Friday, May 9, 2014

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

Happy Friday! It's time to link up with Crystal Michelle for this week's edition of the Sorry I'm Not Sorry linkup! This week's topic is DRINKING...dun, dun, dun! Ha!

So, here's a what you’re going to do: Use the phrase “Sorry I’m not Sorry” Before each fill in the blank phrase below!  Then link up, comment on the host blog and one other blog that also link'd up too!
Super Easy and Fun! Oooooh, and BONUS...there's a Starbucks gift card for the best entry!

Let's do this!

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... one time after a night of drinking I woke up:
On the floor of the Chanute Super 8 Motel; legs in the bathroom, waist up on the carpet...It.Was.Gross!

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... I was so drunk one time I threw up:
all up in my crotch! I had just laid down on my friends trundle bed (we were 14, this was the first time I had ever been drunk and it was off Sour Apple Pucker), things quickly started spinning and I didn't know all the tricks of the trade yet! I just knew that my friend's parents had just had new carpet installed throughout the house and I wasn't about to go I sat straight up and up-chucked it right there in my crotch on the bed! It.Was.Awful!

Sorry, I'm not sorry but...the first time I drank alcohol I was:
In 6th grade, at my friend's house in her back alley! For some reason I keep thinking we were drinking Everclear, but I could be wrong! We took a few sips and thought we were wasted! LOL! Oh to be young, dumb and seriously confused! It.Was.Disgusting!

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... the most fun I've ever had that involved drinking was:
The Booze Cruise in the Bahamas for our high school senior trip (me and 7 of my BFF's unchaperoned in the Bahamas for 7 nights and 8 days...what were our parents thinking)! Those were the days, before the Natalie Halloway's and all the sex trafficking...we were carefree and really, really stupid! But that cruise was the BEST memory I have of my high school group of girlfriends! It.Was.Amazing!

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... my favorite thing to do when I'm drunk is:
Text! Enough said... It.Isn't.Good!

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... when I am drunk you know because I totally:
Dance my ass off! It.Is.Hilarious!

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... Vodka makes me:
Happy! Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof! Because I'm Happy! Clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth! It.Is.Delicious!

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... I was so drunk once that I cried about:
This one is hard...I'm not a sappy, crier girl when I'm drunk! I'm more like the meaner, angry girl when I get THAT drunk! It.Is.Scary!

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... Social Media sometimes makes me need a drink!
People be CRAY! It.Isn't.Cool!

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... if I could get drunk with anyone it would for sure be:
Miley Cyrus! Holla! I just have a feeling that girl can par-tay and if you are going to do might as well go big or go home! It.Would.Be.Awesome!

That's all the questions for this round! Now, get your link up on! Don't forget to check out Michelle's page HERE for the actual link up do-dad deal! 

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  1. Bahahahah I knew a girl in high school who would take like two drinks and act drunk... so one times we replaced her drink with water and she totally acted wasted all night... funniest thing ever.