Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eeek! Fresh Look...

Morning Fools! 

What day is it!?  Hump Day!  No, really, what day is it!?  I have been running (not literally) wild lately between work and the holidays that I honestly keep losing track of my days!  It's awful, but I really do love enjoy my job so I shouldn't complain...but of course I do, all over FaceBook and Instagram! #sorryimnotsorry

I wanted to get a quick post up today and officially introduce everyone to my new AMAZING blog design by Jessica from Diamond Doll Design! She also happens to blog over at My Beatles Babies too, she seems pretty rad if you ask me!  If you are looking for a fresh face lift for your blog that doesn't look like everyone else, she's your girl!  She seemed to take the first email I sent her and knew exactly what fit me!  Love!  She made me a new grab button too, you better grab it!  Like now!

I've said it before and I know I will say it again, I'm a blog loserette lately! Sorry!  I've been keeping a list of posts I need to do (more to document for me) so I thought I'd just share that list!  You know, give y'all something to look forward too!
  • Chicago Girls Trip (such a good time!)
  • Pink Concert (uh-mazing!)
  • Route 66 Half Marathon (horrible!)
  • Thanksgiving (meh!)
  • Dirty 30 Update (original post here, first update here)
  • Where I'm at with all this Fitness (stuck!)
  • Guest Posts (yay!)
I hear work calling! I promise to be back soon! 

Love You B Faces!


  1. Love the new look! I'm looking into getting mine redone soon too. Once I get some cash money. Ha!

  2. Your new blog design is fabulous!! Yay you! And I feel you on just not having the time to blog as much . . . the holiday and end of year craziness is in full swing! You'll get through - happy thoughts to you!

  3. The blog looks FABULOUS!!! AND....I cannot wait to read the Chicago post!! ;o) Love you!

  4. I do love your new design!! And have missed your posts! Don't burn yourself out for the holidays!! :)

  5. Looks great...now get back to work. Lol

  6. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It looks great! Love the colors!! Miss you!!

  8. So stinking cute! Love the new page!!!

  9. So stinking cute! Love it!!! Since I've made a blog account, I guess I need to start writing! :)

  10. About damn time you come back! lol Hi this is the pot calling the kettle black....