoever has lost at least 4% of their starting weight will get to split the whole pot!  What!? What!?  Mo Money, Mo Problems says No One Ever...well except for P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean John, Rock the Vote, Sean Just Diddy Combs (or whatever the F his name is this year) and he doesn't count because his ass is stupid rich - me, not so much!  So head on over and sign up...NOW, well after you finish reading this post....then GO!

Secret Santa Swap

I signed up, who want's to be my Suga' Santa!?  If you do, head on over to Keyona's blog "Skinny and Delicious" - you have until Monday 12-2-12 to get in on the SS goodness!

Merry Planksmas!!

I'm joining up with some ladies to participate in FatChick2FitChick's plank challenge!  You basically do at least 1 plank a day and challenge yourself to go longer and harder (twss) each day!  If you want to know more click the button above!  I'll be posting some plankin' pics throughout the month - be on the lookout!
Now that I have sufficiently pimped the shit out of my Bloggerettes - hell yeah, I just made that shit up!! don't even think about stealing it either... I will sufficiently hunt you down and make you do planks with me!  And maybe Jack does get "hell yeah" from me after all?!  Ooopppps!
I digress... OK, back to me!  Me, me, me, me, me!
Norah Jane
Norah's 9 month pictures are available for online viewing and who doesn't love a Gorgeous Little Gal?  Use the link below and under "Recent Photos" click on Norah Spear and the password is Jane.  Let me know which ones are your favorites because I go back and forth, back and forth - over and over, over and over and then back again trying to decide!
Ex-Live In-College Boyfriend Deets
I had a couple comments asking for deets on the Ex-Live In-College Boyfriend visit.... sadly, the story just isn't that juicy!  I work for a transportation company that owns shortline railroads, He works for the company that maintains all of our crossing signals on those railroads all across the US - and because I know you are wondering...heck no I didn't hook him up with his job! everybody likes to be stalked a little, but "steal your panties 6 years later" stalking just goes too far! - anway, yesterday he was up at our corporate office testing a generator or something so he found my office and stopped in to say Hi!  I made fun of him about getting married to the girl he cheated on me with - and yes, of course he knocked her up!  The funny part is... she hates ME!  Like came to my work (I bartended at Applehell Applebee's in college) and asked my friends if I was working and where I was and to tell me hi!  She then proceed to scream "Fuck Applebee's, Fuck Darci!" on her way out and then topped it off by poppin' a squat in the parking lot!  Classy, no?! I think she forgot that she F'd my boyfriend... We still have some mutual friends and more than 1 has asked me to be their "guest" at the wedding!  Oh, I'm so tempted to do it!  It'd be classic to see the look on her face!  But she has gained a tremendous amount of weight in the last 6 years and I'm afraid even in my current chubby state, she would easily squash me to death - although I could always out run her! .... See no big deal!  Even The Husband didn't care! 
Celebrity Sightings Link Up
OK, I'm not even actually going to link up because I think my story is lame! I honestly can't ever remember seeing a celebrity in real life unless you want to count Benji and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte at a bar after a concert in Lawrence... no I don't have any photographic evidence, but it's true - although not necessarily brag worthy! 
Or the time I saw Dustin Diamond aka Screech from Saved By The Bell here in Pitt when he was trying to be a comedian...he wasn't funny!  He got mad at everyone for calling him Screech... it sucked!

