Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hips Don't Lie...

Super quick VLOG update on the Hip Sitch!  Love You, B-Faces!

Also, I'm a published author now!  :-)  Watco Dispatch - Check out page 4... You're Welcome!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans...

Linking up today with Sami for a little weekend shenanigan rewind!

Sami's Shenanigans

I don't mean to be a downer first thing on a Monday morning, but there are a couple stories I want to share about a couple great men, great fathers - both of which passed within this past week far too soon! I don't personally know either of these two men, but just seeing the support and reading stories about them has touched me and inspired me and I thought maybe they could do the same for you.

The first is Chad Rogers,  Chad lived in Liberty, MO and was a Husband, Stay at Home Father, Youth Pastor and Marathon Runner.  He left his home last Monday evening for a run and never returned home.  A massive volunteer search, along with the LPD took place all week long along his known running routes.  Despite all the efforts and prayers and hopes, Chad's body was found Friday.  The cause of death hasn't been released yet, but his Dad made a public statement (which was heart wrenching to watch) thanking everyone for their search efforts, donations, thoughts and prayers.  If you want to know more about Chad there is a FaceBook page set up Bring Chad Rogers home and an Instagram account Bringing Chad Rogers Home - at both of these sites you will see pictures of Chad and read stories about him, it's truly inspirational - just simply what a great person he was and how many lives he had touched in his short life, and continue to impact in his passing!  I did see a post stating that a RUN will be organized in Chad's memory and to raise money for his Wife and Son.  I will post details here once they become available and I am definitely going to go and run if at all possible, so if you are in the area and want to participate I hope you will!

The second is Kidd Kraddick from the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning radio show.  If your local radio station broadcasts the show you know what an amazing guy he was!  The one thing I wanted to point out about Kidd is his passion for children!  For over 20 years, his organization Kidd's Kids, has taken family's with terminally or chronically ill children to Disney World.  It's totally free for the families and the entire family gets to go and just be FREE together for one week and forget about all the problems they face day to day!  Kidd passed suddenly on Saturday at a Kidd's Kids Charity Golf Tournament, he died doing what he loved which was working for his Kids!  Kidd's Kids will continue on, if you are interested in donating click here.

RIP Chad and Kidd, you will never be forgotten!

Now, on to some lighter notes about the weekend!
This was one of the first weekends in I don't know how long that we didn't have one single thing on our calendar!  We just spent the weekend hanging out and having fun! 
Friday I booked my flight to Chicago for what I have a feeling will be an EPIC weekend! I can't wait to meet and see some of the most fabulous ladies - if you are interested email Wendy (Instagram @chitowngirrl) at!  She is going to send out an email this week with some details!
Jack just airing it all out after being Checked for Ticks!  He went with The Husband and Uncle Coco to work deer stands and they all had quite a few ticks on them, Jack had 3 that were all already drinking his fine blood juice!  Yuck!
Norah Jane decided she could live off of Powdered Donuts!  I had some of the funniest comments on this picture on Instagram! My comment was "Double'n Down On the Donuts"...
carly1972 said "I love a good dmonut, but I can honestly say I have NEVER eaten one naked, crouched(sp?) on a cooler in the yard.  LOL.  Shes too damn cute!!" She quickly followed with, "Donut! Damn, I'm sober!"
kbeavtann said "That's exactly how I eat my donuts!! In a sumo stance, in a diaper on top of a cooler!! Bean is a classy lady!!"
I literally LOL'd at both of these and I'm not sure I believe carly1972 was sober!  Just sayin!  Also, Kyra I need photographic evidence the next time you eat a donut!  :-)
Shhh....he's hunting wabbits!
Unfortunately, Sunday was a bit of a boring and lazy day!  It was overcast and rainy all day so not much outside play, although Bean and Oscar spent a little time just watching the rain!  How cute!?

A little fitness vent!  I officially started my 10k, 15k, Half Training this past week.  I've been running consistently all summer, but I have a few big(ger) races coming up so I wanted to actually get a training plan laid out.  It's an 18 week schedule built around some runs I have on my calendar, ending with the Route 66 Half Marathon in Tulsa, OK in November.

