Monday, October 1, 2012

Panther Pursuit 5K...

I participated and completed my very first 5K this past Saturday back home in C-Town with one of my good girlfriends from high school, Jayci!

I'm hoping for a different mix of people though on my next 5K, since it was sponsored by the Community Collge most of the participants were 18-20 years old and athletes.  The entire baseball, track and field and men's basketball teams ran...yeah, not fun!  Ha!  But I stuck to my pace and was determined not to walk one single step and I DIDN'T!  Go me!  Jayci stuck with me the entire way, even as the girls in her running group past us on the second half when we were still a good 1/4 mile from the halfway point, she is such a good friend!  I even told her to go at one point, but she said no!

Here are some pictures to document the day!

Beautiful sunrise on the early morning drive to Chanute
Some of the runners waiting to get their booty's movin'
Me and Jayci Pre-Race
Running...a little over a mile in
Finish Line
Post Race Pic
Race TShirt and Number
After the race Jack and I went downtown and enjoyed the Artist Alley festivities and watched the parade!  It was a great day indeed!
My next race/run (because I don't really consider them races - well I'm not racing anyway) is in November - Turkey Trot here I come!

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  1. AWESOME girl. Congrats. The Turkey Trot sounds super fun. I have my first Half Marathon on Sunday and I am SUPER stoked.