But the real story, is when 7 friends and myself went to the Bahama's for our HS senior trip.  This wasn't a school sponsored trip, this was a group of 8 "friends" - that were quickly divded into two groups of 4 - traveling ALONE to the Bahama's two weeks after graduating HS.  What were our parents thinking?  Haha!  Luckily, no one was kidnapped and killed or traded as a sex slave during our 6 days and 7 nights unattended in a foreign country.
We had heard that JaRule was supposed to be playing/rapping/drinking/smoking at a "club" and we were stoked - still not really sure why, but we were. 
So we made our way to the scariest "club" I have ever been to in my life that was filled with nothing but native Bahama Mama's and Daddy's!  I didn't even want to go in, but we did and luckily, quickly found what seemed like the only other 6 Americans on the island!  But these 6 Boys from, North or South Carolina or was it Virginia? ... hell, I don't remember where they were from, had just graduated college (supposedly...still calling BS on that one) and had all access passes to The Atlantis! 
Needless to say, my group of 4 didn't see our hotel or the other 4 friends again until the day before we were supposed to head home!  Oh the glory, slore-y days!  To be young again... I miss it!
The ending of the story... pretty sure JaRule wasn't even on the island... Asshole!  But we did meet some dudes that got us into the Atlantis!  Boom!
But if you have a cool celebrity sighting story use the button below to get to Holly's blog and link up!
Upcoming Posts
Just to keep you ladies "wanting more" here are a few upcoming posts!
  1. Santa Pic Fail Link Up - dig our all your Santa Pic Fails from years past because I want to see them and so does everyone else!  I mean who doesn't like a picture of a poor, Santa tortured, screaming child?!  Hubby Jack is working on a button-thing for me (because I obviously skip his blog tutorial posts) and then we will be in business!
  2. 10K Training Program - I'm starting my 10K Training next week (yes, I know I've said that twice before) for real!  My friend, Brecken, is helping me get some strength workouts lined out.  I'll post my whole program once it's nailed down!
  3. Kassie's Blog Swap Goodies - I received my package the end of last week, but have yet to share in the goodness that was my swap box (not to be confused with a hot box...which I've been told recently means hoo-ha, vajayjay, uhoh, china cabinet, pink taco, vagina, etc.).
  4. Countdown to Cancun/Project Swimsuit
  5. Holidays & In-laws - dun, dun, dun... this one's bound to be a shit storm!

Holla! xoxo

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Hodge Podge Apology...

Hey Ladies! 

Please accept my deepest, sincerest, most heart-felt apology... wait, lesbihonest... I'm sorry for sucking balls lately with ye ole blog!  Work has my mind working overtime and I just can't produce anything blog worthy or funny or even mean at this point!  But I love y'all and I miss this! 

I'll be back on the bandwagon soon!  But for now a little more Hodge Podge catch up!  You know you kind of love it...

Weekend Rewind
The long holiday weekend was nice, but it also drove me a bit bonkers.  One because 24 hours straight with my husband and children is enough to drive anyone off the cliff, and two because I had so much work to do I could never relax and enjoy the so called "down time".  Feel sorry for me yet? either!

This is what I managed to snap of Norah on Thanksgiving...blurry and not looking was the intention theme...
Jack Hunting with The Husband on the iPhone...
You bet your ass this really happened...
A nice sunny, selfie...
Bean had her 9 month Well Baby Visit on Friday - 20 pounds 11.5 ounces and 28 inches long!
She also continues to have a LARGE head...WTF, Doc?
Jack Slept Hunted
But woke up for the fun part!  Papa's Monster Buck - according to Jack the deer was a "Big Bastard"... Yes, I'm serious...
Now this...this killed me!
It then turned into this... but I'm happy to report it is all now nicely organized in the laundry room!
Tuesday Truths
After 4 days of stuffing my face I'm actually happy to report that I weighed in yesterday the same as the prior week!  I call this a success, considering Forced Family Day Thanksgiving makes everyone food coma crazy!

Starting Poundage - 179.4

Week 6 Poundage - 175.2

Total Poundage Lost - 4.2


So What Wednesday

Today I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I have an online shopping problem...
  • Most of the clothing I purchase online is too damn small... a Bitch can dream, right?
  • Jack says "Big Bastard" and "Hell Yeah"... I didn't say it, don't blame me!
  • I just had the Ex-Live In-College Boyfriend show up at my office door!  I didn't invite him, I didn't ask to be stalked!
  • I've been drinking more Dt. Dr. Pepper than H2O the past week...
  • I've become an even slower runner in the past month...I'm still running jogging!
  • Every time Jack says "It's Funny" when he does something bad I want to punch his lights out!

Well Pile On The Miles is almost at it's end and well I blew balls!  My goal was 50 miles and I only managed 12.7 this month.  FML... I blame it on the hhhiiippp-hhiiipp-hiip (read that like the J Foxx song "Alcohol" - it's funnier like that)!

There you have it... my life this past week!  Miss you all! xoxo

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day Jig...

If you are in need of a little Forced Family Turkey Day relief, check out Jack's Turkey Day Jig... Be sure to stay tuned for the ending... He's got a surprise for ya!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hodge Podge...

Hey Girls Hey!  This is going to be a Hodge Podge of information, so follow along and don't get your panties all twisted... and scroll all the way down for this week's Tuesday Truths - it's there!

Weekend Rewind - I went to Tulsa to meet up with some of my new favorite IRL friends, that also happen to blog!  I'm sure some most of you have already seen pictures on Holly and Aly's blogs, but I tried to pick some that they didn't post!