The Sunday before week 1 started I ran 6 miles and felt good, but once I was done my hip started hurting.  I figured it was just sore from the distance, because it was definitely a longer run for me at this point.  Tuesday I did my 4.5 mile run and after that I knew something wasn't quite right.  I've gone to my Chiropractor 3 times so far (Wed, Thur, Fri) and have another appointment at lunch today.  I have trouble with my leg lengths getting off, thus causes some knee/hip pain.  I was going to try an easy run yesterday, but my trip to Walmart seemed to aggravate my hip and if purely walking was causing an issue I knew better than to run!  I posted the picture below on Instagram and I think I almost just wanted for you girls to say it was OK to rest.  I knew before posting it that I wasn't going to run, but sometimes a little motivation is the kick in the ass you need, and also a little support is just the right medicine too!  I talked to a couple of my friends that are hard core runners and one is also a Physical Therapist, they think I need to go see an Ortho and have an MRI done.  I'm going to give it a couple more days and by mid-week I'll make an appointment.  I'm seriously SO bummed about not running, I have a 10k on the 10th and really want to run it!  To me, it was like the "kick off" of this whole running season!  Stay tuned for more details, but for now, you Bitches need to run an extra mile for me!  #onefordarci 



Friday, July 26, 2013

It's A Love-Hate Thing...

Hey ladies!  Today I'm going to share a story with you that I wrote a long time ago, even before I actually published my first post to this blog.  Some of you may have already seen and read this story if you were around way back when.  My intent isn't to offend anyone, or make light of what you are about to read, but this is my story and by sharing this post I'm hoping it's going to provide all of you with a little insight to where I've been and where I started...

Food and I have never really been great friends. We loved each other when I was little, but once middle school hit and people started paying attention to whether you had a 1, 3, or 5 on the tag of your Z Cavaricci jorts...well, it's all been downhill from there!

Middle school wasn't too bad as far as how much I fought with food, but I do remember this is when I stopped eating lunch (and I have never eaten breakfast, like ever). Instead of sitting on the cold, hard, tile floor in the commons area waiting to be ushered into the cafeteria, like a herd of hungry cattle - if you didn't eat lunch you just got to go to the "square" and hang out. Oh the square, this is where all the "cool" kids hung out and where only said cool kids got to sit (sounds so pathetic now, but it was a HUGE deal then). So, at 12 years old I was not eating breakfast and not eating lunch - this is where the metabolism started to take a nose dive and I didn't even know what metabolism was!

High school hit my waistline hard and for one PRIMARY reason...a little thing called - OPEN LUNCH! Yup, we had open lunch at our HS which meant we left the school parking lot in a mad dash to the "restaurant of the day" (choices: Sonic, McDonalds - my personal fave!, Taco Johns - a close second!, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Subway) and gobbled down your food faster than you could get back to the school parking lot!

The secondary reason, BOYS!  They also totally had an effect on what my scale read (men). If you were a single girl you were a skinny girl; if you were a girlfriend you were a chunky monkey! At least that's my experience. Sophomore year I was a monkey, but after that ended my junior year I lost some weight., weight that I hadn't even noticed I'd gained - the things LOVE do to a girl.  At first I think it was attributed to the sadness, depression, feeling sick to your stomach first love diet. But it was almost like people started noticing that I was losing weight and I liked that attention - this is where things got ugly, but I got HOT! Haha!  Ok, it's actually not funny...Eek!

I can totally admit my illness now, I was a full blown anorexic. I would go days without eating then eat one meal and then another 3-4 days without eating, then one meal. This vicious cycle went on until I graduated high school weighing 98 pounds (I'm 5'4" on a good day). Sure I was super skinny, but my hair looked dull and fell out in clumps, my skin was horrible, I would get light-headed standing up, I constantly had muscle cramps from dehydration, I would wake up CRAVING water in the middle of the night, it was horrible BUT I never thought a thing about it - other than I was SKINNY!

After graduation came JUCO and NEW BOYS! Baseball boys! And I was cheerleading. Sounds ridiculous, but we were a co-ed squad and we partner stunted and in order to cheer at games you had to weigh less than 115 pounds tops or you rode the bench like a little FAT pig. I imagined it to be as if you had a sign attached to your fat ASS that read Oink Oink! I did really well through my freshman year and didn't gain the traditional Freshman 15, but the summer after that year - things started to FILL OUT...literally.

