Thursday, December 19, 2013

She Definitely Get It From Her Momma...

I don't claim the title Fashion Blogger but I would if I could and had the time, those girls Blog So Hard and more power to them, I'm jealous of them in all reality...but alas, I'm just a Girl turned Mom that has a huge SHOPPING problem!  I try to be stylish, look cute and make all my women coworkers hate me even more and luckily I've got my go-to online boutiques that keep my closest overflowing with options!  Yay!
One of my favorites is Pink Slate Boutique!  Sunny and Amber are two of the nicest, hard-working, kicking ass in the fitness game girls I know...they also happen to be the owners of Pink Slate!  Eek!  The prices are awesome and the shipping is FAST!
 Do y'all remember this Cozy Colorblock Party Scarf from my Christmas List?  Well Christmas came a bit early this year!  The scarf is even better in person, it's SO soft and the pattern on the inside is checkered so when you wrap it you basically get at least 4 different color combos and patterns!  LOVE!
 I paired the scarf with a Long Sleeve Piko Top and Charcoal Warm Winter Fleece Lined Leggings! Work appropriate and oh so comfy!
Pink Slate's So Chic Shift Dress is another favorite!  The fit is comfortable, but the neckline and slight poof sleeve gives the dress a dressy feel!  I'm in a Large, but if it weren't for these boobs, definitely could have done a Medium.
 I'm wearing the Sienna Top today!  Oh my, I could live in this shirt! Currently Unavailable
 Here are a few more Pink Slate Items on my Wish List!
 Snowed In Leggings!  Multiple colors and a steal at only $12!
 Perfect Details Cardigan!  Available in Black or Gray! Love the suede elbow patches!  Eek!
I hope you love Pink Slate Boutique as much as I do!  Enjoy 20% Off Your Entire Order Using "STRONGLYFEMININE" at checkout!  Love You, B Faces!

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