Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Rewind...

Monday is O.V.E.R, thank goodness! 
Before I get to the Weekend Rewind, did y'all notice I was a featured sponsor over on Holly's blog Where We Can Live Like Jack & Sally?  No, you hadn't noticed?  Well go check my out, bitches!  I love Holly!  We are both married to dudes named Chris and our boys are months apart and our girls are months apart!  We are destined to be besties!  :-)  And if you found me through Holly, thanks for reading!  Stick around and FOLLOW me!  Work is bat shit crazy right now, so I'm slacking a little on keeping the blog up, but I'll pick back up as things calm down!
Next, at girls night last week one of the ladies bought these super cute Cookie Monsters for us to take home to all the kiddos!  Aren't they adorable?  The most funny thing was that when I put the picture on Instagram (follow me - @darci_spear), tons of people started commenting on how cute they were and did I make them, what had I done with the "real" Darci... those that know me in real life or have followed for awhile you know that I DON'T BAKE!  Those bitches were off their rockers!  But aren't they ADORABLE!  And they were O...SO...GOOD!
All the Cookie Monsters
Jack's Cookie Monster

Ok, now on to the actual weekend!  Friday afternoon I got a call from my back-up husband, Greg, (oh, Gregory - that's a whole other story and post, but he is one of Chris' best friends and he was a groomsmen in our wedding) and he invited us over for a steak dinner at his house.  I love his girlfriend, Amanda, and they both love our kids so it works out perfect to do dinners with them.  They don't have kids and they say they never will (and I'm starting to believe them), but they are the most fun non-parent friend couple we have and never mind our children tagging along! Jack ran around like a Monkey on Crack and somehow ended up spending the majority of the evening wrestling Greg in his "Football Underpanties" and sneaking in the occasional full moons - you know what I mean!  Norah just chilled and squealed and giggled.  It was a great evening all in all and the steaks were delish!
Saturday was Pitt State Homecoming!  Go-Rillas!  The day is jammed pack with activities, starting with the 2 hour long homecoming parade.  We met up with one of my friends, Fallyne, and her little boy Camden!  This was the first time the boys have been around each other since they were babies and it was so cute to watch them play and interact!  They both got a shit ton of candy and loved waving at all the people!

Cam and Jack waiting on the candy

Bean was there too, she chilled in her stroller just takin' everything in for the most part.  Fallyne couldn't resist the cuteness and had to get her fill of baby snuggles at one point so Norah was released from her cage for awhile!

Norah sportin' her Pitt State Zebra Bow
Hoo-Hoo You Lookin' @!  A local lady makes the hats for $10/each and she will do whatever you want.  Email or comment if you want her info!  She is making me 5 hats for Christmas gifts for the kids and their cousins!

After the parade we came home and let Bean take a nap and then headed back to the stadium for a little tailgate lunch.  The company I work for always has a huge tent and grill at every home football game and they feed anyone and everyone that stops by, so we usually go down and mingle and eat the best cheeseburgers in town - no lie!

After lunch, we made a quick trip to the mall shopping center that we call a mall and I bought 2 new pairs of jeans (more on that in tomorrow's post) and then we made a stop by the Sporting Good's store to pick up a hunting blind and stools for my two guys.  I took the picture below while waiting on said guys; I was sitting in the backseat of my car in Jack's chair while tryinig to entertain a fussy Norah!

After another quick nap for Bean we were off to a fish fry at our friend's house!  The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast!  Jack 4-wheeled his ass off until the first battery died, and then the second battery died!  Ha!  Then Jack and Tatum watched a little Lion King in her bedroom - already hangin' out in a girl's bedroom at 3 years old!  Tatum is a total cutie, too bad she stands a good 4-5 inches taller than Jack!  :-(

4-Wheelin' Fool
Jack and Tatum
Sunday rolled around and I spent the day with my little beauty, while Chris took Jack on his very first Deer Hunt!
Such a happy girl
Headed Out to go Huntin'
Back home, Norah and I went for a little afternoon jog - I normally don't take her on runs since I run over my lunch hour 95% of the time and I have to say...she totally killed my pace!  Ha!  But taking her with me was so worth it!
And while us girls were gettin' our workout on...Jack was gettin' his snooze on in the hunting blind!  Ha!
The last little funny tidbit I will add is that Chris sent me the following text after Jack woke up from his nap "Just had to walk him downwind so he could poop!" ...

Now, who can beat that!  Haha!  Have a great week!


  1. I was one of those people asking if you made the cupcakes... sometimes you even surprise us, Darci. :)

    And I totally laughed at 4am in bed, out loud, with my whole family asleep when I read your comment on my vlog. You don't use a curling iron?? I am dying.

  2. Replies
    1. Shelli! I've missed you! I thought maybe we weren't friends anymore because I know you don't understand tattooing your kids birthdate on your body and I have Jack's on my foot! Haha.

      The cookies came from Harp's if you have one of those around you! The closest one to me is in Joplin so I haven't been yet, but I've heard the bakery is amazing! By I've also heard its kind of pricey.

  3. Sounds like a jammed packed weekend of fun! I can't wait til I can take Eliana on jogs. It DOES seem we were destined to be blog-besties! :)

  4. Where did you get the Pitt bow? So cute.

    And can I have the info for your hat lady? So cute!

    1. Hey! The bow came from C & K Hairbows - find them on Facebook, it's two gals out of St. Paul.

      Charla Selix makes the hats, she is out of Joplin - find her on Facebook, Cutie Crochet or her direct email is tell her I sent you! :-)

  5. I love your blog!! You are hilarious! I can bake but not put things together like those creative monsters! No damn creative bone in this mama!

    1. Hi Karie! Thanks for stopping by! I can dream up some creative things in my head, but I dot like to execute them! I'd rather pay someone else! Ha.