When I started my second year at JUCO I weighted 128 pounds, not good! I managed to drop some pounds and made it through basketball season not having to bare the Oink Oink sign! It seemed like after season though the pounds were like magnets to my body! I think I got up into the mid 130's and to most people I looked fine and I think I was "ok" with the way I looked for the most part. Until one day I saw a guy I hadn't seen in a couple years and he commented, "Oh, look at you! Got a little meat on your bones now!" I actually think he meant it as a compliment, but I did NOT take it that way.

I moved to Pitt and was a healthy size 6! I felt good, looked good. Then in January around my 21st birthday I lost some weight - I'm not really sure how, but I did and was in a size 4 and people started commenting on how thin I was and I LOVED it!

Then I became a girlfriend again and over the next year and a half I gained ALOT of weight I was in the mid 150's! YIKES! Well once that relationship ended the weight started coming off again due to the lost love diet! Then something else started, I became bulimic. For some reason once the initial love diet wore off, I couldn't control my food intake, or lack there of, like I did in HS. So, the next best thing - purging! It's disgusting, but for some reason I found it fairly easy to do and it's so bad to say, but I enjoyed it. How GROSS is that?

This continued off and on up until my wedding 3.5 years later. And even after the wedding until I found out I was pregnant 3 weeks after our wedding. Needless to say I stopped IMMEDIATELY! And I haven't returned to my prior eating disorder behaviors to date. 

For these reasons I have a love-hate relationship with food. I love to eat it, but I hate how fat I am. And it's my fault I'm fat - I know nothing about food, I don't know what's good, I don't know what's bad (well obviously fast food), and I don't like food that's good for you. I need help! I need to learn to cook! I need a lesson in eating, cooking, and nutrition! I do however work out 3-5 times a week! I do step aerobics and toning at the Y over my lunch hour and now that the weather is warming up Jack and I have started running again! I can't imagine where I'd be if I didn't work out - SCARY thought!

Since I had my son in May 2009, I've found it increasingly difficult to maintain my weight, whether it was the 60 pounds I gained while pregnant (I'm dead ass serious), the fact that my Thyroid was removed when he was 5 months old, having a second baby, or that I was diagnosed in Fall 2012 as being pre-menopausal at 29 years old.   Let's just say I've been on this winding road for more than a few years and enough is enough!

This is where I'm starting, by laying it all out on the line and facing my FAT!

And this is my journey to being HEALTHY!

Love All You, Bitches! xoxo

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Kind Of Blogger Are You?...

Hey! Hey! Hey!
A couple weeks ago I posted on IG about being in a blog slump due to a lack of topics; I always feel like we bloggettes categorize ourselves and I'm not sure where I fit in exactly and what you readers would be interested in hearting!  Am I a healthy living/fitness blog, a fashion/beauty blog, a DIY/crafty blog, a Mom blog, a food/recipe blog, a lifestyle blog?  Personally, I don't think I fit into any one of those categories - not solely anyway. 
But I can tell you what I'm not:
  • I am not a DIY/Crafty/Decorating Blog - this weekday single Momma ain't got no time for that!
  • I am not a Food/Recipe Blog - I don't even cook, like ever!
  • I am not a Lifestyle Blog - those people know how to live and I obviously do not (according to them)!
If you are looking for any of those three types of blogs, I may not be your slice of store-bought cheesecake life!  Feel free to stick around anyway though!  I do not discriminate! 
I'm just Darci, a working mother of two beautiful kids trying to get my ass back in shape and that has a slight small pretty big shopping addiction!  I hope you like me!  I'm an attention whore so the more "likes" the better!  Just kidding...kind of...
So, my point!  I asked for some ideas on blog posts and got tons of good suggestions!  Here is what you can look forward to in the next little bit!
  1. More on how I'm working on my FITNESS and my DIET.
    1. Food I can't resist
    2. Biggest healthy living struggle
    3. When do I workout, how do I fit it in
    4. Upcoming runs and training plans
    5. Diet - do I count calories, track food, etc.
  2. It Works Wraps Review.
  3. Top 3 things that keep me motivated on my fitness journey roller coaster.
  4. The greatest "aha" moment as a Mother/Wife/Runner.
  5. Guns and Shit! - You can thank TimBob for that one...
  6. Shopping weaknesses.
  7. Biggest misconception people have about me.
  8. Personal Stuff
    1. How I met The Husband
    2. How we picked the kid's names
    3. How I've changed from single life to married life
    4. Are there more kids in the future
    5. Biggest accomplishment
    6. Biggest fear
    7. What do I want to be remembered for
    8. Biggest pet peeve
    9. What can make me happy no matter what
    10. What stresses me out
    11. Schooling background - degree(s) and do I use them in my job
    12. Saver or spender
    13. Biggest conflict within my marriage
    14. Tough love or attachment parenting
    15. Describe a perfect day with my family
    16. Birth stories
    17. Wedding disaster story
    18. How did I get the scar on my torso
    19. The new boobs
    20. The best year of my life
Ok!  So some of these I will obviously combine and will probably do like a Q&A type setup and VLOG it!  You all know how I love VLOGS!  But tomorrow I'm going to post something that will let you all in a little more on my food/health background...yeah, we will start there!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wish Me Luck...

