Friday, May 31, 2013

Pardon My Streaking...

Just a quick post this afternoon!  This week I started the Runners World Summer Challenge, the RW Run Streak.  The challenge runs from Memorial Day to Independence Day and you are to run a mile a day, every day for that period of time.  I counted and it's 39 days!  :-)  Today is Day 5 and I will admit I have yet to get my mile in, but plan to tonight on the treadmill assuming all the tornados in the forecast hold off until I get it done!
My friend Julie (Instagram @juliemitchell) created a FB event and invited some of her local-ish running friends to join in order to keep the excitement flowing and motivate each other throughout the 39 days and it's been great so far!  There are 8 women in the group total, but one hasn't started yet and will next week.  In the first 4 days alone, the 7 active ladies have ran a total of 43.58 miles (because Julie is keeping track)!

I have to say I really enjoy the group atmostphere even though its all via FB and text messages!  Everyone is uploading their daily miles and pictures and even just motivational sayings/posters!  Here are all the ones posted so far this week!
Spring Weather in KS and OK is a hot-mess!  One day it's gorgeous, then it's cold, then it's storming, the next day it's a million degrees!  With all the rain this week a few of us have been forced inside to our treadmills while others have decided to brave the elements and run in pouring rain!

Who else wants to take the challenge?
Who cares if you are a few days behind, it's never too late to start!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's A Four Way! Who Wouldn't Love It?

Hey Girls Hey! 
Today I'm going to take my first whirl at a "fashion/styling" post! I have been obsessed with Hazel & Olive Boutique's Four Way Maxi Dress!  The options are endless - I say it's more like a Twenty Way!  *Side Note - can you imagine that? I absolutely would be exhausting, more than exhausting, more like grueling and who wants that in any type of multi-way? Dress it up, dress it down, but this dress can be styled for seriously just about any occasion!
I'll let the pictures (that obviously weren't done professionally) do most of the talking, adding details about accessories and themes!  I did make three "tutorial" videos on how to do the different wraps, but to find a ton more options just YouTube "Wrap Dress Tutorial" and you'll find everything you need and more!

Option 1 - Halter, "Outdoor Party"

I simply just paired the halter style with a cute sun hat I had at the bottom of my closet from a few years ago!  Ideally, I would wear one of the huge, white, floppy sun hats! I kept the jewelry limited to stud earrings and bracelets, I typically like to leave the chest open when wearing halters because I'm an attention whore and like to show the new and improved cleavage! If you wanted to add a necklace, I would suggest keeping it simple, nothing chunky or statement.

Option 2 - Strapless, "Shop Til You Drop"

I honestly loved the strapless option completely un-styled!  The sweetheart neckline is gorgeous on this dress!  I styled with a denim jacket to give it a more casual feel and of course, flat sandals for a day of shopping!
Option 3 - Sleeves, "A Day In The Office"
I was totally surprised that you could actually get full back coverage AND sleeves with this dress!  I have to admit I was a bit skeptical on that one, but the dress did not disappoint!  I loved the open neckline with the sleeved option so I paired it with a statement necklace and stud earrings.
 Option 4 - One Shoulder, "Date Night"

I think the number one thing you can do to make any outfit go from day to night is adding a RED lip!  Some lucky ladies can rock a red lip all day long, I can't so it's my go-to for a night on the town!  Second to the red lip, is pulling your hair back!  The neckline on the one shoulder is higher than the other looks so I skipped a necklace and did a simple drop earring!  Throw on some sexy heels and a clutch and voila!

The Four Way Dress is available at Hazel & Olive Boutique in Black and White HERE and Navy and White HERE!  Happy Shopping!

 Strapless Tutorial
Halter & Sleeved Tutorial
One Shoulder Tutorial

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jack Nolan...

Four Years Ago Today at 4:52pm, One Little Man Changed My Life Forever!  From the 6lbs15ozs and 19 inch long little burrito to my still Teeny Tiny 4 year old that has so much personality, an imagination I am envious of, a heart bigger than he is, a (maybe, slightly unhealthy) love of guns, knives and hunting, a natural athletic ability, with a face that will undoubtedly break many hearts! 
I love you Jack Nolan!  Happy Birthday! xoxo

Me & Jack This Morning!
Birthday Parties ONE - FOUR!
Jack's Birth Day versus his 4th Birthday!

Memorial Day was also celebrated yesterday with The Husband's family.  We make the rounds through SEK and hit up four different cemeteries along the way, then head to Grandpa and Grandma Spear's house for a BBQ lunch.
Oswego, KS - I love all the flags at this cemetery! #starsandstripes
Road Trippin'...
Jack was there, but rode with The Husband's parents... #hethinkstheyarecooler
Jack and Kash #cousins
Lastly, to round out the long weekend, we had our first "Oscar Incident"...let's hope it doesn't leave a scar! It won't, but you would have thought Jack's face was gashed open and spewing blood everywhere from Jack's reaction!  #dramaking #divo

 I hope y'all have a good week!!  #itsashortone #twss


Friday, May 24, 2013

I Run...

To say I got a little off track with running after my surgery is a bit of an understatement!  When I first started back I could barely pull my shit together to get a solid 2 miles in without wanting to walk and/or die...mostly die! But thanks to some wonderful, motivating women I'm determined to get back to the pavement (although I prefer the rubber of the treadmill - yup, I'm crazy! Tell me something I don't know!).  I had a run on my Run Calendar back in April and bailed out like the little huge brat that I am! I knew I was no ready and the girls I was running with are beasts!  I sucked it up this past weekend though and participated in my first run since my 10k the end of January!  It was an fugly, fugly run - oddly it was my fastest 5k time by like 10 seconds but I felt less than proud of myself!  After that I knew it was time to get focused, so what'd I do?  I pulled out the ole Hal Higdon Training Programs!  This week was Week 1 of his 10k Novice Training Program and I stuck to the schedule really well - that I am proud of!
My non-runner friends always ask me why I want to run, especially since I wasn't a runner when I was younger...I thought about it and there are tons of reasons, but probably my number one reason...
It's time for me! Time to not worry about bills, the kids, work, dinner (not that I cook), weekend plans, the dog, what I'm going to do when our daycare provider moves out of town, The Husband's travel schedule, etc. etc. etc.
Wondering what's on my Run Calendar?  I figured you did, here's what is officially lined up:
I'm really depending on the 10k's and the 15k to prepare me for the half!  Eeks!
In other news, these compression socks and calf sleeves seem to be the shit!  Anyone have them?  What do you have?  If you have both what do you prefer? 
 Pro Compression has the Marathon Socks (left) 40% off right if you have been looking to try them out or if you already love them!  The code is ACTIVE40.
I think I'd like the calf sleeves over the socks because I currently wear the Thorlos Experia Padded socks and I can't imagine switching to anything else at this point.  I wish the calf sleeves were on sale too, dammit!
If you are from the area Starlit Running Company (look them up on FB) is out of Joplin and they have a pretty good race schedule through the end of the year! For me, it's nice to be able to get up and run and then be home and not have to drive 2 hours or go to the city the night before for a run!  So I have 3 of these runs on my calendar so far, but I'm sure I'll throw a couple more on as they get closer!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It's going to be a great weekend, except Mother Nature is being her usually self and rain is in my forecast ALL.WEEKEND.LONG!! :-(