Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weekend Rewind...

December Fit Challenges:
Who all joined Courtney's Holiday Weight Loss Challenge?
I've been planking for #merryplanksmas - are you?
Holiday Squat-A-Thon is in full swing - anyone want to compare buns in 25 days?
Wowza, my weekend started out oh so good and ended oh so bad - how does that happen?
I headed out early from work on Friday for Wichita to see one of my favorite girls ever, Julie!   Saturday morning we ran the Jingle Bell Run - this was Julie's first race/run and she did fabulous!  I just went at my pace and she was there every step for the entire 4 miles!  4 miles, isn't that an odd distance?  I liked the run overall and will probably do it again, but there were some parts that I liked and some that I was like WTF?

  • There were like 1500-1800 runners and there weren't start waves, resulting in a huge cluster F for the first mile or so.  After the first quarter mile you were on a little walking/running path along side the Arkansas River which was probably 8 foot wide and by not having start waves, I'm still unsure how somebody didn't end up in the water.
  • Strollers, Joggers and Double Joggers - seriously!?  I'm all for running with a kid in tow, but I think they seriously shouldn't have been allowed at this run considering the path.  I can't tell you how many times a double-wide would run past us forcing us off the paved path, only then 30 seconds later coming to a complete halt right in front of you, in the middle of the path, leaving you with no where to go.  It just so happened that these same double-wide Momma's were into interval training, you see where I'm going with this?  Over and over, over and over this occurred until we were probably 2.5 miles in and the double-wide must have gotten tired.  Ugh!
  • Water Stations - it was a 4 mile run.  I've only done 5Ks (3.1 miles) up until this run and there is always a water station half way through.  Well there was only one water station and it was at the 3 mile mark and I was dying (note to self carry own water)!  Then at the finish line, instead of volunteers with bottled water, Gatorade, banana's, etc. there was nothing in sight.  After meandering for a minute or so we saw a water "table" - table with Culligan water coolers.  Oh....too bad they ran out of cups! WTF? No bueno!
  • Free Massages!  There were two massager people available after the run to rub you out, but there was a huge line and I personally wasn't turned on by either of the massager people so I passed, but it was available which I thought was great!
  • Free Stretching!  Now, this I could get in to!  The chiropractor was H.O.T!  Probably mid to late 30's and handsome as hell!  He was doing stretching prior to the run, but with my hip issues I wanted a good post-stretch so I went on the hunt to see if he was still inside!  Much to my pleasure he was!  I waited in line as he stretched a 60 year old woman, then a 15 year old boy that had every problem in the world with some part of his body and didn't know what to do about it.  He used to be a long distance runner, but then switched to shorter distances and it just messed up some part of his body (he knew, but I can't remember where it was he was saying).  He didn't know if he should take a break because it was really hurting (I was really hurting too, for a little time with Doc Handsome) and should he ice and heat?  Ice then heat?  Heat then ice? Break in between the two?  Ice, heat one right after the other?  I was like Come the F on... Doc Handsome was even a little annoyed by the end of it... So finally, it was my turn - it went a little like this (yes, I'm completely inappropriate - especially in public):
    • Doc Handsome - Hi!
    • Me - Hey!  I was hoping you could help me, can you stretch my right hip out really good?
    • DH - Yeah, sure. 
    • At this point I was in process of laying on the table and had a ton of crap in my hands including a cup of water that I had finally snagged, and well I forgot there was still water in it and went to lay back and water spilt everywhere!  I'm so smooth.  I screamed, he laughed and cleaned it up.  I apologized and said I thought it was empty.
    • DH - So what's wrong with your hip?
    • Me - Oh, I have trouble with my leg lengths getting off then it messes with all the muscles in my hip and pulls them really tight or something - it just always hurts after I run.
    • So he starts stretching me out and making small talk... asks my name, where I'm from, if I'm married (oh yeah), if I had ran because I didn't look like it (double oh yeah! *note to everyone - always pull your hair down immediately after running, gives you a sexy/hot mess look).
    • Me (mid-stretch, loud scream b/c it really did hurt, but in a good way) - Oh, Uh, Ouch!
    • DH - Hey, you are going to scare everyone away by yelling!
    • Me - Well it hurts, I'd think that'd get you more takers though by screaming!  Uh, Oh!  Aaahhh....
    • DH (laughing) - Stop it!
    • Random Girl Walking By - Um...can I get what she's having?
    • Me - You totally should, He makes it Hurt So Gooood!
    • Me - See I told you I'd get your more girls... I mean patients? 
    • DH - Just laughed... still stretching, me inaapropriately moaning and screaming, and it feels awesome!
    • The session ended after about 10 minutes of bliss... and I didn't even get a picture of him!  Damn it!
    • Julie's sister, Shelly (who is the most proper and polite girl I know) was so enticed by my screaming and making a scene that she decided to give Doc Handsome a whirl too!  She resisted screaming, but I knew she wanted to and even told her to just let it go!  She laughed, Doc Handsome laughed and I gave him a wink!  After he was done with Shelly he asked if I wanted to "Go again!"  haha!  I laughed and said "I think I'm good, I'm going to go home and BioFreeze my ass now!  He laughed and said it was nice to meet me and I did the same!  The End...
Starting Line - Pre Run Pic!
The cluster F that was the Start Line...
Still a cluster F as we got on the actual path...
Mile Markers!
Lots of Runners dressed in costume and there were awards for the best costume!
Shelly and Julie - such cute sisters!
Finish Line!  Shelly kicked our tails running it in 37 minutes, while Julie and I finished at 47 minutes!
After the run, we went to the cutest little sandwhich/pub place, called Artichoke and had a light lunch!  Then Julie and I headed to the mall for pedicures (which sucked) and I did a little Christmas shopping!  An afternoon nap, then we headed out to Larry Bud's to watch the K-State game.  I'm so not into football, but Julie's fiance, Chris, played football at K-State so I guess they are big on it!  :-)  I loved the bar we went to, it was a sports bar with huge tables and comfy chairs.  It was so chill - well except for the two strippers-in-making that were celebrating a birthday in their tight, mini dresses and climbing on tables... I was secretly jealous, of course I wanted to be the skinny, drunk girl like back in the day!  :-(
Excited for Football...
Sunday morning I got up and headed out for the 2.5 hour drive back to SEK!  After two evenings involving alcohol I felt so bloated, see Exhibit A.  Yuck!  I picked up Jack in Columbus on my way home and we headed to Walmart and did some grocery shopping, then we were homeward bound!

