Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday Truths

I'm a day late and a dollar short, sue my ass! 

Wow, yesterday was a weird one!  I went to a new doctor, call him Dr. S, who specializes in hormone replacement therapy to see what he/it is all about.  I also had heard he was good at Thyroid Dysfunction and since I don't have a thyroid anymore (it was removed when Jack was about 5 months old), it's a constant battle and I just haven't been satisfied with my current Endocronologist. 

What I learned...
  1. There is so much MORE to monitoring thyroid dysfunction then just checking your TSH level - this was exciting to me, because my Endo keeps saying "Your TSH is within normal range" and I keep saying "Then why do I feel like shit all the time and why can't I lose any weight and why am I constantly tired, annoyed, angry, depressed, moody..."
  2. If Dr. S is for real and not a total quack then I might actually start to feel good and more like my old self, pre-babies and pre-thryoid removal!
  3. If Dr. S is full of shit, it's going to take me quite a few dolla's to figure it out b/c hormone replacement therapy isn't covered by our insurance.  The office visits and lab draws are, but actual injections are not.
  4. I might be Iodine deficient...never heard of that?  Me either.
  5. It's nearly impossible to find Iodine in stores b/c I guess Meth Heads really like to use it when they are mixing up (do you mix up meth?) their goodies.
  6. I do not want to do a 24 hour urine sample testing to verify if I'm Iodine deficient - so I better find a Meth Head stat and borrow some Iodine. There is a quick and dirty test that involves putting Iodine directly on your skin and monitoring how long it takes for the color to disappear or your skin/body to absorb the Iodine - if it disappears sooner than 24 hours, good chance you are Iodine deficient - which leads back to the 24 hour urine sample...shit!
  7. Food allergies can make you fat - this was interesting and I'm still debating spending the $200 to see what I'm allergic too...although if they come back and say cheese I'll punch whatever unlucky sap delivers that news in the face!  What?  I'm Mexican Hispanic (I guess that's the acceptable terminology), I love cheese dip!
  8. Your adrenal glands - them little bastards can eff you up!
  9. I think Dr. S is an effing whack-a-doo...seriously...
Yesterday was also my second weekly weigh in and the results weren't impressive, but a start!  Progress, Not Perfection....right?

Week 2 Poundage - 178.4

Total Poundage Lost - 1

Update - A co-worker had Iodine at home (no she isn't a Meth Head - I don't think...) so I just drew my Iodine square on my arm!  If you are as excited about this as I am follow the progess on Instagram!  What, What?!

Monday, October 29, 2012

I Wore What?!...

Hey! Hey! Hey!

It's Monday, but instead of the normal Weekend Rewind post I'm linking up with the adorable Aly over at analyze THIS for a fashion flashback!  When it comes to fashion I like to think I've always been a fairly stylish, trendy gal, but from the pictures I'm about to expose to the world - I obviously wasn't fashionable until I started purchasing my own clothing!  Oy Vey! I should slap my Momma for some of these outfits - just kidding...kind of...

Here we go... listed in an "increasingly horrible" order...

Exhibit A
I can't tell if that's tape on my Huge Red Glasses or the tag...
either way I love my curly mullet and hanes sweats,
but can anyone tell me why I'm mowing the laminate floor?
Exhibit B
Again with the hair!  Mom!  And horizontal stripes...EVERYWHERE?!
Repeat after me ladies, "Horizontal stripes are NOT my friend!  Horizontal stripes are NOT my friend!"
This applies at any and all ages..always!
Exhibit C
I honestly don't know where to start...
10 minutes later... I have no words...
Another 10 minutes later...
The hair, the scrunci, the glasses, the monochromatic HOT PINK...
Oh and don't forget the ass in the back giving me bunny ears...
doesn't that just top off the whole disasterous look?

I shared mine, now YOU share yours and head on over to analyze THIS and link up!  You can click the button below and get automatically redirected - now you have ZERO excuse!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Shabby Apple...

The adorable Holly at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally is hosting an AWESOME giveaway from Shabby Apple!  I'm a sucker for vintage/retro style dresses - give me an sinched waist and a full skirt and I'm in heaven! 

Go check out her post and enter to win a $50 gift certificate to Shabby Apple!  Go!  Now!  Seriously!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obsessed... and other stuff...

It's Jersday Thursday!

I was obsessed with Jersey Shore up until this season - it's a total flop!  I mean Snooki is knocked up and living in her own apartment, The Sitch is sober, and Dena has a BF, totally lame!  They should have left well enough alone and just not came back for a "final" season. 