A quick VLOG simply because I know y'all are having Darci Withdrawals have zero time today as work is killing me softly...
Hopefully I will be able to update you tomorrow on how today goes!  I have a 4.5 mile run to get in at some point today too!  Eek!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Rewind...

Gooooooooood Afternoon, Blog Family!!
said in Ty Pennington's Extreme Makeover greeting voice...
How was Y'alls weekends?  Our was great!  Things to do, but not too much to do!  Perfect!
Then my Monday Morning started out like this...I'd love to somehow see a statistic on how many Monday Morning Laptop Forgets happen every week!  I always forget the damn thing!  ALWAYS!

Friday night was low key.  Jack went to the big Cherokee County Fair with The Husband's parents and then stayed the night!  Bean was NOT happy about this!  She was so confused why she didn't get to leave too when Mimi came to pick up Jack!  She even walked over to me and laid her head on my lap, gave me a quick goodbye pat on the back and then made her way over to The Husband and did the same thing.  She cried for a few minutes, but recovered quickly!  That's what's awesome about 1 year olds...nothing gets them down for too long!

Saturday was our work company picnic!  It's totally geared towards the kids and is so fun for them!  The Husband and I however weren't that excited!  It felt like we didn't know anyone there...I was seriously confused!  But we let the kids play on the huge bouncy house and ride some rides at Kiddieland, ate some grub and then were on our way back home!  Mission Accomplished!

My Brother and Sister in Law came over with their little boy when we got home from the picnic and we sat on the back porch, drank a couple beverages and just let the kids play until dark!  It was so nice out because a storm was rolling in so it was nice and cool!  I can't wait for Fall!  I like Summer, but dang, it's just been too HOT!

Saturday evening I also heard back from our photographer and set the date for our next Family Pictures!  They are in 2 weeks!  Eek!  My OCD head started spinning...what am I going to wear?  What are the kids going to wear?  The Husband?  I immediately started thinking through what everyone had and how we could build 2 looks with buying the least amount of new crap!  Let's just say that didn't go over well and I totally broke my "no clothes shopping" goal!  I may or may not have bought myself all those items above and a pair of shoes...Bean two new dresses...Jack a new pair of shorts and 3 shirts...The Husband, well he only needed two shirts!  Oy Vey!

Sunday morning came way too quick and it was back to the normal madness!  I hit the recreation center while Bean was napped and got in a decent 6 miler, but my ass and thighs and groin are paying for it today!  Ouch!  Note to Self:  Stretching is a MUST!

On the calendar this week is a 4.5 mile run tomorrow, a virtual 5k on Wednesday for Marta's 34th birthday! Head over to Four Fit Sisters to sign up, it's FREE so no reason not too!  Then a 4 miler on Thursday!  Yikes!  That sounds like alot!  Fingers crossed!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#60inSixty Updated...


Wowza!  Ladies, We are off to an impressive start for the first 12 days of the #60inSixty Challenge!  Total miles reported, by 85 different participants is 1,294.57 miles!

