Tuesday, December 24, 2013


My friend, and running machine, Jodi emailed me this past weekend and wanted help in spreading the word in "Blogland" about a family from her hometown...The Olson's.  Most of what is below is from Jodi's blog or her friend, Robin's blog.

"As I sit here this snowy, cold and rather typical ND day, everything looks normal in our local communities.  It’s Christmas time, people are making their Christmas plans, enjoying time with their family and/or friends and even anticipating family and friends coming home for Christmas, or themselves being the travelers this year.  It’s all just as it should be…

Unfortunately, as we are all embracing the Christmas spirit, our communities are once again finding ourselves surrounded in sadness, tragedy and heartbreak…and once again Robin and I see our communities rallying around one another and offering up so many prayers, acts of kindness, love and support for families whose lives have quickly changed forever.

A quick recap for those of you not familiar with what is going on in our communities, on Thursday The Olson Family (Ron {father and Pastor}, Michelle {mom}, and Maija {10yo daughter} from here in Bowman, ND were involved in a head-on collision that resulted in injuries to all of them.  I do not know the injuries sustained by the other 2 people involved in the accident, but please lift them and their family and friends up in your prayers too.  You can read about The Olson’s and their journey on their CaringBridge site here.

This story touches Robin’s heart deeply as her girls go to the Methodist Church where Pastor Ron and the family worship. Robin has a beautiful way of writing and I urge you to please go read more about this on Robin’s blog TheWayILive.net under Prayers Needed This Christmas.

When Maija was told that people were praying for her, she wanted to know how many.  So, Robin came up with a fun great way to show love and support for the Olson Family and you can read about that here.

My hearts for Maija and her family

I would also like to reach out to my fellow blogger friends and ask you to please consider sharing this story on your blogs to help us bring many more hearts Maija’s way and to keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  Robin and I would greatly appreciate your support to reach as many places in this world that we can…TOGETHER…to all make a difference in the lives of this family. {Please and thank you!! :)}

If you feel it in your heart this Christmas Eve, head on over to Maija's Facebook page and post your #heartsonhandsfortheolsons picture!  Heck, post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your blog, wherever!
Merry Christmas Eve, Friends! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

She Definitely Get It From Her Momma...

I don't claim the title Fashion Blogger but I would if I could and had the time, those girls Blog So Hard and more power to them, I'm jealous of them in all reality...but alas, I'm just a Girl turned Mom that has a huge SHOPPING problem!  I try to be stylish, look cute and make all my women coworkers hate me even more and luckily I've got my go-to online boutiques that keep my closest overflowing with options!  Yay!
One of my favorites is Pink Slate Boutique!  Sunny and Amber are two of the nicest, hard-working, kicking ass in the fitness game girls I know...they also happen to be the owners of Pink Slate!  Eek!  The prices are awesome and the shipping is FAST!
 Do y'all remember this Cozy Colorblock Party Scarf from my Christmas List?  Well Christmas came a bit early this year!  The scarf is even better in person, it's SO soft and the pattern on the inside is checkered so when you wrap it you basically get at least 4 different color combos and patterns!  LOVE!
 I paired the scarf with a Long Sleeve Piko Top and Charcoal Warm Winter Fleece Lined Leggings! Work appropriate and oh so comfy!
Pink Slate's So Chic Shift Dress is another favorite!  The fit is comfortable, but the neckline and slight poof sleeve gives the dress a dressy feel!  I'm in a Large, but if it weren't for these boobs, definitely could have done a Medium.
 I'm wearing the Sienna Top today!  Oh my, I could live in this shirt! Currently Unavailable
 Here are a few more Pink Slate Items on my Wish List!
 Snowed In Leggings!  Multiple colors and a steal at only $12!
 Perfect Details Cardigan!  Available in Black or Gray! Love the suede elbow patches!  Eek!
I hope you love Pink Slate Boutique as much as I do!  Enjoy 20% Off Your Entire Order Using "STRONGLYFEMININE" at checkout!  Love You, B Faces!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Strawberry Hill...

Can we talk about little Miss Norah Jane for a minute?  This girl is a total diva; has an opinion about everything and isn't shy to let her displeasure known.  She is strong willed and relentless, it's her way or the highway... and I love every minute of it!  I love that she knows what she wants and is really honing her manipulative skills well so that the also GETS what she wants, like all the time!
My most favorite thing about her though, and I think she get it from her Momma, is her passion for FASHION!  Whether it's hair accessories, clothes, shoes, jewelry or purses...she loves it and I love it even more!  