First up, I've been obsessed with counting calories this week.  I made a goal to lose 20 pounds before my 30th Birthday and Norah's 1st Birthday - both of which are the last week of January - totally doable, right?  It will be if I can get my mouth under control!  I'm using the Lose It! app on my iPhone.  I've used it off and on for awhile, but I'm really logging anything and everything and I'm also entering my weight daily.  I used to think weighing daily was an Obession in itself, but I've discovered it's way to easy for me to gain 5 pounds in a week if I'm not watching it daily so it is what it is!  If you are looking for a calorie counting app I would really check Lose It! out!

Instagram has decided to take over my life here as of late!  I can't get enough!  And the primary reason is motivation!  A group of the ladies I follow are all the blogs I follow as well so it's like an impromptu motivational tool!  Like when I see them post a picture of working out, or a healthy meal or just their skinny asses in general - it drives me to do the same! Love it!  Come find me @darci_spear - I promise not to bore you with only food and working out, I will throw in my cute kids here and there as well!  And they are KEY-UTE!

The last item I've been obsessed with lately is Pinterest, but more specifically stalking ideas and themes for Norah's first birthday party - which of course isn't scheduled until February 2nd (yes, it's already scheduled)!  I'm a planner, sue me!  I was thinking of copying Holly's Ginerbread Girl Theme for Olive, but I was also really stuck on Winter ONEderland - then a friend of mine had a GENIUS idea, why not do the ONEderland but incorporate gingerbread people?  I literally smacked myself in the effn' forehead - why didn't I think of that!  This is where the Pinterest stalking now I'm torn between a more girly/pretty/icy theme and a brighter/cute/fun theme.  Oy vey!  Somebody help me b/c the Gypsy Husband sure won't!

Now for a few non-obsessed items!

I signed up for "Pile On The Miles" over at Run Eat Repeat because Mel at 4KOTTEZ did and she inspires me!  She just ran her first half marathon a couple weeks back so go check her out and give her some congratulations love, will ya?  Pile On The Miles is a walk/run challenge through the month of November and the goal is to pile on the miles not the pounds around the holiday season!  You can sign up using the link above!  I signed up for 50 miles - wowza, I know, but shit gotta shoot for somethin'!  The button for POTM is also on my left sidebar!  So who is going to join me!?

Keyona and I are going to run the Candy Cane Course 5K in Kansas City on December 15th!  If anyone is in the area and wants to join us, we'd love to have you!  Here is a link to the deets - if you do register shoot me an email and we will work out the details of meeting up!  Whoop!  Whoop!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So What! Wednesday...

I'm linking up for "So What! Wednesday"  for the first time and writing a second post today - two in one, I must really love you Shady Ladies!

Here goes nothin'...
  • So what if I have a big ass, loud as hell FAN in my office.  Maybe if the heater wasn't turned on when it's 80 effin' degrees outside I wouldn't need it, ever think of that Mr. Maintenance Man?
  • So what if I took a 2 hour lunch today.
  • So what if I would rather lay in my bed minus the husband watching Channing Tatum dance around in a G-String! 
  • So what if we have to bribe Jack with a new toy EVERY.SINGLE.DAY in order to get him to sleep in his bed.
  • So what if having "The Mama Laughlin" start following me on Instagram yesterday made my day!
  • So what if I have to restart the 30 Day Shred again and again before I actually make it to Level 2 (let alone all 30 damn days), but tonight I start again because I love Holly, she is awesome and I want to do 30DS with her!  Fingers crossed I make it to Level 2 this go around!
  • So what if my 3 year old son wants to wear 1) Cowboy Boots or 2) Rubber Rain Boots every day of the week, with every outfit he owns.  He is cute enough, he can pull it off!
  • So what if Norah still sleeps in a Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper at 9 months old, she has only crawled off fell out once and she is still kickin'!  She loves that thing and this Momma loves sleep, so we do what works!
  • So what if I wear dresses and heels everyday to work, you jealous biotches at the office need to find somewhere to go, yo!
There you have it!  Wow!  I like SWW - it's like a venting session!  This might have to become a regular link up!

If you want to see what other bloggers are saying So What! to click the button below!

So What Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday...


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lazy Girl Curls My Way Vlog

I'm guessing the majority of you ladies watched Holly's Vlog on Lazy Girl Curls yesterday, well this is my version!  Holly and I have been discussing LGCs for awhile now, but I had no idea she used a curling iron!  When I say LAZY, I mean LAYHAY-ZAHEE.

