Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday...

This is Wordless Wednesday with a Twist! 
You ladies know by now that I can't keep my mouth shut!
Yes, I voted Mother!  Not sure why that's so hard to believe?  But was anyone else's "I voted" sticker attached to their most favorite mini candy bar ever?!  Tell me it wasn't just me?
This may or may not be the Fifty Year Old Who Thinks She Is Twenty Porn Star that made the cake comment...
And yes, that's a manican on the left and no I don't know what is going on...
Hot Box - What I used to call myself and kids... that is until Nancy Clue told me that "Box" is slang for Vagina, VaJayJay, HooHa, Uh-Oh, ChaHa, or whatever you like to call your private area... Note to self:  Stop calling my kids vaginas...
FaceTime (but in person) with Norah Jane before Bunco last night!  She looks like a boy in these pictures...
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
Holla for 40 Dolla's!
This Momma won BIG at Bunco last night - please excuse the mess that is my head today...
I think these might be the cutest flats and I don't mind rockin' the leopard!
It's a LUNA morning!  And I'm making myself get my H2O intake back over 100 ounces a day!
If you need me I'll be in the little girl's room ALL.DAY!
There you have it, Not So Wordless Wednesday!  I hope everyone had a fun evening last night (minus the election BS) and have an even greater DAY!  xoxo


  1. hahahaha! I love your 'note to self' on calling your children vaginas. That cracked me up! Happy Hump Day!

  2. Ohhh... Bunco!! I love that game and I live in a lame town where no one has any fun together LOL!

    I just got a damn sticker, well two cause I am an idiot and messed up the first one. But I would of liked to have the Baby Ruth!

    Your little girl is adorable!!

    And Hot Box, you crack me up! One time I thought a friend of mine's dog's name was dildo and went around at a get together yelling for him!

  3. Hotbox! That's hysterical, I would have never known that meant that. Too funny!

    1. I know, right?! I always call them hot boxes when they sleep b/c they are sweaty/hot sleepers - you know like a hot box?! Well, now that I think about it I can see how that sounds odd?! Dang it!

  4. BUNCO.. yip yip.. Get it girl. Never heard of hotbox, but now I know the context to use it in.. LOL

  5. Um, I called my daughter a vagina the other day when her brother was screaming and she was playing the "it hurts my ears" mumbo jumbo...then a few days later she asks me "mom, what are pa jinas???" I said, oh you mean pajamas??? You wear them to bed silly!!! UGH

    Oh and the hag you work with, yeah she totally has old lady hands....and no matter how "good" she looks on the outside, we all know underneath her clothes she has a beat up 50 year old "box"! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Happy hump day pretty mama! :)

    1. OMG! 50 Year Old BOX! You are awesome! Haha!

  6. Ha! Stop calling your kids vaginas!!! That's hilarious and I love the randomness :D

  7. Seriously thanks so much, I needed that laugh today! That’s hilarious that you called them Hot Boxes lol but reading your reply above it does kind of make sense! (I can thank Chelsea Handler for knowing that term) And seriously could Norah be any more adorable?! P.s totally besides the point but I have the same shoes, love them! And loving your tattoo.

  8. Love the flats!!!! super cute, where are they from? I'm still dying over the 'hotbox' really had me laughing during class yesterday :)

  9. Ahahahaha - so glad to have enlightened you on my dirty slang world. Seriously I'm a 12 year old boy on the inside... I can make just about any word dirty. Almost. Hot boxes for everyone!!!

  10. Oh my little Darci is never without something to say. :)

    And please tell your coworker, that she looks like a wrinkly hot box.