I have calculated totals, but please feel free to email me at if you total is incorrect or you are missing completely or you are listed twice.  I have received some miles through email, some are on IG, etc. etc.
It's completely realistic that I have missed something, someone or some miles. 
There were over 430 IG posts and I'm not sure how many emails, I'd guess 50+.
So take a look and see where you stand!

I also highlighted my standing...yup, I'm sucking it up!  :-(

Friday, July 12, 2013

Without Me...

Guess who's back?
Back again...
Liebster's back!
Tell a friend...
Guess who's back?
Guess who's back?
Guess who's back?
Guess who's back?
Guess who's back?
Guess who's back?
It's the time again!  I've been nominated for another Liebster Award!  By now y'all know I refuse to follow the OFFICAL rules of Liebsterville - you can find them here, but I do however love attention so I particpate!  I gotta give major props to Carolyn over at FitNasty For Life for nominating me and I of course will answer her questions because I'm a team player!
What's that?  You're having withdrawals from seeing my face and hearing my voice?  Well you are in luck, because I'm going to VLOG this Bitch!
You're Welcome!


Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hey Girls Hey! 

First off, I wanted to thank all of you that commented on my plead for blog post topics last night on Instagram - follow me @darci_spear!  I've got them all down and I'm working out how to mesh some, etc.  I'm excited!  Yay!  See I always think that people don't care or want to know about the "personal" stuff in my life so I don't normally post too much about it, but I'm figuring out that this isn't necessarily the case! I love talking about myself so this is exciting to me!  I also am very excited to do a Q&A Vlog soon!  So if you have ANY question for me, and I mean ANYTHING, email me, or leave a comment!  :-)

Now, today I want to share with you an awesome opportunity to support a great cause and get your Fitness On...

My Girl, Sami from Simply Sami is organizing a FREE virtual 5k in honor of her late sister, Maggie!  Below is Sami's post with all the informations!  I'm signed up, who else is #running4maggie ?

Happy Thursday loves!! It is time to get all the details about the Running for Maggie Virtual 5k! Don't worry...if you emailed me, I am going to email you everything you will need by the end of the day Friday (tomorrow)!! If you want to participate, you can email me at!

To participate you must (please) email me and get on the list! 


Below is the Running for Maggie Race Bib. Print it out (right click on the picture and go to Print) and wear it during your 5k (3.1 miles) or just print it out to use for a picture after! You can print it off in any size you want; a 5x7 would probably work best. Write whatever you would like in the open space, maybe your name or whoever you want to dedicate your run too. I will also be emailing this out to everyone who emails me that they would like to participate!!!

Snap a picture of you with your race bib and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or all of them) using #running4maggie and I will post all the pictures to my blog and the Running for Maggie Facebook page so everyone can see everyone who participated!!

Do your 5k anytime during the week of August 5th to August 11th, and remember you can run and/or walk it! No times, no crowds, just a 5k to honor a beautiful life!

Bloggers – I know that you will be so excited about this….for participating you can win a FREE BLOG DESIGN by Hubby Jack! You must participate in the 5k & linkup and I will have Rafflecopter randomly pick someone!

(there is a Running for Maggie button at the top right of my blog if you want to grab it and put it on your blog for the rest of July!!)

Non Bloggers – For participating you can win a FREE Running for Maggie T-shirt or Tank! You must share your photo's using social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) and the hashtag #running4maggie to win!!!!!!

PS - IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING A RUNNING FOR MAGGIE T-SHIRT, EMAIL ME AND LET ME KNOW! I HAVE TO TALK TO MY SHIRT GUY WHO IS ON VACATION....LUCKY! I am thinking they will be around $20 with most (shipping and amount of shirt included in that) of that money going to the Foundation!

I invite you all to like the Running for Maggie Facebook Page. You can tag your pictures on Facebook or post them on the R4M wall! I cannot wait to hear about everyone’s 5k! Don’t forget to use #running4maggie and that you can now use hashtags on Facebook!

If you are not a blogger and want to share your experience on my blog, let me know! I can feature you on link up day! :)

Please remember if you have any questions at all, email me at and thank you to everyone for participating!

