Thursday, August 29, 2013


I am SO, SO, SO excited Y'all!  Vanessa from Ruffles With Love has so graciously agreed to provide the Top 3 Milers with one of her fitness tanks!  Yay!  I have quite the collection of her tanks and I love them, love them, love them!  If you haven't yet checked her out you should!

Ruffles With Love
(Instagram) @ruffleswithlove
(FaceBook) Ruffles With Love
You ladies need to run, jog, walk it out this weekend because there are so many of you close to the Top 3 without many miles seperating you!  Now's the time to step it up and go out saying you CRUSHED IT!

First and foremost, please let me apologize for completely and utterly slacking on tracking everyone's progress for this challenge!  I mentioned this on IG the other day, but honestly since I've been riding the running bench - I just haven't been excited about this challenge.  Mostly I'm jealous and annoyed and that leads to frustration...I know you all know what I mean!  Anyway, I'm sorry for not getting more totals at different points throughout the last 55 days!  Did you catch that?  We only have FIVE days left of the challenge!  You can rack up alot of miles in 5 days!  You can!  I can't...and for that you better get your asses out and run!

I spent over FOUR hours last night calculating totals - so this means I know someone's miles have to be wrong! LOL, but seriously please email me at if your total is incorrect or you are missing completely or you are listed twice with different names. I have received some miles through email, some are on IG, etc. etc.
I'm just one woman with a hashtag and an email address so it's completely realistic that I have missed something, someone or some miles.
As of last night, we have 96 participants and have logged 4,682.13 miles in 57 days!  There were over 1,200 IG posts and I'm not sure how many emails, I'd guess 100+.
So take a look and see where you stand! 

I'm still working out prizes for the Top 3 Milers and hope to have that locked by Monday!  Final Miles will be posted on WEDNESDAY September 4th - winners will be announced and at that point there is NO GOING BACK!  So please, please, please, please, please - check your miles now and be sure to let me know about any and all miles you run today through Monday!  Hashtag it!  Email it!  Text it!  Whatever!
Last note, please remember if your Privacy Setting in IG is "PRIVATE" I cannot view your photos even if you are hashtagging so email me your totals and I will get you added like ASAP!
Love You, B Faces! xoxo

Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday...

Linking up with the #nametwin today for Five on Friday!  Let's do this...

Workout Tops!  I am loving all the kickass workout tanks, shirts and sweatshirts that are popping up all over the place!  These are some of my current favorites this week!

Top TWO are by Abundant Heart Apparel!  I will be wearing the MUD tank for my first Tough Mudder next month!  Eek!
Bottom TWO are by my girl, Vanessa, at Ruffles With Love!
Last, but not least, is one of my favorite foul-mouth Mommas, Kristen, at Thread Eleven!
Pictures of my Gorgeous, Should Be Baby Gap Models, Super Attractive, Funny, Sweet, Caring, Adorable Children!


Headbands!  From Dressy to Boho...headbands are my current obsession!  Good thing I rock the shit out of them!  Headbands For Everyone!

Top Row are Dressy Bands from Brady Bands!
Bottom Row are BohoChic Headbands from Three Bird Nest!
*no idea where Norah's headband came from...
Our amazing neighbors and friends and their kids!  Norah goes to bed by 7pm, but Jack is so lucky that we have amazing neighbors that always seem happy to let him tag along!

REASON FOUR AND A HALF!  Jack's Personality! 
Above is his impersonation of the little boy in the 2nd Hand Smoke poster at the doctor's office the other day!
On Point, Stylish Little Girl Clothes!  I've said it before and I'll say it again and again and again!
It makes me want to punch a kid's parents when I see them dressed in baby clothes.
  baby clothes: any children's article of clothing adorned with a Cartoon Character, Animal, Disney Princess - usually found in pastel colors.
This is Norah's latest haul from the Children's Place!  You love it!

Happy Weekend, B-Faces!

Do you did the Boho Chic Style?  Agree with my definition and hatred of baby clothes? Where's your favorite place to get cute workout tops?


Friday, August 16, 2013

It's A Cold Day In KS...

I'm not talking abut the weather, although it has been strangely cool this week here in KS!  I'm wearing a SWEATER and JEANS today!  WTH?!  This is August, right? 

