Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Back...

I think!  But I got lots of good crap for you today!

Holiday Weight Loss Challenge

Have you ladies been over to Courtney's Blog "Journey of a Dreamer" lately?!  No, well you need to!  She is organizing an awesome Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!  Basically, you throw in $20 and at the end of the 4 weeks (12-5-12 thru 1-3-13) whoever has lost at least 4% of their starting weight will get to split the whole pot!  What!? What!?  Mo Money, Mo Problems says No One Ever...well except for P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean John, Rock the Vote, Sean Just Diddy Combs (or whatever the F his name is this year) and he doesn't count because his ass is stupid rich - me, not so much!  So head on over and sign up...NOW, well after you finish reading this post....then GO!

Secret Santa Swap

I signed up, who want's to be my Suga' Santa!?  If you do, head on over to Keyona's blog "Skinny and Delicious" - you have until Monday 12-2-12 to get in on the SS goodness!

Merry Planksmas!!

I'm joining up with some ladies to participate in FatChick2FitChick's plank challenge!  You basically do at least 1 plank a day and challenge yourself to go longer and harder (twss) each day!  If you want to know more click the button above!  I'll be posting some plankin' pics throughout the month - be on the lookout!
Now that I have sufficiently pimped the shit out of my Bloggerettes - hell yeah, I just made that shit up!! don't even think about stealing it either... I will sufficiently hunt you down and make you do planks with me!  And maybe Jack does get "hell yeah" from me after all?!  Ooopppps!
I digress... OK, back to me!  Me, me, me, me, me!
Norah Jane
Norah's 9 month pictures are available for online viewing and who doesn't love a Gorgeous Little Gal?  Use the link below and under "Recent Photos" click on Norah Spear and the password is Jane.  Let me know which ones are your favorites because I go back and forth, back and forth - over and over, over and over and then back again trying to decide!
Ex-Live In-College Boyfriend Deets
I had a couple comments asking for deets on the Ex-Live In-College Boyfriend visit.... sadly, the story just isn't that juicy!  I work for a transportation company that owns shortline railroads, He works for the company that maintains all of our crossing signals on those railroads all across the US - and because I know you are wondering...heck no I didn't hook him up with his job! everybody likes to be stalked a little, but "steal your panties 6 years later" stalking just goes too far! - anway, yesterday he was up at our corporate office testing a generator or something so he found my office and stopped in to say Hi!  I made fun of him about getting married to the girl he cheated on me with - and yes, of course he knocked her up!  The funny part is... she hates ME!  Like came to my work (I bartended at Applehell Applebee's in college) and asked my friends if I was working and where I was and to tell me hi!  She then proceed to scream "Fuck Applebee's, Fuck Darci!" on her way out and then topped it off by poppin' a squat in the parking lot!  Classy, no?! I think she forgot that she F'd my boyfriend... We still have some mutual friends and more than 1 has asked me to be their "guest" at the wedding!  Oh, I'm so tempted to do it!  It'd be classic to see the look on her face!  But she has gained a tremendous amount of weight in the last 6 years and I'm afraid even in my current chubby state, she would easily squash me to death - although I could always out run her! .... See no big deal!  Even The Husband didn't care! 
Celebrity Sightings Link Up
OK, I'm not even actually going to link up because I think my story is lame! I honestly can't ever remember seeing a celebrity in real life unless you want to count Benji and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte at a bar after a concert in Lawrence... no I don't have any photographic evidence, but it's true - although not necessarily brag worthy! 
Or the time I saw Dustin Diamond aka Screech from Saved By The Bell here in Pitt when he was trying to be a comedian...he wasn't funny!  He got mad at everyone for calling him Screech... it sucked!

But the real story, is when 7 friends and myself went to the Bahama's for our HS senior trip.  This wasn't a school sponsored trip, this was a group of 8 "friends" - that were quickly divded into two groups of 4 - traveling ALONE to the Bahama's two weeks after graduating HS.  What were our parents thinking?  Haha!  Luckily, no one was kidnapped and killed or traded as a sex slave during our 6 days and 7 nights unattended in a foreign country.
We had heard that JaRule was supposed to be playing/rapping/drinking/smoking at a "club" and we were stoked - still not really sure why, but we were. 
So we made our way to the scariest "club" I have ever been to in my life that was filled with nothing but native Bahama Mama's and Daddy's!  I didn't even want to go in, but we did and luckily, quickly found what seemed like the only other 6 Americans on the island!  But these 6 Boys from, North or South Carolina or was it Virginia? ... hell, I don't remember where they were from, had just graduated college (supposedly...still calling BS on that one) and had all access passes to The Atlantis! 
Needless to say, my group of 4 didn't see our hotel or the other 4 friends again until the day before we were supposed to head home!  Oh the glory, slore-y days!  To be young again... I miss it!
The ending of the story... pretty sure JaRule wasn't even on the island... Asshole!  But we did meet some dudes that got us into the Atlantis!  Boom!
But if you have a cool celebrity sighting story use the button below to get to Holly's blog and link up!
Upcoming Posts
Just to keep you ladies "wanting more" here are a few upcoming posts!
  1. Santa Pic Fail Link Up - dig our all your Santa Pic Fails from years past because I want to see them and so does everyone else!  I mean who doesn't like a picture of a poor, Santa tortured, screaming child?!  Hubby Jack is working on a button-thing for me (because I obviously skip his blog tutorial posts) and then we will be in business!
  2. 10K Training Program - I'm starting my 10K Training next week (yes, I know I've said that twice before) for real!  My friend, Brecken, is helping me get some strength workouts lined out.  I'll post my whole program once it's nailed down!
  3. Kassie's Blog Swap Goodies - I received my package the end of last week, but have yet to share in the goodness that was my swap box (not to be confused with a hot box...which I've been told recently means hoo-ha, vajayjay, uhoh, china cabinet, pink taco, vagina, etc.).
  4. Countdown to Cancun/Project Swimsuit
  5. Holidays & In-laws - dun, dun, dun... this one's bound to be a shit storm!

Holla! xoxo


  1. SO excited that you joined our challenge! Nothing is more motivating than cold hard cash!!! This is going to be SO fun!!

  2. Haha I signed up for the Secret Santa thing and I am going to look into this plank thing. Seriously so I dont have to google what the hell is a plank?

  3. Oh how I wish I would have gone on trips when I was younger, but alas I refused to work in HS and was stoned most of the time... oh the days I don't remember ....

    & why the eff would Screech be mad people call him Screech. I mean he wouldn't be anywhere without that roll? Idiot....

  4. I love the exboyfriend story. Are you like me and have to tell your husband about it? I secretly always want my husband to be all jealous and "I'll kick his ass" but he doesnt! Ha!

  5. Screech! Hahaha!
    I am excited about the challenge AND the plankaday. Also, I reeallyy want to do the secret Santa but I will wait until next time. I'm a bum, I know. ;)

  6. China cabinet???? Never heard that one.... That's pretty awesome! :) Miss your sweet mug, girlfriend!

  7. Loving all the vajay names... I work with a nurse who calls it a "pocket book" :)I LOVE my swag goodies and just posted about it last night. And I have a new domain, yay me for figuring that out... now if I can just figure out that dang "button" I'll be set :) Cari -

  8. I wish I have had a celebrity sighting...never in Maine!

    And you've been given a Liebster Award Nomination - check out my blog!

  9. I nominated you for a Liebster award.