I swear she was born with a bow on her head!  First thing in the morning when I get her up she screams "Bow! Bow! Bow!" and points to the frame with all her bows!  She loves having her hair done, she just sits and lets you do just about whatever you want!  So awesome!

Whether she is rocking a baby bikini, her jams or just a diaper...she will always still have a bow in her hair!  Her winter fashion love is all boots!  Boots with everything!
I might be a "mean" mom, but I refuse to dress my kids like babies.  I hate it!  I want them to look like adults, just smaller!  So it's hard to find good, quality clothes for kids that are stylish and don't have a freaking animated princess on them...this is where Strawberry Hill comes in!
Strawberry Hill is a new online children's boutique that we just LOVE!  Here is what Caitrin, Strawberry Hill owner, said about the boutique...
"Strawberry Hill transpired after many late-night conversations with my husband that typically started with "what if...?" I wanted to create a place that combined two things very important to my heart: kids and fashion. I hope to reflect that love and passion to our customers by offering fun, quality clothing that kids and parents alike can enjoy!"
First, I wish I had half the balls Caitrin does because I would do the exact same thing!  So you go, Girl!  Norah's first Strawberry Hill item was the Christmas Marabous Dress!  I mean, it doesn't get much more precious that this!

The dress is amazingly soft!  The hem is to die for, it has just enough twist and form to make the skirt stand out and almost dance with movement!  A red and white flower lies off-centered at the empire hemline and is the perfect pop to make this dress a stand-out!
Norah insisted on the leopard boots and bow, total diva move, the boots were a gift and the bow came from who knows where, sorry!
I bought the Hallie Dress for my niece as part of her Christmas present!  If they would have had Norah's size, she would have received it too!  It's so adorable!
Norah is getting these adorable Heart Jeggings and super cute Whale Top as one of her gifts though! Note: The Whale Top is about as far as I go with cartoon, animal, princess stuff!  Eek!  #meanmom
If you have a little girl in your life that is a fashionista like Norah, then I really suggest you go take a look at Strawberry Hill because you will Fall In Love!
Right now, use "HOLIDAY" at checkout to receive 15% off your entire order! Also, make sure you "like" Strawberry Hill Boutique on Facebook or find them on Instagram @strawberryhillkids to see the newest arrivals and current promotions!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mother F...

Somehow not only ONE, but TWO of the hospitals in the area got my direct office line at work and their fax machines keep calling me!  I'm going to flip shit and junk punch someone!  F!

Our weekend was great, quick as always, but great!  I finally wrapped a little more then half of our presents and the other half are still coming in the mail this week, definitely thinking bags are the way to go for the rest!  Does anyone really enjoy wrapping gifts?  I was excited for the first like three then I was immediately thinking when the hell is this shit going to be over!?  Ugh!  My craftiness takes a major downhill slide about 5 gifts in!   Screw the bows and shit, just but it in a decorative box!  Then comes the huge shit that no roll of wrapping paper in the world can cover, those really piss me off! I do however like how they look under the tree once I'm done! 

Today is going to be my first time back in the gym, or working out period, since the half three F'n weeks ago!  I'm going to go to step class over lunch and then possible do a video tonight depending on how annoying the rugrats are!  #sorryimnotsorry

This week should be rather chill at work so I'm hoping to get to the gym over lunch every single day!  FML!  We might as well start taking bets now on how many of the 5 days I actually make it.  I already know I won't go Friday because we have a holiday party that night and I don't want to look like a hot mess!  Speaking of holiday parties, who loves them?  I love like maybe half of the ones we go too!  The work ones are always less than stellar, I have to take my own bottle of vodka just to survive.. hence why I didn't accomplish my planned workout yesterday!  Eek!  I love me some good vodka, I just can't convince it to like me!

I'm working on my work out/training plan for the next few months, if I write it down and put it on my wall at work I seem to stay half-assed motivated which is better than nothing, right!?

I think I'm done bitching for now!  F!  Oh, anyone going to the Chiefs game this Sunday in KC?!  I will be there, along with my favorite Molly who used to blog and some of her friends!  It should be a good time minus the fucking cold if you will be there holla at your girl, yo!

I just realized this is like the first post EVER with zero pictures!  Eek!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Word Vomit...