We went from the first picture below of our smiling "We Survived Walmart" picture, to the second picture of my poor boy being brought down by the FLU in a matter of seriously 5 minutes.  As soon as we walked in the door at home Jack barfed, chocolate stuff, all over the living room floor!  He continued to throw up every hour or so until all he could do was dry-heave until about 9pm... he slept in between every visit to his little trash can which is so unlike him so we knew he wasn't feeling good!

"We Survived Walmart!"
Flu Bug's Suck...
Lastly, we jumped on the "Elf on the Shelf" bandwagon this year!  I'd like to introduce you to Jack's Elf... Mr. Jack-Elf!  One name, Jack-Elf - no last name.  Jack named him all on his own (obviously)!  Here's to hoping this Momma can remember to move this damn thing every night!

Mr. Jack-Elf
Jack also had his first wrestling practice last night, but I had Bunko so I didn't get to go and The Husband didn't take any pictures (of course) to document the occasion!  Boo...  On a positive note, I won 50 dolla's at Bunko!  It was intense - it came down to a "Roll Off" but I prevailed!  What!?  What!?

Last Item - I'm going to do my "Santa Pic Fail" Link Up early next week!  I'll keep everyone posted, so you have the weekend to dig out your old photos and get them scanned in to your computer!




  1. you were in should have driven a little farther to Memphis!! I loooooove the convo with DH. sounds great. :)

  2. You crack me up. I totally would have had inappropriatecconversation with Doc Handsome too.
    I am not a football person either. My husband is one of those stands-up-screaming-at-the-TV fans. I don't get it...

  3. I love handsome Doctors. I have one. I probably go more often than I should. A $20 co pay to look at that face? Yes please. Also, Glad you are in on our challenge!! Can you believe how big the pot has gotten?!

  4. Bahahaha. I just love you. We had rolls last night and I will never look at them without picturing you dropping the F bomb at thanksgiving for them to hurry up.

    I am also sad you didn't get a doctor picture. Especially after you tried to give him a free wet tshirt contest show!

  5. I just got a little excited bc k-state is here (kent state) and then Columbus is 2.5 hours away. All in Ohio, but wishful thinking bc I saw the above poster said Arkansas!

  6. Your encounter with Doc Handsome is too funny! I want to do a run with you!

    Also, can you explain the Holiday Squat-a-thon? I've been sick the last week, and I missed all these fun challenges! Still trying to decide if I want to do the Holiday weight loss bet! I think I might do it probably maybe!

  7. I am ready for the Santa linkup... Let me know when I can pimp it out!! :)

  8. I entered the Holiday weight loss challenge. Trying to keep up with #merryplankmas but it's killing me.

  9. I need to come run with you and get a good 'stretch' afterwards!