Headin' Out...these assholes didn't know how to use an ATM machine...
Group pic (minus Aly) before going to dinner!
This girl, Molly, is one of my new favorite people!  She is so fun, but needs to eat a few cookies!
Holly's Lemon Teeth... she may or may not have been pretty happy by this point!
Aly's impersonation of me...
and Molly's... I don't think I do these things?!
We found a girl that thought the "Leggings as Pants" idea was a good wasn't!  Panty Lines!
And a cute, end of the night Bathroom Shot!  I love this one!
All in all the trip was great!  It was so nice to finally meet the people I called my "friends" in real life and they were everything I thought they would be!  I'm so excited for Blissdom to see them again!
Mean Muggin Monday is now in full effect!  Post your mean mugs on Instagram with the hashtag #meanmugginmonday (no g on the end of muggin).
The girls seem to think I mean mug all the time, but I keep telling them that's my normal look!  :-)  Yesterday I really was pissed because I forgot about an 8am meeting until my reminder went off at 7:45 and I was still at home getting dressed!  Oops!

My first #meanmugginmonday shot!
Pile On The Miles - Let's face it, I suck!  I didn't run at all last week.  Work is crazy busy and I really thought it'd be good to rest my hip.  So I'm still at 6.2 miles for the entire month!  That's so sad!  I'm still debating whether to run a 5K Thanksgiving morning or not, but I do have my next "official" run scheduled for Decemeber 1st in Wichita with Julie.  It's the Jingle Bell Run and it's a 4 miler - odd distance, but whatever! 

Bangs or No Bangs? That is the question... Molly seems to think I need to cut bangs (I think it's because she has bangs and wants a Bang Friend - not to be confused with a Friend to Bang)...  I posted this to my Home Girl last night and the concensus seems to be No Bangs.  Any good Bang supporters?
The 2 No Bang pictures are from the last couple months,
2 Bang pictures are from September 2008 after my wedding...
Tuesday Truths - I'm still feeling really good after my hormone injections last week!  And even better about the weight I've lost!  Down another 2.2 pounds this week (Thursday-Tuesday)!  What!? What!?

Starting Poundage - 179.4

Week 5 Poundage - 175.2

Total Poundage Lost - 4.2

Thanksgiving Linkup - Last, but not least!  I'm linking up with Holly for a Thanksgiving cheer!  Well, my video isn't really cheery, but hey it can't all be sunshine and flowers (or whatever that saying is)!

If you want to play along, hit the button below - that will take you to Holly's blog where you can get the deets!  You're welcome!
Until next time, Hookers!  Peace!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tuesday Truths...

I know it's Thursday and I'm late, but whatever because this girl is EXCITED!  I don't have much time, but just wanted to throw this out here!

Starting Poundage - 179.4

Week 4 Poundage - 177.4

Total Poundage Lost - 2

What!? What!?  If you remember, last week's Poundage was 180.8 which means I actually lost 3.4 pounds this past week!  Go me!  Go me!

I have tons of thoughts on what's contributing to my weight loss this week, but no time to talk type so I'm going to leave you hanging for now!  But it may or may not have to do with Dr. S - who I have for now dubbed "My Miracle Man!"

How is everyone's week going?  I miss you all!  I haven't even had time to read blogs, let alone write one!  Insert SAD FACE...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Rewind...

Monday, Monday, Monday....  Oooooohhhhh.... Nope, that sucks!  Totally doesn't have the same ring to it that Friday does!

Work is batshit again this week, so let's make this a quickie!!

I can't remember for the life of me what we did Friday I'm assuming a movie that wasn't very good!  :-)  Let's just skip ahead...

Saturday I had my second Turkey Trot 5K back home in C-Town (Chanute, KS).  I was meeting up with my girls Jayci and Chelse!  This was Chelse's first 5K and she rocked it!  She couldn't have made me (and Jayci) more proud!  Chelse set the pace and she didn't walk ONE step of the whole 3.1 miles!  She did awesome!
Fueling up on the way over! For some reason, people think this is a naughty picture!? Still haven't figured that one out... ;-)
Me, Chelse and Jayci Pre-Race
Post Race - Really wish I would have pulled my hair down...
After the race we went and had breakfast at the dirtiest, greasiest place in town - you know the kind of place I'm talking about!  Then I went and saw my bestie Jenny and then stopped by my friend Taryn's house to see her little baby girl!  Then it was back home to F-Town (Frontenac, KS) for vaccuming, laundry and a shower!  Then I got the call(s) and text - The Husband had shot (with a bow) a Big Buck!  It was already dark out and he was headed back to his parent's house to grab Jack and then head back out to track the deer (using like the blood or whatever).  Jack was SO excited!  Chris said he was outside waiting on the porch before he even got to the house!  He asked a million questions and told me his "Daddy got a Monster Buck!"  I love that little boy!