I haven't talked much about exercise or running in the last couple weeks.  It started about 3 weeks ago after some long(er) training runs; my left hip and groin hurt SO bad.  Like walking was even a struggle.  In the past I would get some hip pain if my leg lengths were off, but after I'd go see my Chiropractor, Doc E, and get adjusted it would usually clear right up...not this time!  I ended up going to see an Ortho Sports Doctor and he diagnosed me with Hip Bursitis and gave me a Cortisone shot right into my hip - yeah, sucked balls!  The rest he said was muscular, I went over to PT where one of my good friends worked and she gave me an at home PT Regimen.  I did that and didn't run for about 2.5 weeks.  I ran a 5k last Saturday night and by the end my hip was definitely aggravated, but didn't feel horrible.  I got adjusted again on Monday and we decided I should do a couple miles T/Th and then get adjusted again Friday and see how everything was holding up.  Well, after Tuesday's lame ass 2 mile job I almost immediately knew I wasn't going to be running Thursday.

I saw Doc E this AM and we've come to the conclusion together that the real issue is more likely my IT Band - not my hip.  I am literally sore to the touch from my left ass cheek, down the outside of my hip all the way to my knee (with some pain on top of my thigh as well).  Then I have some pain/weakness right below my knee cap.  I asked point blank if I should stop running all together at this point, I totally already knew the answer, but sometimes you just have to hear it from someone else.  Doc E said that he doesn't make this recommendation often and that he hates when he has to, but that he wanted me to know that he really means it when he does, but yes - at this point he really thinks I need to take at least 2 weeks off with ZERO running, could be as much as 3 or even 4 weeks.  Basically, if I don't stop now and really let this thing heal it's going to continue to be an issue and become a bigger pain in my ass down the road.

This is where I'm at, unfortunately.  I will continue to do my PT over the next week and ice and stretch and BioFreeze until I'm blue in the face.  Week 2 he said we might start try a little work on the stationary bike, if I tolerate that then maybe the elliptical the following week, then eventually "some" treadmill work.  He made it very clear that it would be "some" - like maybe a mile to start out with.  FUCK!  There I said it, this is so annoying!

My main goals right now are to complete the 2 Tough Mudders I have coming up at the end September and end of October, as well as, run the Route 66 Half the end of November.  I can stand missing the 15k I already registered and paid for the first week of September - no biggie, but if I miss any of the other 3 I will be really disappointed! 

I guess I'm surrendering to the IT Band/Hip Pain Gods.  I'd rather take 2-4 weeks off now, then in another 2-3 months.

So, for now I will be sticking to my PT Regimen that looks a little like this...

I also found a ton of "Thirty Day Challenges" and just kind of picked and chose pieces from all of them and created my own "Tone-It-Up Thirty Day Challenge" - so I'll be incorporating most of this along with my PT stuff!  Yay!  But I sure am going to miss my cardio... insert sad face

Let's end this depressing shit on a bright note!  I got Jack all signed up for his first FUN RUN!  He is going to be SO excited, he always asks when he is going to get to run and get a medal so I can't wait to tell him!  Most of the fun runs around here are a mile, but this one is only half a mile so I thought it'd be perfect and of course...there are medals!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So What! Wednesday...

This week I'm saying So What! if...

  • I've been called Pocahontas, Cleopatra, Vanna Brown (no words), Yoko, Jen-nay (Forest Gump reference) and even received a "what is this?" accompanied by the finger swirl/wave up and down while eyeing my Boho Fashions today!  Hell, the Owner of the company just asked me if he missed the memo about Costume Day!  FML!  I'll rock my headbands all day, everyday!  #jealousmuch
  • I just ate SIX crab rangoons...again...  #forshitssakegetagriplady
  • I cannot wait for our Family Vacation next weekend!  We are taking the kids to Branson and staying at the Still Waters Lakefront Resort!  All I want to do is have the paid babysitter people take my kids swimming, kayaking, fishing, paddle-boating, cliff diving, jet skiing, pontooning and/or whatever else their little hearts desire...all while I lay my ass in the sun and read a good book!  I do however want to do putt-putt and go-karts!  #kidatheart 
  • Jack starts 4 year old preschool in a couple weeks, after Labor Day, and I have zero emotions about it.  That doesn't make me a bad Mom or a Mom that doesn't give a shit, but seriously people he has been going to daycare full-time since he was 9 weeks old - it's not like we are going to have a separation issue!  Look at him...does he look like he needs school?  He's super resourceful - don't have a swimming pool, how but a platic storage bin!?  And those spirit fingers...he's got them down pat!  He's got a bright future ahead of him!
I did however see these super cute "First Day" free printables over on Darci's blog!  #nametwins
  • My first thought was "Yeah the fuck right!"  #surprisethis 
  • Norah is 18 months old and still only says "Momma" "Dadda" and "Tang Kew" on the regular!  Have you seen her?  She's gorgeous, she doesn't have to be smart!  Kidding...kind of...maybe! #lovemybean  #truebeauty 
  • I'm totally diggin' on T-Swift!  #favoritesong
There you have it!  What are you saying So What! to this week!? 

