Friday, May 16, 2014

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

"BLOGGER shot caller" T is a Whitney Ellen IWYP Original! #duh

Happy Friday! It's time to link up with Crystal Michelle for this week's edition of the Sorry I'm Not Sorry linkup! This week's topic is Parenting...this should be a good shit storm of enjoyment and judgement for Those Moms, you know the ones...I don't even need to say more!

So, here's a what you’re going to do: Today's link up is a little different because Skinny Meg I guess got confused; so today you just need to give 5 “Sorry I’m not Sorry” phrases about parenting! Then link up HERE

Sorry, I'm not sorry...that Norah's currently addicted to chocolate milk AND I let her take a cup to bed!
I know what y'all are thinking "Ahh...hell nah!" but you know what, her baby teeth are going to fall out anyway, and every kid is going to have to have braces and all that jazz and you know what-what, if her teeth come in black and rotted...there's always veneers! Holla! I know that is going to send some of you over the ledge, teeth seems to be a big trigger for whatever reason! PS - We absolutely brush her teeth twice a day, AM and PM - we just kind of cancel the PM one out with the chocolate milk! Eh...I'm not losing sleep over it, there are worse things...

Sorry, I'm not sorry...that Jack turns FIVE in 2 weeks and he still sleeps in my bed!
The Husband is a Gypsy, he is always gone - traveling for work, like all the time! So I take FULL responsibility, but I honestly do not care! He started sleeping with us a little after he turned one, damn teething, so I am just as "used to" and comfortable with him being there as he is! Granted, when The Husband IS home, the bed does tend to get crowed rather quickly when you add Jack and Oscar, our 70 pound boxer, that also sleeps with me! I know...I know...but could you say no to him!? I also love how his first "no" answer right at the beginning is a little "sorry, I'm not sorry-esque!"

Sorry, I'm not sorry...but I loathe, LOATHE bath time!
I don't personally understand all the parents that LOVE bath time, I HATE it - like with a seething passion! It really doesn't have anything to do with spending quality time with my kids, watching them splash around with their bath toys, squirt each other in the face with water thus making each other scream like hyenas or the fact that more water ends up outside of the tub on my floor, on the walls, the, it really stems back to my hatred for being wet without purpose! If I'm not showering, swimming or working out, I do not want to be wet, particularly my hands (of course I wash them, don't be dumb)! I don't do dishes for this same reason, if I'm doing laundry and it's still "wet-wet" when I go to move it to the laundry I will run another spin cycle, I refuse to like "water the plants" outside, I just don't like it! I don't like getting my being wet without reason, it makes me itchy! You know what I'm saying?! Anyway, not sorry!

Sorry, I'm not sorry...but I hate "kid" things!
This is mostly geared towards kid clothing, music, movies (minus Frozen, duh) and other dumb shit! Let me break each of those down...CLOTHES, why do we insist on dressing our kids like douchebags?! I don't do cartoon/Disney characters, I don't do princesses, I don't do superheros, I don't do weird little animals, I don't do pale pink or blue or the gender neutral yellow and green! I will however tolerate some "kid" crap on their pajamas...sometimes...maybe...if I've been drinking or popped a Valium - kidding...kind of. MUSIC, my kids listen to whatever I'm listening too - period! Remember this? 

I won't say we haven't listened to Frozen (100 million times too many), but if it's on the "popular music" radio station or (worse) on Momma's iPhone...they hear it! MOVIES, Friday night movie night is a bit of a tradition around our house - Jack has input sometimes, which is basically scary or funny, but he watches whatever The Gypsy and I want to watch...WHATEVER! Rated R, Non-Rated, PG-13, ratings don't matter in our house. Jack knows what's up - if there is nudity he covers his eyes, if they curse he covers his ears, if it's scary he hides his face in my side, if it's inappropriately hilarious he laughs his ass off!

Sorry, I'm not sorry...but I'm fully aware of the fact that I am raising the "cool" kids and I love it!
They are fun, inappropriate, outgoing, loving, naughty, caring, well behaved, limit testing, above average attractive, stylish, crazy, mean, active and they ARE MINE! 

BONUS! Sorry, I'm not sorry...that Jack knows about MUFFS and CUFFS! LOL

I can't wait to read all about everyone's parenting skillzzz! Head on over and get your link on! Happy Friday!


  1. Sooooo..... I've never done the whole only listen to the wheels on the bus songs... I can't take even thinking about it..

  2. Oh guuuuuuuuurl.....that's all I can say!!! HAHA

    My kids do the character shit....but that's ONLY because we are an hour away from Disney and they are FREAKS about their mama! :p

  3. Oh guuuuuuuuurl....that's all im gonna say!!!! hehe

    I was the same way about the character shit.....then we got Disney passes, now I cant get away from it! However, I REFUSE to let Landon wear those terrible character sneakers....or anything that lights up. Oh hell nah!!!!!! ;)

  4. OMG... I Love you even more after reading this.... Sorry, I'm not sorry that I agree with you and everything in this blog. :)

  5. You are a breath of fresh air girl! I am in the same boat as you on everything except them sleeping with us/me- our bedroom is a kid free zone :) Judge -I dont care! I dont do Disney- i despise all the freaking disney clothes- cant we just have some funky childsize clothes in stores. Aria has princess dresses bc my mom bought her a shit ton for her bday last yr. I refuse to buy that crap. We dont do kid music either- they listen to what we do same as tv. Ive been told how i am ruining my kids and blah blah blah but whatever my kids are just cooler than yours is my response to that :)

  6. Haha--this made me laugh out loud!! I am so glad I have boys, who are into guns and shit, and not princesses and dolls, and everything matchy matchy!

  7. I love it!!

  8. I don't like bath time either, my husband does it every time ;)

  9. Instead of calling this "Sorry I'm Not Sorry", it should be called "I'm an Asshole Parent and Proud of It."

    1. Well then...that was pleasant! You even had to comment twice, yikes! Hit a Mommy nerve there didn't I?! Like I always say, to each their own! I never judge what any parent chooses for THEIR child but we can't all be that, I'm Still NOT Sorry! Xo

  10. Sorry I'm Not Sorry? It should be renamed "I'm an Asshole Parent and Proud of It"

  11. I dont have kids, but I would imagine bath time would be my least favorite time! I do however, love Frozen!