Jack and Daddy's Buck
The Husband and The Monster Buck...
Sunday was like every other Sunday - Girl's Day!  The Husband and Jack headed back over to Columbus to take The Monster Buck to the Taxidermist.  Yes, The Husband mounts every.single.buck he shoots.  I'm just thankful that they aren't in my living room anymore (they were at our old house) and all animal mounts are now donning the walls of his office! 
Norah had some lunch...
I cleaned and organized my closet - too bad half of this shit doesn't fit...
And Norah made messes....
 Lame weekend, huh?  I thought so...

However in the exciting news arena.... This girl is going to Tulsa for the Route 66 Marathon!  Hell no, I ain't running, but Mama L is running the half marathon and I am crashing Holly, Aly, and Keyona's party!  What!?  What!?  We have family pictures first thing Saturday monring, then I'm headed to T-Town - I was hoping to make it in time to see Mama speak, but I think that's at 1pm and there is no way I'll make it!  Sad face... But I'm super excited to go and meet some of these women I call my "friends"!!!

Anyone else going to be in Tulsa this weekend?!  Hit me up!!
I'm pretty much sucking ass so far in the POTM challenge.  The hip issue has really set me back, but I'm happy to report that it seems I've turned the corner to recovery!  The race Saturday started off a little rough, but my hip seemed to losen up once we got going!  I saw the Dr again this morning and he gave me the OK to run Tomorrow and Thursday and come back to see him on Friday to evaluate how the hip held up!  I don't have my next run until December 1st in Wichita - it's a 4 miler, but I really was hoping to get in on a Thanksgiving Day 5K Trail Run - so we shall see!  I've never done a trail run, I've heard they are much harder than a street race... Anyone have experience?

So again this week, I'm only logging the 3.1 miles from my 5K which brings my total to 6.2 - which sucks!  Like sucks bad, my goal is 50 miles... 

However, I have a plan!  If my hip seems to do well this week then I'm going to start next week with my 10K Training!  Whoop! Whoop!  I want to do this awesome 10K the end of January - it's called the Groundhog Run and it's in these "caves" but in the middle of Kansas City!  I have a friend that's done it a couple times and she says it's really fun!  I'm stoked!  And I'm trying to talk Julie (you know, my cool BFF) to do it with me!  Who else wants to join?!?

Alright, Hookstars!  That's all I got... I know I was kind of lame today...sorry!  This might be a bad week, but don't forget about me if I go MIA!  My Home Girl, Instagram will proably be the best way to stalk keep up with me this week!  Follow me @darci_spear

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday, Friday, Friday...

Oooooohhhhhh!  You're welcome!

Readers, I'd like to introduce you to my Teeth... Teeth, Readers.  These sucka's need whitened something awful!  Agree?! Yes...No... 
Meet Brinkley!  This is one of Jack's girlfriends - he's a P.I.M.P!  Don't hate the playa, hate the game!
Anyway, Jack and Brinks had a dinner play date last night and I received the text at 8:03am - I think Brinks is having Jack withdrawals!  :-)

After 4 full days of not working out AT ALL!  I was itching to get my sweat on last night so I took to the stationary bike!  It's out in our garage and we have cable TV out in the garage so why not!?  I got a workout in and caught up on last week's J-Shore!  Win-Win...
The legs on the bike go round and round, round and round!
I was happy to find that my hip didn't hurt at all during or after the ride and this morning it feel pretty good!  So I'm confident that my 5K tomorrow will be as smooth as butta!
Jack got his exercise on by bike riding around my car in the garage and then pumping some weights until he passed out... Real men workout in Jeans...
Anyone tried this?  I just saw it on Facebook...
This is me, sitting in my car, in my work parking lot, procrastinating actually going in the building this morning...
Portrait of Yours Truly - drawn by my good friend, Brecken...she thinks I look like a Lion when I wear LGCs...
It's Casual Friday, Friday, Friday...
You're Welcome!
Big plans this weekend?  Does your office do Casual Fridays?  Wish my HIP luck tomorrow!  See ya on the flip side Monday!