Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hodge Podge...

Hey Girls Hey!  This is going to be a Hodge Podge of information, so follow along and don't get your panties all twisted... and scroll all the way down for this week's Tuesday Truths - it's there!

Weekend Rewind - I went to Tulsa to meet up with some of my new favorite IRL friends, that also happen to blog!  I'm sure some most of you have already seen pictures on Holly and Aly's blogs, but I tried to pick some that they didn't post!

Headin' Out...these assholes didn't know how to use an ATM machine...
Group pic (minus Aly) before going to dinner!
This girl, Molly, is one of my new favorite people!  She is so fun, but needs to eat a few cookies!
Holly's Lemon Teeth... she may or may not have been pretty happy by this point!
Aly's impersonation of me...
and Molly's... I don't think I do these things?!
We found a girl that thought the "Leggings as Pants" idea was a good one...it wasn't!  Panty Lines!
And a cute, end of the night Bathroom Shot!  I love this one!
All in all the trip was great!  It was so nice to finally meet the people I called my "friends" in real life and they were everything I thought they would be!  I'm so excited for Blissdom to see them again!
Mean Muggin Monday is now in full effect!  Post your mean mugs on Instagram with the hashtag #meanmugginmonday (no g on the end of muggin).
The girls seem to think I mean mug all the time, but I keep telling them that's my normal look!  :-)  Yesterday I really was pissed because I forgot about an 8am meeting until my reminder went off at 7:45 and I was still at home getting dressed!  Oops!

My first #meanmugginmonday shot!
Pile On The Miles - Let's face it, I suck!  I didn't run at all last week.  Work is crazy busy and I really thought it'd be good to rest my hip.  So I'm still at 6.2 miles for the entire month!  That's so sad!  I'm still debating whether to run a 5K Thanksgiving morning or not, but I do have my next "official" run scheduled for Decemeber 1st in Wichita with Julie.  It's the Jingle Bell Run and it's a 4 miler - odd distance, but whatever! 

Bangs or No Bangs? That is the question... Molly seems to think I need to cut bangs (I think it's because she has bangs and wants a Bang Friend - not to be confused with a Friend to Bang)...  I posted this to my Home Girl last night and the concensus seems to be No Bangs.  Any good Bang supporters?
The 2 No Bang pictures are from the last couple months,
2 Bang pictures are from September 2008 after my wedding...
Tuesday Truths - I'm still feeling really good after my hormone injections last week!  And even better about the weight I've lost!  Down another 2.2 pounds this week (Thursday-Tuesday)!  What!? What!?

Starting Poundage - 179.4

Week 5 Poundage - 175.2

Total Poundage Lost - 4.2

Thanksgiving Linkup - Last, but not least!  I'm linking up with Holly for a Thanksgiving cheer!  Well, my video isn't really cheery, but hey it can't all be sunshine and flowers (or whatever that saying is)!

If you want to play along, hit the button below - that will take you to Holly's blog where you can get the deets!  You're welcome!
Until next time, Hookers!  Peace!


  1. Jealous that you got to meet up with everyone! And how does your mean mug look so cute?

  2. 1) I'm gonna vote bangs. Love you with bangs!


    2) Re-watch your video and I think you'll see that you do exactly what Aly and Molly are both doing in their impressions of you! Ha!

    Love ya.

  3. OMG! How much do I love you even more! This was cracking me up! I will send you an apple pie with a gallon of ice cream for you to take with you to the party! :)

  4. First of all- I do NOT need to eat more cookies. After this weekend, I need to lay off. And second- I'm not sure if we can be friends if you don't like pumpkin pie! Wtf?!

    Can't wait to have an IRL date soon, holla! Shopping in KC soon?! Yes please!

    You need to motivate me to get back to blogging. Must stop being lazy! Harass me please! K thanks!


  5. LOL set those bitches out earlier.... bahahahah i die.

  6. You play with your hair, A LOT! Aly and Molly are correct with their impersonations. But youre cute! Even when you are tired :)

  7. Seriously this is my fav vlog! lol you better hope his family doesn't watch haha

  8. Darci - bangs!

    Loved the Vlog. Too funny.

  9. The whole bit about hte Pres walking by and oo-ing and ah-ing over your hair totally cracked me up! And I thought it looked good, too! Wish I could get away w/o washing and styling mine daily! Thanks for linking up with Holly and me, happy Tgiving!

  10. I think I like the bangs!! But both ways look pretty ballin....

    Ugh I feel ya on the not sleeping due to kids....booooo should have relished sleeping well when I didn't have a toddler. :(

    Hope you have a fab turkey day and maybe get surprised with apple pie...that is my FAVORITE pie. :)

  11. omg, the girl in the leggings-pants. I saw that on IG and saw that Holly was tagged and thought it was her (no offense Holly I was just blaming it on booze). I was so confused because cream legging-pants didn't seem like her style.

  12. not to be confused with a friend to bang.....hahahahahahaha, i love it!

    new follower here! found you on instagram (I'm @mrsloyoung) through Holly. who knew the bloggin world was so small?!


  13. Love you pictures from Tulsa! I pretended I was there! :)
    Also love the mean muggin monday! I know I didn't take one...oops :)
    Have a great day! and Happy Thanksgiving girl!

  14. Way to go on the weight loss! Looks like you had fun on your trip!

  15. Crack my shit up! I am so happy that I found your blog through Holly's, and I am so glad that I watched your vlog. I was dying through the whole thing!

  16. Ahh... watching your vlog made me miss your bitchy, mean muggin ass. I love you!!!