Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All I Want 4 Christmas...

Chris and I decided not to exchange gifts this year; this will be a first for us!  We usually spend an ungodly, stupid-dumb amount of money on gifts for each other - this year we just decided that our new furniture would serve as our Christmas gift to each other.

But what girl doesn't like to make a Christmas List?  None that I know...and I'm no different!  Like y'all really expected anything less!?  I guess if anyone would like to get me a gift for being your favorite Internet friend, at least you'll know what I like, right?!  *disclaimer: that was a total joke!
All I Want 4 Christmas Is...
 Hazel & Olive Gift Card!  Any amount will do!
 Danskin Ultra Thin No-Show Socks!  These are the BEST socks for everyday!
 Advocare Spark!  Fruit Punch is my favorite!
Ruffles With Love Hoodie! Size Large...
What is on your Christmas List this year?!


  1. Did you copy my Christmas list. Lol. Ever since I saw Lori's snuggle I want one. Lol. So yes you can get me everything on this list too. Lol

  2. Ray and I only do stocking stuffers. I get so excited, because I get altoids, gum and sour patch kids....all my favs! Plus a few other things, that go way over our $50 limit! :) I figure we spend enough on ourselves, throughout the year, so we don't really need anything anyway!
    I have that snuggie....I think you were asleep when I was modeling it, in Chicago! ;-) xoxo

  3. I could basically just copy this list, lol

  4. Yes to a snuggie!! I may just get Jason one!! Lol!