So What Wednesday
Good book suggestions!?  I've done Christian Grey, Gideon Cross and Caleb...I need a new man to drool over!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Rewind + #running4maggie...

Wowza!  Monday already!?  The weekend started off with a BLAST and ended with a WHIZZER...
But, first things first!  I posted the picture above on my HomeGirl last week, and I'm currently working on pulling clothes out and taking pictures! I decided it will probably, well hopefully be easiest to create a second IG account and post all the clothes there so everyone can see everything! There will be some maternity stuff, mostly Hazel & Olive stuff, some workout apparel and some just random stuff! I will keep y'all updated!
Friday night I went on a dinner date with one of my most favorite friends, Fallyne!  I told The Husband I'd be home at 8:30pm, but after too many Double White Russians, an outrageous number of inappropriate and I'm sure slightly annoying SnapChats, I arrived home a little after Midnight!  Oops... Oh well!  The Husband has been gone M-F the last 3 weeks straight (even left yesterday, Sunday, for his fourth week out) so I don't feel!
My car reconfirmed that a good time was had by all the next day when I decided to actually crawl off the couch in search of some greasy food at approximately 11:30am.
 Saturday evening I had the Blue Moon 5k, it was the last of a 3 runs for Starlit Running's Summer Nighttime Race Series!  Granted I hadn't ran in almost 3 weeks, but I wanted that damn medal real bad!  Julie told me she would run/jog/walk whatever it with me if I wanted to do it!  I was all over it at that point!
 The first half of the run went great!  I felt good, I ran for the first time since my hip flared up!  It was awesome...until I realized I hadn't run for 3 weeks and that my conditioning has gotten so whacked out!  Yikes!  It always amazes me how fast we can lose our progress when it comes to running!  There was some walking and hip pain the second half of the run, but we finished in 37 minutes...not horrible!  I honestly went in expecting to walk the whole 5k, so I was pleased with being able to run some!  I stretched and iced like crazy Saturday night and yesterday and today the hip feels pretty good!  A little sore, but not much!  I am planning to run Tuesday and Thursday this week, like 2-3 miles and just see how it goes!
 This is how I looked after we had a Family Photo Shoot bright and early Sunday morning.  It was humid and hot, the children did not cooperate well and The Husband, well he was disgruntled to be there in the first let's just say I was glad it was over!  Phew!  My fingers were crossed that we captured just a few good shots...and that's when I was tagged in these on FB!
Headband - Dressy Band from Brady Bands
 Jack is a total POSER!  He loves having his picture taken and all the attention!  I knew we'd have great ones of him... I love this, my handsome little man!
 Norah Jane on the other hand...well, she refused to look at the camera - like at all!  While I love this eyelash shot, it's precious really...I do hope we have a few good ones of her pretty little face!
We also did "family" shots...I'm not holding my breathe on those!  #enoughsaid
Images Courtesy of Missy Mlekus Photography
 Yesterday afternoon I wrapped my Summer Runs up with the #running4maggie Virtual 5k that my good friend Sami organized in memory of her sweet sister, Maggie, who passed away last year in a car accident.  I honestly shouldn't even say it was a run, it was definitely a walk...but I needed to get it done and if walking was the only way, so be it!  Love You, Sami!
Simply Sami
 Sami is also raising money for the foundation she set up in honor of Maggie!  Use the button above to click over to her blog and read all about Maggie and Sami!
We polished off the weekend with a Pool Party for our neighbor's little boy's birthday!  The kids had so much fun!  Unfortunately, the party was from 6-8pm and the DIVA (no, not me...I know what you people are thinking) of the household goes to bed by 7pm on the regular.  At approximately 7:10pm the bedtime meltdown was in full force!  Thankfully, our super helpful, amazing and gracious neighbor said she would bring Jack home!  I really am so very lucky to have such awesome neighbors! 
Then Jack decided he needed to take a the back porch with his PJ pants at his ankles... #boyswillbeboys
I hope y'all had a great weekend too!  This weekend, we currently don't have one.single.event on our calendar...however, I'm debating whether to fill it up or not!? 


