Monday, October 29, 2012

I Wore What?!...

Hey! Hey! Hey!

It's Monday, but instead of the normal Weekend Rewind post I'm linking up with the adorable Aly over at analyze THIS for a fashion flashback!  When it comes to fashion I like to think I've always been a fairly stylish, trendy gal, but from the pictures I'm about to expose to the world - I obviously wasn't fashionable until I started purchasing my own clothing!  Oy Vey! I should slap my Momma for some of these outfits - just kidding...kind of...

Here we go... listed in an "increasingly horrible" order...

Exhibit A
I can't tell if that's tape on my Huge Red Glasses or the tag...
either way I love my curly mullet and hanes sweats,
but can anyone tell me why I'm mowing the laminate floor?
Exhibit B
Again with the hair!  Mom!  And horizontal stripes...EVERYWHERE?!
Repeat after me ladies, "Horizontal stripes are NOT my friend!  Horizontal stripes are NOT my friend!"
This applies at any and all ages..always!
Exhibit C
I honestly don't know where to start...
10 minutes later... I have no words...
Another 10 minutes later...
The hair, the scrunci, the glasses, the monochromatic HOT PINK...
Oh and don't forget the ass in the back giving me bunny ears...
doesn't that just top off the whole disasterous look?

I shared mine, now YOU share yours and head on over to analyze THIS and link up!  You can click the button below and get automatically redirected - now you have ZERO excuse!



  1. Haha, the scrunchie?! I die. It totally was a staple to every young girls wardrobe in the 80's.

  2. Hysterical. I like the horizontal dress:)

  3. You've had LCG curls your whole life! And it's almost like oyu are lighter skin now because I didn't even know that was you in the last photo. I am loving the hot pink scrunchie on top of your head!! :)

  4. I can't help but think that moms probably dressed us up ridiculously for their sole amusement! Love the red frames. Tre chic!ha ;)

  5. Girl, you rocked that scrunchie and oversized pink shirt. Nailed it! ;)