Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daily Themes...

I've been trying to find a way to post something at least once a day (M-F)!  So I think I'm going to do "theme" days!  Ha!  This way I at least have some structure!  Of course, I'll still do normal posts as well as appropriate!

These are the themes I've come up with so far!  *Disclaimer - Some Most of these I've seen other people do and I'm just stealing borrowing their fabulous ideas!

Monday: "Weekend Rewind" -  Since I lead such an exciting and fabulous life, I figured I'd recap my weekends on Mondays!

Tuesday: "Tuesday Truths"  - Tuesday is going to be my weigh-in days, then tell all the truths about what I did right and wrong the previous week and probably vent/rant too about how much I hate JM!

Wednesday: "Wordless Wednesday" - My friend in real life (since 6th grade), Chelse, gave me this idea.  Pictures only!

Thursday: "Obsessed" - I am a recovering "Online Shopping Addict" or OSA as I like to call it, BUT I still spend plenty of time surfing the world wide net or Safari - whatever - and I'm always finding new things to be obsessed with!  From Clothes to Shoes and Food to Social Networking and everything in between!

Friday: "Friday Letters" - Aly did a "Friday Letters" post a few weeks back and I loved the idea!  And since I have plenty of things to bitch about and annoy me letters to write, I figured it would be perfect!

I know you are excited! No?  Well, why the hell not?  I am!


  1. Just found your blog from Holly's blog. You are hilarious and I look forward to reading your posts! Another mama trying to get fit - that's me!

    1. Hi Tanya! Yay! Thanks for reading! I think I'm funny too! My husband, not so much! He always says just because I laugh at myself doesn't make me funny! Haha! I think it does! Stick around, it should be a fun ride!