Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Start Of Summer Giveaway!

Tia organized an awesome Start of Summer Giveaway! Yay! 

So here's a what you're gonna do:

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Giveaway Starts NOW and ends this coming Sunday, June 21st - the official Start of Summer!

Winner will be announced Monday morning and receive a $100 Victoria's Secret Gift Card! Holla!

Good Luck! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sprite Wasted...

Helllllooo Monday!

Our weekend was jam packed, super busy, crazy FUN! Saturday evening we had a wedding back home in C-Town that involved a gorgeous bride, a good hair day for me, the WORST best man speech ever, good food, lots of friends, free booze, Norah winning everyone over with her cuteness, CAKE and Jack getting Sprite Wasted!

*Kids - Don't try this at home!

Yesterday was Dad's Day so what else would I do but run The Husband off with his two kids so I could have some time to myself! I wish my plan was to lay around watching Lifetime movies all day OR better yet the Elliot Stabler Law & Order SVU Marathon, but I had bigger plans! Plans that involved screws, nails, hammers and probably should have involved a leveler deal and stud finder, but such is life and I didn't know how to use those things!

Part of The Husband's gift was FINALLY decorating our master bedroom, we have lived in our current home for right at 3 years and hadn't done a single thing to the room other then hang some curtains! It was time, I was ready and this is a win-win for me as well! Let me tell ya, I thought working in my closet last Sunday was bad - this might have been worse! I started at like 9:30 am and still wasn't done when The Family arrived back home at like 6:00 pm! Eek! I wouldn't say I'm completely finished by any means (ie: I hate the frame our family picture is currently in, I need a new makeup light and baskets for my vanity, I need a big white vase to set in the corner by my vanity, I need more pictures lots of places), but I'm pretty proud of what I put together so far! Especially considering what I started with!

 What do y'all think!? It's funny because if you ask Jack what my favorite colors are he will always reply "black and brown" so I guess he knows me pretty well! I've always wanted a muted, neutral bedroom, if we didn't have Oscar my bedroom with be WHITE, something relaxing and tranquil! But since we DO have Oscar I figured black and brown is the next best thing and I threw in the white to bring a little pop of fresh, crispness to the room! I'm loving the "bones" I have created thus far and can't wait to pick up little pieces here and there to finish it off!

 Last, but definitely not least, I want to wish a BIG Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's in Jack and Norah's lives! They are SO lucky to have each of you in their lives! So here's to you: Daddy, Papa, Uncle Derek, Papa Tommy, Coco and Grandpa. We love you all MUCHO!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We Can't Be Friends...Gym Edition

Sorry... I'm not sorry, but I'm just not over the above incident yet! Ha! Yesterday afternoon, after trying everything I could think of short of snorting Spark up my nose to get THE smell away... side note: let me tell you...nothing worked, like nothing... it led me to thinking about all the things that annoy the shit out of me at the gym; the types of things that automatically get you scratched from the Friend list! Thus I give to you...

We Can't Be Friends...Gym Edition!

We can't be FRIENDS if...

{ONE} You smell. Period. There are multiple ways to smell, none of which are acceptable! Let's have straight up Body Odor - like the onion, mustard, make me vomit instantly kind! You find it necessary to give yourself a fresh bath in your perfume, cologne, body spray, axe, whatever! Your mouth smells, as in your BREATH! Like GROSS, Bro!

{TWO} You are a "Gym Creep". This is for the dudes, you know who you are! If I don't know you OR given you the impression that I want to know you (let's be clear here, this never happens) - please don't stare at me, wink at me, wave to me or approach me! Like ever! It's WEIRD, Bro!

{THREE} You make noise. Whether it's singing to the music playing in your head ear buds or the music playing on the gym stereo, for the LOVE of all things gym - do not sing! I don't care if you sound like Miranda Lambert or Blake Shelton, I still don't want to hear it! NO ONE wants to hear it! Yes, in case you are wondering, the's just as bad! *Side Note: The people that don't wear ear buds...they geek me out!* Then we also have the grunting, oh the grunting! Now, I get it, a grunt every now and then is tolerable... however grunting, moaning and groaning with every.single.rep is NOT! Go LIGHTER, Bro!

{FOUR} You abuse the Water Fountain. Do not spit in the water fountain. Do not put your lips on the water fountain spout. Do not hover over the water fountain spout and pant, breath all over it. WTF, Bro!

{FIVE} You compete with me, or any other female at the gym. This is for the ladies, I'm all for having a source of motivation/inspiration don't get me wrong, but if you are that girl that comes to the gym on the daily just looking to compete with the other girls at the gym you might be cray! You are the girl that wears the H2T coordinated outfits, the girl that stares at my treadmill screen, the girl that eyeballs me from across the room, the girl that always leaves her hair down, that stares at herself in the mirror but is also constantly scanning the other women to see who is also looking her way. Yeah, THAT girl, Bro!

{SIX} You dress all sorts of wrong. I've witnessed flip flops in the gym, shorts on guys that basically shoved their balls in my face, people in jeans, men in jorts (this should never happen - anywhere), women in moo moo's, or the sin of all gym clothes sins - the SAME outfit! Wash that SHIT, Bro!

