Monday, December 16, 2013

Mother F...

Somehow not only ONE, but TWO of the hospitals in the area got my direct office line at work and their fax machines keep calling me!  I'm going to flip shit and junk punch someone!  F!

Our weekend was great, quick as always, but great!  I finally wrapped a little more then half of our presents and the other half are still coming in the mail this week, definitely thinking bags are the way to go for the rest!  Does anyone really enjoy wrapping gifts?  I was excited for the first like three then I was immediately thinking when the hell is this shit going to be over!?  Ugh!  My craftiness takes a major downhill slide about 5 gifts in!   Screw the bows and shit, just but it in a decorative box!  Then comes the huge shit that no roll of wrapping paper in the world can cover, those really piss me off! I do however like how they look under the tree once I'm done! 

Today is going to be my first time back in the gym, or working out period, since the half three F'n weeks ago!  I'm going to go to step class over lunch and then possible do a video tonight depending on how annoying the rugrats are!  #sorryimnotsorry

This week should be rather chill at work so I'm hoping to get to the gym over lunch every single day!  FML!  We might as well start taking bets now on how many of the 5 days I actually make it.  I already know I won't go Friday because we have a holiday party that night and I don't want to look like a hot mess!  Speaking of holiday parties, who loves them?  I love like maybe half of the ones we go too!  The work ones are always less than stellar, I have to take my own bottle of vodka just to survive.. hence why I didn't accomplish my planned workout yesterday!  Eek!  I love me some good vodka, I just can't convince it to like me!

I'm working on my work out/training plan for the next few months, if I write it down and put it on my wall at work I seem to stay half-assed motivated which is better than nothing, right!?

I think I'm done bitching for now!  F!  Oh, anyone going to the Chiefs game this Sunday in KC?!  I will be there, along with my favorite Molly who used to blog and some of her friends!  It should be a good time minus the fucking cold if you will be there holla at your girl, yo!

I just realized this is like the first post EVER with zero pictures!  Eek!


  1. Good luck getting to the gym this week!

  2. I hate wrapping gifts too!!
    Did they ever stop faxing you?
    How was the gym?

  3. Decorative boxes/gift bags for the win.