Monday, December 9, 2013

Confession Continued...

Last night I posted this on my Instagram feed...

So the truth is, running hasn't been fun for me lately.  Even while half-ass training for the Route 66 Half I just wasn't feeling it, my body wasn't feeling it either.  I could sit and make excuses all day long; work is so busy, The Husband is traveling non-stop, the kids are driving me crazy, etc. etc. etc. but really, that's not going to get me anywhere, right!?

In the last 2 weeks I've done NOTHING but work, be Mom and eat my weight in all things delicious and horrible!  We all know I have a history with FOOD and I know that it's my main struggle, the one thing that holds me back from truly being "healthy"...ugh! I know it's partly my fault, I don't know how to cook want to cook, I don't know anything about what food is good or not - other than the basic shit, I  have zero interest in foods that are good for you 90% of the time, I tend have a HUGE lack of portion control...bottom line, I LOVE shit food!  Fast Food!  Mexican Food!  Chinese Food!  And Diet Dr. Pepper, don't even get me started on my love for that deliciousness in a can!  Mmm...

What am I going to do about it!?  Well I always do better and stay the most motivated when I have a plan, so here it is!

I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of Hayley's from Four Fit Sisters next 30 day challenge!  Perfect timing!  The challenge starts on December 15th and runs through January 14th!  I'm really hoping I can learn more about food and nutrition form Hayley since this is where I suck the most!  If you haven't yet checked out Hayley or the Four Fit Sisters you should!  They are all super motivating and amazing!  So this challenge is Step One!

You can find Hayley on FaceBook HERE or on Instagram @haley_fourfitsisters !!
Step Two involves a relatively short term goal, or actually 3 short term goals.  They are all off my Dirty Thirty list: Fit into my wedding dress, get to my pre-pregnancy weight and run three 10k's.  I've ran one 10k already and I think I have The Husband convinced to run one with me on my birthday weekend in KC!  It's the Groundhog Run and I ran it last year too!  It's in these man made underground cave things!  It's kind of cool, but kind of not!  Eek!  We shall see how close I get to my pre-pregnancy weight and fitting into my wedding dress...I'm not going to lie, this probably won't happen!

Step 3 is a little bit of a longer term goal, run the Rock The Parkway half marathon in KC in April and then we've already signed up for the KS Tough Mudder again in May!  Yay!

That's my little plan to help stay motivated through the winter since we all know that when it's cold outside, all we want to do is sit in our PJs in front of the fire and veg-out!  Eeks!
Also, don't forget to go enter the NAKED Fruit Baby It's Cold Outside...So Let's Get Naked Giveaway here!  It's open until Midnight Wednesday and I will be announcing the winner Thursday!  Also, while you are over checking out their website use code "Stronglyfeminine15" at checkout to get 15% off your entire order!  NAKED ships nationwide so you don't have to be local to enjoy their delicious fruit! You MUST use Rafflecopter to get entered into the giveaway!  Just use your email address to log in, you don't have to be a blogger to enter/win!
Happy Monday!  Anyone else in the area going to run the Groundhog Run, Rock The Parkway or do the Tough Mudder?!  Let me know!  We will have to meet up!


  1. way to get back on track lovie!!!! I am so jealous that you won that thing, I could definitely use some of that. Food is the worst part of all this weight loss business, why do they have to make it so damn good?!?

  2. Damn all the yummy sassy food. I hear ya. It's tough and it sucks.
    Good for you for setting up some runs to keep you motivated:)
    You'll get there girl.
    And entered for the giveaway. Thanks for the reminder:)

  3. Oh my god, you sound exactly like me when it comes to food! I love shit, I can't and don't want to cook, and salads can fuck off!!

  4. I can really relate to a lot of things you said in this post in regards to your relationship with food. I'm totally there with you. I don't love healthy food, and I constantly crave bad food. The past two weeks I completely binged on all the bad things, and I'm trying to make up for it by eating even a tad healthier the next few weeks. But it's so not fun. :(

  5. I'm totally doing those races too!!!!! Only I'm doing Rock the parkway 5k!

  6. Dan and I are doing the Warrior Dash in Apr. we are also running in the caves this weekend, it's only a 5k though.