[one] Bloglovin is being a total Bitch today!  I can't see anything, it's jacked to Jesus up!  Anyone else or am I being singled out and punished?  I saw something flash across my screen about Bloglovin does not support this web browser I don't even know what that means!?

[two] My screens are bigger than yours!  It's probably only cool if you are a numbers nerd like me...

[three] I'm on the verge of a huge Freak The Fuck Out episode if our Christmas Cards don't get their slow asses to my mailbox today...stay tuned, it could get ugly!

[four] I'm officially adding the following to my Christmas List that I'm not getting this year...

[five] I need to host a Cute Sweater Contest!  I don't do Ugly stuff and I want to win, dammit!


Filthy Animal Sweatshirt from Ruffles With Love!

[six] Our Corporate Christmas Party is this weekend and I can't decide what to wear...
 Right - Hazel & Olive Boutique (no longer available)
Right - Hazel & Olive Boutique (no longer available)
 Left - Hazel & Olive Boutique (no longer available)
[seven] If you still wanted to get NAKED for Christmas use "Stronglyfeminine15" at checkout and receive 15% off your entire order!  Holla!
[eight] Do yourself a favor and goo check out Strawberry Hill Boutique!  It's a new online children's boutique and their stuff is Oh-So-Cute!  Little Norah Jane will be modeling her new Strawberry Hill Christmas Marabou Dress next week on the blog too!  I know you don't want to miss that!  Use "HOLIDAY" at checkout and get 15% off your order! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Who's Getting NAKED...

Thank You So Much to everyone that entered the Baby It's Cold Outside...So Let's Get NAKED giveaway!  There were 145 entries!  Wowza!

...and the winner is...

Congratulations, Sunny G!
Email me at darcispear@yahoo.com and I will get you NAKED!
Don't forget, you can still get NAKED!  Use "Stronglyfeminine15" at checkout and receive 15% off your ENTIRE order!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All I Want 4 Christmas...

Chris and I decided not to exchange gifts this year; this will be a first for us!  We usually spend an ungodly, stupid-dumb amount of money on gifts for each other - this year we just decided that our new furniture would serve as our Christmas gift to each other.

But what girl doesn't like to make a Christmas List?  None that I know...and I'm no different!  Like y'all really expected anything less!?  I guess if anyone would like to get me a gift for being your favorite Internet friend, at least you'll know what I like, right?!  *disclaimer: that was a total joke!
All I Want 4 Christmas Is...
 Hazel & Olive Gift Card!  Any amount will do!
 Danskin Ultra Thin No-Show Socks!  These are the BEST socks for everyday!
 Advocare Spark!  Fruit Punch is my favorite!
Ruffles With Love Hoodie! Size Large...
What is on your Christmas List this year?!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Confession Continued...

Last night I posted this on my Instagram feed...

So the truth is, running hasn't been fun for me lately.  Even while half-ass training for the Route 66 Half I just wasn't feeling it, my body wasn't feeling it either.  I could sit and make excuses all day long; work is so busy, The Husband is traveling non-stop, the kids are driving me crazy, etc. etc. etc. but really, that's not going to get me anywhere, right!?

In the last 2 weeks I've done NOTHING but work, be Mom and eat my weight in all things delicious and horrible!  We all know I have a history with FOOD and I know that it's my main struggle, the one thing that holds me back from truly being "healthy"...ugh! I know it's partly my fault, I don't know how to cook want to cook, I don't know anything about what food is good or not - other than the basic shit, I  have zero interest in foods that are good for you 90% of the time, I tend have a HUGE lack of portion control...bottom line, I LOVE shit food!  Fast Food!  Mexican Food!  Chinese Food!  And Diet Dr. Pepper, don't even get me started on my love for that deliciousness in a can!  Mmm...

What am I going to do about it!?  Well I always do better and stay the most motivated when I have a plan, so here it is!

I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of Hayley's from Four Fit Sisters next 30 day challenge!  Perfect timing!  The challenge starts on December 15th and runs through January 14th!  I'm really hoping I can learn more about food and nutrition form Hayley since this is where I suck the most!  If you haven't yet checked out Hayley or the Four Fit Sisters you should!  They are all super motivating and amazing!  So this challenge is Step One!

