Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Jillian Michaels

Day 1 Level 1 of 30DS Complete!

Only 29 More To Go!!

Who else is participating in the challenge!?!? Let's motivate each other!!

xoxo Darci

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  1. Darci... How did I not know about this blog? Are you going to consolidate with your other one?

    And cheers to you because you just finished DAY 2, lady! Only 28 days to go and then we can binge on some Halloween goodies with the kiddos.

    1. Holly! You did know, silly girl! I gave it to you when I first emailed you way back when! Ha.

      Anyway, yes. At the first of the year I'm going to start bringing my "family" one over to this one. I print my blog into a book at the end of every year so I wanted to keep the family one up until then so ill have the full year for my book.

      It's tough keeping up with two! And I feel like this one has given me a fresh start so I want to continue with it.