This is me just out of the shower, but clothed (you're welcome) and headed to bed.

I completely apologize for the horrible lighting, the frequent double chin shots, and my huge boobs (yes, the are that big and real - I hate them - the husband promised I could get them fixed after I hit my goal weight) blinding you!  Oy vey!
This was mid-day...the curls are still looking good!
Now, what's your favorite way to style your hair?!

Tuesday Truths

Well, I guess today is the day.  Most of you probably don't know my "whole truth and nothing but the truth" story and if you want to know all about my struggle/obsession/history with food/weight/body image click here - that was the very first post I ever wrote on this blog.  The details are dirty, but I'm not ashamed of my past and I'm trying to just move forward with the here and now.  I don't want pitty or judgements, only encouragement - so here goes!

My first official weekly weigh in...ugh! I've dreaded it, but I've been super off track with my eating and I knew I had gained a few pounds.  Before I reveal the actual tonage poundage, I want to lay out some goals out for myself!

1. Lose 20 Pounds Before Norah Turns ONE - Norah's birthday is January 30th and my 30th birthday is on January 25th so I figured double whamy on this one!

2. Focus On Portion Control - Portion Control is most definitely my biggest struggle and I truly believe it stems from my eating disorder history.  From restricting, then binging and purging, now I feel I'm an overeater because my brain is still wired all effed up and thinks this may be the last meal it gets for 3 days so you better shovel it in...

3. Exercise Consistently - I decided not to put a number of days/week I'm going to "require" myself to exercise.  I'd like to shoot for 4-5 times a week, but sometimes life and work just doesn't allow for that.  This goal is to make a concious effort to MOVE.EVERY.SINGLE.DAY in some shape or form!

Week 1 Poundage - 179.4

There is it in black and white, wowza!  Let's get this show on the road! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Rewind...

Monday is O.V.E.R, thank goodness! 
Before I get to the Weekend Rewind, did y'all notice I was a featured sponsor over on Holly's blog Where We Can Live Like Jack & Sally?  No, you hadn't noticed?  Well go check my out, bitches!  I love Holly!  We are both married to dudes named Chris and our boys are months apart and our girls are months apart!  We are destined to be besties!  :-)  And if you found me through Holly, thanks for reading!  Stick around and FOLLOW me!  Work is bat shit crazy right now, so I'm slacking a little on keeping the blog up, but I'll pick back up as things calm down!
Next, at girls night last week one of the ladies bought these super cute Cookie Monsters for us to take home to all the kiddos!  Aren't they adorable?  The most funny thing was that when I put the picture on Instagram (follow me - @darci_spear), tons of people started commenting on how cute they were and did I make them, what had I done with the "real" Darci... those that know me in real life or have followed for awhile you know that I DON'T BAKE!  Those bitches were off their rockers!  But aren't they ADORABLE!  And they were O...SO...GOOD!
All the Cookie Monsters
Jack's Cookie Monster

Ok, now on to the actual weekend!  Friday afternoon I got a call from my back-up husband, Greg, (oh, Gregory - that's a whole other story and post, but he is one of Chris' best friends and he was a groomsmen in our wedding) and he invited us over for a steak dinner at his house.  I love his girlfriend, Amanda, and they both love our kids so it works out perfect to do dinners with them.  They don't have kids and they say they never will (and I'm starting to believe them), but they are the most fun non-parent friend couple we have and never mind our children tagging along! Jack ran around like a Monkey on Crack and somehow ended up spending the majority of the evening wrestling Greg in his "Football Underpanties" and sneaking in the occasional full moons - you know what I mean!  Norah just chilled and squealed and giggled.  It was a great evening all in all and the steaks were delish!
Saturday was Pitt State Homecoming!  Go-Rillas!  The day is jammed pack with activities, starting with the 2 hour long homecoming parade.  We met up with one of my friends, Fallyne, and her little boy Camden!  This was the first time the boys have been around each other since they were babies and it was so cute to watch them play and interact!  They both got a shit ton of candy and loved waving at all the people!

Cam and Jack waiting on the candy

Bean was there too, she chilled in her stroller just takin' everything in for the most part.  Fallyne couldn't resist the cuteness and had to get her fill of baby snuggles at one point so Norah was released from her cage for awhile!

