Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Strawberry Hill...

Can we talk about little Miss Norah Jane for a minute?  This girl is a total diva; has an opinion about everything and isn't shy to let her displeasure known.  She is strong willed and relentless, it's her way or the highway... and I love every minute of it!  I love that she knows what she wants and is really honing her manipulative skills well so that the also GETS what she wants, like all the time!
My most favorite thing about her though, and I think she get it from her Momma, is her passion for FASHION!  Whether it's hair accessories, clothes, shoes, jewelry or purses...she loves it and I love it even more!  

I swear she was born with a bow on her head!  First thing in the morning when I get her up she screams "Bow! Bow! Bow!" and points to the frame with all her bows!  She loves having her hair done, she just sits and lets you do just about whatever you want!  So awesome!

Whether she is rocking a baby bikini, her jams or just a diaper...she will always still have a bow in her hair!  Her winter fashion love is all boots!  Boots with everything!
I might be a "mean" mom, but I refuse to dress my kids like babies.  I hate it!  I want them to look like adults, just smaller!  So it's hard to find good, quality clothes for kids that are stylish and don't have a freaking animated princess on them...this is where Strawberry Hill comes in!
Strawberry Hill is a new online children's boutique that we just LOVE!  Here is what Caitrin, Strawberry Hill owner, said about the boutique...
"Strawberry Hill transpired after many late-night conversations with my husband that typically started with "what if...?" I wanted to create a place that combined two things very important to my heart: kids and fashion. I hope to reflect that love and passion to our customers by offering fun, quality clothing that kids and parents alike can enjoy!"
First, I wish I had half the balls Caitrin does because I would do the exact same thing!  So you go, Girl!  Norah's first Strawberry Hill item was the Christmas Marabous Dress!  I mean, it doesn't get much more precious that this!

The dress is amazingly soft!  The hem is to die for, it has just enough twist and form to make the skirt stand out and almost dance with movement!  A red and white flower lies off-centered at the empire hemline and is the perfect pop to make this dress a stand-out!
Norah insisted on the leopard boots and bow, total diva move, the boots were a gift and the bow came from who knows where, sorry!
I bought the Hallie Dress for my niece as part of her Christmas present!  If they would have had Norah's size, she would have received it too!  It's so adorable!
Norah is getting these adorable Heart Jeggings and super cute Whale Top as one of her gifts though! Note: The Whale Top is about as far as I go with cartoon, animal, princess stuff!  Eek!  #meanmom
If you have a little girl in your life that is a fashionista like Norah, then I really suggest you go take a look at Strawberry Hill because you will Fall In Love!
Right now, use "HOLIDAY" at checkout to receive 15% off your entire order! Also, make sure you "like" Strawberry Hill Boutique on Facebook or find them on Instagram @strawberryhillkids to see the newest arrivals and current promotions!


  1. I am really hoping bebe A is a little girlier then her big sister!
    I cant pay Marissa to let me do her hair... and I have tried. tomorrow afternoon she is getting a haircut and I have already stocked my purse with fruit snacks, suckers, and quarters in hopes that it will bide the stylist enough time to trim her bangs and take off a couple inches!
    and the only time she will wear a dress is if its 88 degrees or hotter out! and she will still run the other way screaming that she just wants to be naked!

  2. I do not allow anyone to buy our kids clothes w/ characters on them! Ick!!! I finally gave in on jammies, but they aren't allowed to wear those to school for pj day EVER! So pukey!!

  3. I agree per our convo. Lol.
    Your mini-Darci as I call her is adorable as always. Such a doll.