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Make Me Pretty...

Confession:  I am a makeup girl!  Tried and true...I rarely leave my house without at least foundation, powder and mascara.  I'm just not one of those "naturally" pretty girls that I hate with every fiber of my being that can wake up and look good.  Nope, not me!  It just doesn't happen.  I swear, the first morning I'd get the nerve to wash my face and wake up without makeup with a new boyfriend I was always surprised they didn't run straight for the door!  I'm serious!  My biggest problem is "dark spots" - I'm sure you've heard of the dreaded "dark spot" epidemic that's been all over the place the last year or so, right?  I guess it's just my skin tone, since it's darker maybe, but every single place I get a blemish or scratch or whatever - it ALWAYS leaves a dark spot scar.  This doesn't just apply to my face, but my entire body; I scar like a mother!  It sucks! 

I don't have perfect skin, I still get breakouts and blemishes (actually more now then when I was younger, assholes), but for the most part all the imperfections on my face are dark spots.  They do eventually fade and lighten some, but this can take months or years which totally sucks balls!  I have tried some of the new products for dark spots and I can say that I think they do help fade them some, but it ain't no miracle worker.

I don't spend a shit ton of money on makeup (primarily because I live in small-town BFE and the good stuff is at least 1.5 hours away); some of my staples are on the pricier side, but some are to me, it all evens out!  Let's get this Face Party started!

                                 Before (L)                                                  After (R)

See the dark spots all over the F'n place in the Before picture?!  Yeah, not pretty!  Dark Spots are evil, evil I say!  Assholes!  However, I do think I look pretty in the After picture!  Don't you?!  Pictures taken this AM (8/6).
Skin Care
  • Neutrogena Makeup Removing Cloths - A total must for me or I destroy all of our wash cloths!
  • Proactive - I use the Cleanser and Toner, not the Repairing Lotion.  Honestly, I've never been in love with Proactive.  My Favorite, Aly has been talking to me about Goats Milk Stuff for awhile now, she swears by it!  I placed my first order this weekend and will give a review after I've used it for a bit!
  • Clarisonic Mia - I only use in the evening, twice a day is too harsh for my skin and causes breakouts!
  • Lancome Bright Expert - This is a dark sport corrector and radiance activator (whatever that is), it's one of the only ones I've found that I can wear under my makeup during the day; it doesn't make me oily or cause breakouts!  In love!
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Foundation - I wear a long lasting, full coverage foundation.  One because of the dark spots (are you sick of me saying dark spots yet?) and two since I workout over my lunch hour!  This is the ONLY foundation I have EVER used, it's what my Mom started me out with and I've never seen a need to switch.
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Pressed Powder - I love this powder, if you had nice skin and no dark spots, dark spots, dark spots, you could totally wear it without needing foundation!  It gives great coverage!
  • Cover Girl Classic Color Blush - I use cheap blush, just whatever is at Walmart.  Eh, it works.
  • Merle Norman Super-Lube - This is the only thing I use on my lips on the daily.  It looks pink in the container, but really there isn't any or much color to it at all.  It just keeps my lips moist and a bit shiny!  People always ask what lip color I wear or comment that they love my lip color and I always feel a teeny tiny bit bad when I reply that I'm not wearing anything!   Most of the time I don't even have the Super-Lube on.  Eek!  Don't hate me, I have dark spots!
*In the picture above, the top two I'm wearing the Super-Lube, the bottom two I don't have anything on my lips.
Takin' It Up A Notch!
I have a couple favorite go-to additions to my daily routine (which is what I laid out above) for when I want to take my makeup up a notch for a special night out or whatever!  Lip Color and Lashes!
Lip Color
Merle Norman Satin Coffee Lipstick and Cheap Clear Gloss
                                                               MAC (L)                                    Merle Normal (R)
*Lashes can totally up your makeup game in a hot second!  I personally love MAC lashes, well I'm kind of obsessed with them actually!
There you have it, Ladies!  This is how I "Make Me Pretty"!

Anyone have any tips for dark spots, dark spots, dark spots?  Damn dark spots!