Monday, November 25, 2013

Darci's Favorite Things: Fitness Edition...

Darci's Favorite Things: Fitness Edition!

I'm going to make this pretty easy, starting at the top and working my way down...if you know what I mean! 
These are the best headbands if you are a sweat hog like myself!  They can be worn wider or more narrow, the material actually wicks the sweat!  Amazing!  There are tons of different designs and colors!  They also have great sales, otherwise they can be a bit pricey, usually buy 3 get 2 free!

Anyone that runs or works out knows how important MUSIC is and I like my music LOUD!  The urBeats ear buds from Beats by Dre are honestly the best ear buds I've ever used, the sound is clear, the bass is awesome and the volume gets LOUD!

A great sports bra can make or break a workout!  Eek!  I'm a big fan of Moving Comfort's Sports Bras. When I first started running again after having Norah (that's my nice way of saying when I was heavier) I loved the Juno!  It was supportive and strapped my Heavy, Saggy, Two Babies Later, Full Sized D's down; definitively locked and loaded.  After losing most of the baby weight and having my breast lift this past Spring, I'm now more loving the Rebound Racer Style.  It's not as "hardcore" as the Juno, easier to get off and on and not so structured (but in a good way).

I could not live without my iPod Nano!  I'd die!  I just about do every time I head out and it's dead!  Ugh!  I have the 8th Generation iPod Nano and I honestly didn't even know they changed the style/design until I went to the Apple website today; personally I think they made a bad choice!  I know it doesn't bother some, but I can't stand to run with my phone!  Whether it's on my arm, in my bra, in a pocket, in my hand or a fanny pack, whatever...I cannot do it!  The 8th Generation Nano is square and tiny and has a clip on the back...genius!  I always strap it to my sports bra and go, light weight, no bulk, nothing making me feel lopsided by being on my arm.  I love it and when it finally kicks rocks, I will be searching eBay to buy the same model!  And yes, mine is pink!

Until the last 6-9 months or so I hated, despised, wouldn't do it, wearing tank tops PERIOD!  Now, I love them and I'm partial to the RufflesWithLove tanks! The sayings are so cute, the quality is great and it's just FUN!

I love this watch!  I bought a bundle that had the HRM with it!  Couldn't be happier!  I haven't been running outside for a few months now because it's just too damn hot and humid, but I still use my watch all the time with the HRM...whether I'm running, walking, taking step aerobics or just doing strength exercises at home!  Love!

I have to be real honest here and say that I don't have a favorite workout pant, capri or shorts.  I found some shorts this summer that I really loved at Academy, but they aren't on their website anymore and I can't remember what brand or style they are.  I will say that I hate the super thin "compression" material that's running around lately.  I like something a little thicker because no one needs to see all my jelly bouncing around in thin ass shorts!  I don't like the typical Nike running shorts, my thighs for days don't go for those at all!  So I do like compression type bottoms or at least fitted.  Oh and lastly, no underwear allowed! Ever! Eek! 

So, I need some recommendations!  What are your favorite workout bottoms? 

These are the most bestest sock in the world...if you like running in padded socks, which I do!  The feel great on, it feels like you are running on clouds (that's a bit dramatic), and they hold up well!  Just make sure you don't get them too big, in my experience if they are too big then your foot can/will really get to moving around in the sock/shoe.  They have lots of colors like the neon's below, or just your plain white or black, to chose from!

 I've been wearing Brooks for about 9 months or so now.  Before them, I wore whatever I thought was cute...because I was an idiot!  I got fitted for the second time at the local running store, The Run Around, and I couldn't be happier! I was wearing Asics GT-2000 and I didn't hate them, but I also didn't love them   I have very flat, archless, wide double-wide!  Not kidding!  So, for now, I'm a Brooks Girl...but who knows what might come next.  I haven't been running long enough to be brand/style specific, so I'm open to trying new shoes, I've also just accepted that due to my asshole feet I will NEVER have a cute pair of running shoes! 

 There you have it!  My favorite fitness things! Yay!

What are your must have fitness items!? Things you will literally NOT workout if you don't have!?

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