{SEVEN} You bring your kids in the gym! I'm all about bringing your kids to the gym and dropping them off at the daycare! However, bringing your kids in the gym - like in the gym, one in a stroller and one walking around, why!? It's annoying, stupid, distracting, but most of all it isn't safe! Use the damn DAYCARE, Bro!

{EIGHT} You bring your laptop in the gym, set it up like a TV and proceed to do a workout DVD...right there in the gym! I mean, what!? Stay HOME, Bro!

{NINE} You are dirrrty, and not in the good Christina Aguilera way! For the love of God and all the MF'n signs hanging up every 5-10 feet instructing you to do so - wipe down your equipment/machines! It's not hard! It takes seconds! Just DO IT, Bro!

I hate to leave it on an odd number, but such is life! 
Now, you tell we agree on these things? What's YOUR biggest gym pet peeve!?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Seven Hours I Will Never Get Back

I spent SEVEN hours yesterday purging, cleaning and organizing my closet! SEVEN HOURS! To be closet had turned into my closet, our Jacuzzi tub, a coat tree, my vanity and just a good 'ole pile of clothes on the floor! Eek! 

Before Closet
 Before Clean/New Clothes On Vanity & Floor
Before Coat Tree - I will admit I haven't touched this yet...
 Before Shoes
Before Shoe Boxes
Before Jacuzzi Tub

Hi, my name is Darci...and my closet is too SMALL (it really is)! I also enjoy ShoeDazzle (and keeping the boxes - do y'all do that or is that odd), Hazel & Olive Boutique, Pink Slate Boutique and Audacious Boutique WAY TOO MUCH! This has got to stop or at least slow down!

Shoes Keep Pile
 Sell Rack
 Surprise Shoe Finds

Do y'all keep your shoe boxes and then keep the shoes in the box? I've done this for years, but after realizing I had quite a few pairs of shoes I hadn't ever wore, let alone remember buying, I decided that probably wasn't the smartest idea! Ha! So I went to Home Depot and got some little organizing deals for my shoes! Plus, it makes my closet look FANCY! Holla!

After Closet View 1
 After Closet View 2
After Gypsy's Closet whoopsie

Whew! That was like the longest day ever! I hope I can keep it clean and neat, but let's not all go holding our breath!  I still have to go through all my jewelry and those scarves, but hey it's definitely progress!

Is your closet clean? Tips for keeping it neat and tidy?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Power of Makeup

I would not have survived before makeup! How did most women survive before makeup? I personally probably would have been cast away to Rapunzel's Tower, but in the ghetto, if I had been alive back when there wasn't makeup! I said most because we all know there are those women that are true natural beauties... I am not, so thank God, or whoever actually invented makeup, for makeup!

The pictures above were BOTH taken yesterday! The L was at 6:30 am after my workout, the R was taken sometime after lunch in the afternoon! Holy F, remind me to thank The Husband for being willing to wake up to that in the mornings! Eek!

The Power of Makeup is really quite awesome, it can literally transform a person's physical appearance and I think that is pretty awesome! We all deserve to feel the best we can about ourselves and if wearing makeup does that for someone then Hey Girl Hey, I'm all about it! However, makeup also has the potential to make you look an ever bigger hot mess if you don't apply it correctly, aren't using the right products/colors or just don't know what the hell you are doing! If this is you, please take the first step and admit the problem and then move on to the second step and find a makeup artist, a friend, the lady at the makeup counter at Dillard's, whoever and ask for help! Trust me, you'll be glad you did!

I saw THIS article pop up on my Facebook news feed yesterday! It's pretty cool, but trust me some of that crap they are doing - the color correction, the highlighting, contouring - I don't know how to do that and I don't do that, but I kind of sort of maybe wish I did!  Here's some of my favorite transformations!

I wrote this post about a year ago detailing my makeup routine and the products I was using at that time! The post also included the picture below, another bad goodie!

Since then, I've changed some things up and had received a few questions regarding what I'm currently using so here's a quick run down!

Eyebrow Filler: $1 Black Eye Shadow from Walmart
Eye Shadow: Merle Norman Color Expressions Pallet (it was special edition)

The last thing I wanted to show y'all real quick is my naked face side by side! With my lovely, oh so pretty, to die for olive skin tone also comes some not so desirable dark marks. Any blemish, scratch, cut, gash, whatever leaves a dark spot or mark - the dark marks don't discriminate and aren't limited only to my face unfortunately. When I was pregnant with both kids I would break out something awful on my face, chest, back and even upper arms - this left one hundred million dark marks, everywhere! I started getting some gentle chemical peels a few months back, the first couple I honestly didn't see much difference, but the last couple I've had have helped SO much with fading the marks! I get them done at my dermatologist and they are super nice enough to also do it on my chest, back and upper arms! Holla! Can you see a difference? I can! Yay! I will probably need another 2-4 peels, you do them about every 4 weeks and then after that I will just have to maintain with less peels and an awesome post-care regimen my esthetician friend is putting together for me! I'm seriously SO excited! Someday if I get up enough nerve I will show you the difference it's made in my back...someday, maybe...the before pretty embarrassing and I've been so self conscious about it for like 5+ years now so I'm going to have to talk myself into that!

Now tell me...Are you a makeup girl? What are some of your must haves? Do you use any of the same products I do?