You can find Hayley on FaceBook HERE or on Instagram @haley_fourfitsisters !!
Step Two involves a relatively short term goal, or actually 3 short term goals.  They are all off my Dirty Thirty list: Fit into my wedding dress, get to my pre-pregnancy weight and run three 10k's.  I've ran one 10k already and I think I have The Husband convinced to run one with me on my birthday weekend in KC!  It's the Groundhog Run and I ran it last year too!  It's in these man made underground cave things!  It's kind of cool, but kind of not!  Eek!  We shall see how close I get to my pre-pregnancy weight and fitting into my wedding dress...I'm not going to lie, this probably won't happen!

Step 3 is a little bit of a longer term goal, run the Rock The Parkway half marathon in KC in April and then we've already signed up for the KS Tough Mudder again in May!  Yay!

That's my little plan to help stay motivated through the winter since we all know that when it's cold outside, all we want to do is sit in our PJs in front of the fire and veg-out!  Eeks!
Also, don't forget to go enter the NAKED Fruit Baby It's Cold Outside...So Let's Get Naked Giveaway here!  It's open until Midnight Wednesday and I will be announcing the winner Thursday!  Also, while you are over checking out their website use code "Stronglyfeminine15" at checkout to get 15% off your entire order!  NAKED ships nationwide so you don't have to be local to enjoy their delicious fruit! You MUST use Rafflecopter to get entered into the giveaway!  Just use your email address to log in, you don't have to be a blogger to enter/win!
Happy Monday!  Anyone else in the area going to run the Groundhog Run, Rock The Parkway or do the Tough Mudder?!  Let me know!  We will have to meet up!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside...So Let's Get NAKED!

TGIF Night! 
Guess what!?  It's GIVEAWAY time!  Who's ready to get NAKED!? 
Did everyone see my post from this morning about how awesome NAKED Fruit is?!  If you missed it, you can read all about being NAKED here
NAKED Fruit Company is a new gift line division of Martinous Produce!  NAKED ships the freshest, most delicious, in-season fruit NATIONWIDE right to your door step!  Trust me when I say it's the Best! the Freshest! the Most Amazing Fruit Ever! Ever! Ever! Ever! Ever!
So, who wants the details on my NAKED giveaway!?  You!?  You!?  You!?  Oh...and YOU!?

What You Will Get:
(not currently available for retail sale - but hopefully soon, and they are SO cute!)
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Whew!  Tons of ways to get entered!  Now go earn yourself some!  Good Luck!  The giveaway opens at midnight tonight and will run through midnight Wednesday!  Winner will be announced on Thursday!

In the mean time go check out the NAKED Fruit Company, knock some gifts off your Christmas list, and get yourself a healthy, yummy treat too!  Enter "Stronglyfeminine15" at checkout and receive 15% off your entire order!  The discount code is valid thru 12/16/13!  Yay!  Go Get Yo Fruit On!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you need to get NAKED...like now!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Now, hold up a minute! Don't everybody go stripping off your clothes just yet! 
I'm talking about the NAKED Fruit Company

NAKED Fruit is the newest, nationwide, gift line division of Martinous Produce Company located right here in Pittsburg, KS where I live!  I've been eating NAKED Fruit for about a year now and can honestly say it's delicious! The best fruit I've ever had hands down, so I wanted to let y'all in on my little secret!

NAKED ships Nationwide! How you ask?  Check out their awesome packaging!

I was lucky enough to receive the NAKED Sampler Fruit Box today at work! Truth: I ate 2 apples myself and only came home with 2 pears, 3 oranges and 1 apple!  Everyone loves this stuff!  It's that good!  I mean, even the packaging is awesome!


NAKED Fruit has the tons of different gift options for practically every occasion! The NAKED 2pk-Mix would make a great holiday gift for your kid's teacher, your boss, the mailman, your hair stylist, the neighbors (instead of the normal holiday candies and cookies)!
NAKED is perfect for the person in your life who has everything, except a box of fruit in their mail!

NAKED also offers 3 different Fruit Of The Month Clubs; joining one of the clubs automatically gets fruit delivered to your doorstep once a month for either 3, 6, 9 or 12 months!
One of my favorite things about NAKED is their community involvement! You will regularly find people getting NAKED at the finish line after a race; eating the finest bananas and oranges around!  NAKED also sponsors races and actually sponsored the first Fun Run Jack participated in! 
Be sure to check out my Instagram @darci_spear or find me on Facebok Darci Spear later today for an awesome NAKED GIVEAWAY!!
In the meantime, go check out the NAKED Fruit Company now...and remember...
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