Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday, Friday, Friday...

Oooooohhhhhh!  You're welcome!

Readers, I'd like to introduce you to my Teeth... Teeth, Readers.  These sucka's need whitened something awful!  Agree?! Yes...No... 
Meet Brinkley!  This is one of Jack's girlfriends - he's a P.I.M.P!  Don't hate the playa, hate the game!
Anyway, Jack and Brinks had a dinner play date last night and I received the text at 8:03am - I think Brinks is having Jack withdrawals!  :-)

After 4 full days of not working out AT ALL!  I was itching to get my sweat on last night so I took to the stationary bike!  It's out in our garage and we have cable TV out in the garage so why not!?  I got a workout in and caught up on last week's J-Shore!  Win-Win...
The legs on the bike go round and round, round and round!
I was happy to find that my hip didn't hurt at all during or after the ride and this morning it feel pretty good!  So I'm confident that my 5K tomorrow will be as smooth as butta!
Jack got his exercise on by bike riding around my car in the garage and then pumping some weights until he passed out... Real men workout in Jeans...
Anyone tried this?  I just saw it on Facebook...
This is me, sitting in my car, in my work parking lot, procrastinating actually going in the building this morning...
Portrait of Yours Truly - drawn by my good friend, Brecken...she thinks I look like a Lion when I wear LGCs...
It's Casual Friday, Friday, Friday...
You're Welcome!
Big plans this weekend?  Does your office do Casual Fridays?  Wish my HIP luck tomorrow!  See ya on the flip side Monday!


  1. I am lucky and can wear whatever I want to work. This is good and bad. Because it makes me lazyyyyy and I end up rocking a thunder t shirt 3/5 days a week. But hey I change it up between work out pants and jeans, because I am versatile like that :-)

  2. HAHAHA - I love the shoes on the desk:) Also how in the heck does everyone do that Note thing? I am dense - see I told you all that before;) AND your kids are adorable.

  3. Good luck with your run this weekend! I'm a nurse, so every day is pajama day :)

  4. I want those shoes! Every day is casual day in my office and I kind of wish I had an excuse to dress up more often. I have a ton of blazers I bought when I graduated college, anticipating that I'd need them as a career woman, and I've worn each of them approximately one time. I'd stick out like a sore thumb if I tried wearing that shiz here! :(

  5. I want those shoes, too!

    And no, you're teeth do not need whitened... Wait until you see my village pie hole. Also, thanks for all of your style help this weekend!!! See you in 6 days.... eekkkkk. :)

  6. Your teeth are super white... Crazy girl, my office does casual Fridays, and Mondays and Tuesdays, well I think you get it. Actually I just roll outta bed and work, awesome right!?! The Epsom disk us something my mom used to do she swears by it. Good luck running.