Tuesday, December 24, 2013


My friend, and running machine, Jodi emailed me this past weekend and wanted help in spreading the word in "Blogland" about a family from her hometown...The Olson's.  Most of what is below is from Jodi's blog or her friend, Robin's blog.

"As I sit here this snowy, cold and rather typical ND day, everything looks normal in our local communities.  It’s Christmas time, people are making their Christmas plans, enjoying time with their family and/or friends and even anticipating family and friends coming home for Christmas, or themselves being the travelers this year.  It’s all just as it should be…

Unfortunately, as we are all embracing the Christmas spirit, our communities are once again finding ourselves surrounded in sadness, tragedy and heartbreak…and once again Robin and I see our communities rallying around one another and offering up so many prayers, acts of kindness, love and support for families whose lives have quickly changed forever.

A quick recap for those of you not familiar with what is going on in our communities, on Thursday The Olson Family (Ron {father and Pastor}, Michelle {mom}, and Maija {10yo daughter} from here in Bowman, ND were involved in a head-on collision that resulted in injuries to all of them.  I do not know the injuries sustained by the other 2 people involved in the accident, but please lift them and their family and friends up in your prayers too.  You can read about The Olson’s and their journey on their CaringBridge site here.

This story touches Robin’s heart deeply as her girls go to the Methodist Church where Pastor Ron and the family worship. Robin has a beautiful way of writing and I urge you to please go read more about this on Robin’s blog TheWayILive.net under Prayers Needed This Christmas.

When Maija was told that people were praying for her, she wanted to know how many.  So, Robin came up with a fun great way to show love and support for the Olson Family and you can read about that here.

My hearts for Maija and her family

I would also like to reach out to my fellow blogger friends and ask you to please consider sharing this story on your blogs to help us bring many more hearts Maija’s way and to keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  Robin and I would greatly appreciate your support to reach as many places in this world that we can…TOGETHER…to all make a difference in the lives of this family. {Please and thank you!! :)}

If you feel it in your heart this Christmas Eve, head on over to Maija's Facebook page and post your #heartsonhandsfortheolsons picture!  Heck, post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your blog, wherever!
Merry Christmas Eve, Friends! 

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  1. We cannot thank you enough for sharing this story. Thank YOU for finding it in your heart to help us spread the word. Merry Christmas to you and yours!