Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So What! Wednesday...

I'm linking up for "So What! Wednesday"  for the first time and writing a second post today - two in one, I must really love you Shady Ladies!

Here goes nothin'...
  • So what if I have a big ass, loud as hell FAN in my office.  Maybe if the heater wasn't turned on when it's 80 effin' degrees outside I wouldn't need it, ever think of that Mr. Maintenance Man?
  • So what if I took a 2 hour lunch today.
  • So what if I would rather lay in my bed minus the husband watching Channing Tatum dance around in a G-String! 
  • So what if we have to bribe Jack with a new toy EVERY.SINGLE.DAY in order to get him to sleep in his bed.
  • So what if having "The Mama Laughlin" start following me on Instagram yesterday made my day!
  • So what if I have to restart the 30 Day Shred again and again before I actually make it to Level 2 (let alone all 30 damn days), but tonight I start again because I love Holly, she is awesome and I want to do 30DS with her!  Fingers crossed I make it to Level 2 this go around!
  • So what if my 3 year old son wants to wear 1) Cowboy Boots or 2) Rubber Rain Boots every day of the week, with every outfit he owns.  He is cute enough, he can pull it off!
  • So what if Norah still sleeps in a Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper at 9 months old, she has only crawled off fell out once and she is still kickin'!  She loves that thing and this Momma loves sleep, so we do what works!
  • So what if I wear dresses and heels everyday to work, you jealous biotches at the office need to find somewhere to go, yo!
There you have it!  Wow!  I like SWW - it's like a venting session!  This might have to become a regular link up!

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So What Wednesday


  1. I have a confession... I have started The Shred more times than I can count and I haven't made it to Level 2 a single time! :/ But if you're down, and Holly's down... I better get my fat ass in gear and lose some inches. Your 30th is in January and mine is in August - MILFs by 30 baby!

    And I'm totes jealous that Mama L started following you on Instagram - holla! :)

    1. Nancy! You must shred with us! Holly is already a day behind! I did it last night? Did you?

  2. I can't start The Shred until tonight... because I gave away my last copy when I finished that bitch last time. So I am going to buy it tonight and start... 4 weeks until Thanksgiving... and Big Holly can't look like the family ham!!

    1. Well dang, girl! You are a day behind! But I'm sure there will be a day that I don't manage to accomplish it. I'm actually thinking about tryin to do it in the mornings, but I oh so love my sleet sleep! Haha.