Friday, December 13, 2013

Word Vomit...

[one] Bloglovin is being a total Bitch today!  I can't see anything, it's jacked to Jesus up!  Anyone else or am I being singled out and punished?  I saw something flash across my screen about Bloglovin does not support this web browser I don't even know what that means!?

[two] My screens are bigger than yours!  It's probably only cool if you are a numbers nerd like me...

[three] I'm on the verge of a huge Freak The Fuck Out episode if our Christmas Cards don't get their slow asses to my mailbox today...stay tuned, it could get ugly!

[four] I'm officially adding the following to my Christmas List that I'm not getting this year...

[five] I need to host a Cute Sweater Contest!  I don't do Ugly stuff and I want to win, dammit!


Filthy Animal Sweatshirt from Ruffles With Love!

[six] Our Corporate Christmas Party is this weekend and I can't decide what to wear...
 Right - Hazel & Olive Boutique (no longer available)
Right - Hazel & Olive Boutique (no longer available)
 Left - Hazel & Olive Boutique (no longer available)
[seven] If you still wanted to get NAKED for Christmas use "Stronglyfeminine15" at checkout and receive 15% off your entire order!  Holla!
[eight] Do yourself a favor and goo check out Strawberry Hill Boutique!  It's a new online children's boutique and their stuff is Oh-So-Cute!  Little Norah Jane will be modeling her new Strawberry Hill Christmas Marabou Dress next week on the blog too!  I know you don't want to miss that!  Use "HOLIDAY" at checkout and get 15% off your order! 


  1. Oh I cannot stand bloglovin. It hates me. Try feedly. It's my new BFF since google reader ended. Love the Christmas Sweater!

  2. I had to switch to Google Chrome when reading Bloglovin' cause my computer was saying the same thing! I love your filthy animal sweater! :)

  3. Love your Xmas sweater! And all of those options are amazing! :)

  4. Blog loving sucks, always has!!
    That new Naked 3 had better be under the tree for me, or I may just freak the fuck out!