Norah sportin' her Pitt State Zebra Bow
Hoo-Hoo You Lookin' @!  A local lady makes the hats for $10/each and she will do whatever you want.  Email or comment if you want her info!  She is making me 5 hats for Christmas gifts for the kids and their cousins!

After the parade we came home and let Bean take a nap and then headed back to the stadium for a little tailgate lunch.  The company I work for always has a huge tent and grill at every home football game and they feed anyone and everyone that stops by, so we usually go down and mingle and eat the best cheeseburgers in town - no lie!

After lunch, we made a quick trip to the mall shopping center that we call a mall and I bought 2 new pairs of jeans (more on that in tomorrow's post) and then we made a stop by the Sporting Good's store to pick up a hunting blind and stools for my two guys.  I took the picture below while waiting on said guys; I was sitting in the backseat of my car in Jack's chair while tryinig to entertain a fussy Norah!

After another quick nap for Bean we were off to a fish fry at our friend's house!  The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast!  Jack 4-wheeled his ass off until the first battery died, and then the second battery died!  Ha!  Then Jack and Tatum watched a little Lion King in her bedroom - already hangin' out in a girl's bedroom at 3 years old!  Tatum is a total cutie, too bad she stands a good 4-5 inches taller than Jack!  :-(

4-Wheelin' Fool
Jack and Tatum
Sunday rolled around and I spent the day with my little beauty, while Chris took Jack on his very first Deer Hunt!
Such a happy girl
Headed Out to go Huntin'
Back home, Norah and I went for a little afternoon jog - I normally don't take her on runs since I run over my lunch hour 95% of the time and I have to say...she totally killed my pace!  Ha!  But taking her with me was so worth it!
And while us girls were gettin' our workout on...Jack was gettin' his snooze on in the hunting blind!  Ha!
The last little funny tidbit I will add is that Chris sent me the following text after Jack woke up from his nap "Just had to walk him downwind so he could poop!" ...

Now, who can beat that!  Haha!  Have a great week!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Norah's Birthday...

Totally off topic and out of left field, I need some help with planning Norah's first birthday party!! Her birthday is January 30th so it will be cold and the party will have to be inside!

So... Baby Girl, Cold Weather, First Birthday Party Ideas! Ready! Set! Go! Leave me some comments/ideas!!

Thanks Y'all!! Norah thanks you too!!

xoxo Darci

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let's Talk About Tats Link Up

I'm linking up with Mel over at 4KOTTEZ today to talk about Tats, Tattoos, Ink, Permanent Reminders of Drunken Nights...whatever you might like to call them!

Believe it or not I didn't get my first tattoo until after my son, Jack, was born.  I think I was 27 (in college I was more into piercings - belly button, nose, tongue, eyebrow, nipples - yes nipples) and I wanted to get Jack's birth date tatted somewhere.  I chose the inside of my left foot and the pain wasn't as bad as I had thought.  The worst part were the involuntary nerve spasms.  The artist (or as I like to describe him - the dude that was so STONED) had to hold my foot down pretty good because it kept randomly, and under no control of my own, jumping and twitching!  It only took like 10 minutes and I thought it looked good for my first tattoo.  I really love it because it's Jack's and now that he is 3 he knows that it's his birth date and likes to point it out and tell people it's his birthday and Momma got it because he is SOOO speshall.  The tattoo is in roman numerals, I wanted something strong and even a bit masculine since it was representing my best little man!

I got my second tattoo right before I got pregnant with Norah.  I'm not sure why I got it, I just wanted it - I'm sure you heard that ink is addicting and I fully believe and support that.  This tattoo is on the inside of my left wrist and is the Universal Symbol of Faith - which basically is a symbol that all/most religions have an interpretation of.  In Christianity it represents the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  If you want to learn more about the symbol click HERE.  The heart represents The Father, the circle represents The Son and the triangle represents The Holy Spirit.  I do like this tattoo too, but I wish I wouldn't have done it on such a whim because now I think it would have looked better if the lines were a little thinner so that the shapes would be more defined individually.  I'm planning to have it touched up and outlined in WHITE to help the shapes POP!

Next on my list is Norah's birth date - I think on my right foot.  Then I would like to get a big one, maybe of like a Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree that would start on my back and wrap down and around my side.  I also want a scripture somewhere that says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" but I have no clue where yet!

Now, tell me - what do you think of Ink?  Yes/No?  Show me whatcha got!  And don't forget to go check out all the Tat Tales on Mel's blog - the link up button is below!