For those of you who do not know, I started Running for Maggie as a way to raise money for the Maggie Bertram Foundation for the Fine Arts. Running has helped me not only become more active, but has helped me cope. Maggie died in March of 2012 in a tragic car accident. Her smile, vibrant personality, ability to make you laugh at anything, how she loved, the bear hugs and how she cared are missed by more than just her family. She was a talented dancer, artist and musician. Running is more to me than just losing a few pounds, it is my way to remember Maggie and keep her memory alive.

If you would be interested in donating to the Maggie Bertram Foundation for the Fine Arts, please contact me at and I will get you all the details. Remember every little bit counts! Also - check to see if your company has a gift matching program! My goal is to raise $1000!!!!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So What! Wednesday...

This week I'm saying So What! if...
  • Shannon is on vacation and there isn't an offical SWW, I'm still going to S/O some So What! tibdits for ya!
  • My #60inSixty Challenge started last Thursday and I've only ran once?  All my ladies are knocking that shit outta the H2O!
  • If I agreed to team up with Shelly for Kristen's Thread Eleven Fitness Challenge.  Eek!
  • I'm going to the salon AGAIN this Friday to have more "blond" added to it!  I need Kardashian hair!
  • I can't stand the heat so I make Jack take Oscar outside to go potty, Jack loves being outside...even when it's 100 million degrees!
  • I've just realized I have WAY too many clothes, shopping is like crack to me, and I'm going to lay the law down and not let myself buy any clothing for the next 2 weeks!  Why are you laughing?  I can do it!  Stop laughing! 
  • I'm super excited to see Ashlee and Julie again this Saturday at the 2nd run of our 3 run night series in JoMo!
  • I "officially" weighed in this afternoon for the weight loss challenge my work is having and I screamed at the scale because it is definitely meaner than my scale at home!
  • I'm not excited for The Husband to be leaving for Vegas tomorrow for a bachelor party...don't even get me started on the last time he went to Vegas for a bachelor party...
  • I'm dying to get out of town and get another tattoo!  Yes, already!  I'm addictive!
  • I am beyond excited to be done with the #rwrunstreak challenge and back to my training plans for running!  Running 3 or 4 days a week is so much better then!  Plus, I can do cross training me some Kettlebell workouts!
  • I did indeed post a #transformationtuesday picture on IG yesterday!  I was scared shitless and couldn't believe I did it...until I started getting all the super suportive and motivating comments from the ladies!  Y'all are the greatest!
  • I need a GIRLS ONLY vacation; somewhere far away, relaxing and FUN!
  • I love Hump Day selfies...get over it!
  • You're Welcome!
What do you want to say So What! to today?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So What! Wednesday...

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT! if...
  • I kicked my first DietBet's ass yesterday, then ate 8 inches of a Subway footlong sandwich and screwed myself for the second DietBet's weigh in this morning... Oh well!
  • I couldn't be more excited for the Runner's World Summer Challenge to end tomorrow, I've accomplished alot but I'm so ready for a day off from running.
  • I'm currently, kind of obsessed with Fit Challenges! Don't forget #60inSixty starts Friday! I'm also doing Meredith and Meredith's Move Your Booty Challenge and Haus of Girls' (find her on my HomeGirl, Instagram, @hausofgirls) #50milesinjuly! Whew, that's alot!
  • I might have a nerd crush on McCrea from Big Brother...I love me some pizza and that boy delivers!
  • I've purchased 3 (or more) Fourth of July outfits and still may not wear any of them...
  • I officially registered for my first Half Marathon in November!  I'll be Rockin' the Route in Tulsa, OK!  Holla!
  • I am completely AMAZED that there are over 150 people signed up for the #60inSixty Challenge!  AMAZED!  Email me if you want to sign up and follow me on my HomeGirl @darci_spear !!
  • I already found the perfect quote for my next ink!
  • My kids are the cutest of the cute and I'm not sorry for posting lots of pictures of them!  I simply can't resist the cuteness and feel I need to share it with the social media world!       You're Welcome!
  • I ombre'd my hair AGAIN yesterday!  I needed a change, something fun for summer and I'm loving it so far!
What are you saying So What! to this week?  Head on over and link up with Shannon and let off some steam! 
Happy Fourth of July!  Relax!  Eat!  Drink!  Do dumb shit, but do it SAFELY!