Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So What!? Wednesday

Real quick! Today is the LAST DAY to order from my Online Younique Party! If you want all the details click HERE! Otherwise, here is the link to the party - go get your shop on!

Even though Shannon doesn't officially host So What!? Wednesday anymore like the old days, I still like to throw it back and let off some steam every Wednesday now and again, so let's do this!
This week I'm saying So What!? if...

  • Jack can't say his ABC's in English, but he sure does love trying in Spanish!
  • I'm kind of obsessed with the @LOOKHUMAN Instagram account! If I need a mental break and a laugh, scrolling through their Tee collection does the trick in a hot second! Here are some of my favorites as of late! You can find their website HERE too!
  • I am now a BEACHBODY Coach and even thought I haven't figured it all out just yet, I'm super stoked! I just wish I had more time to devote to the whole thing...The Husband just needs to make me a Real Housewife of SEK, dammit! 
However - here are the links to my BEACHBODY websites! Look around, if you see anything that interests you let me know! We can chat and figure out what products would be best for you! Yay!

Seriously! The Shakeology is awesome! I drink at least one a day! They just make me feel BETTER! More ENERGY, Less TIRED, Better SLEEP and they keep me full FOREVER! 

  • I've been struggling with THIS lately! Queso is my vice...

  • I rocked a weird Mushroom-esque Man-do my senior year of HS...apparently I wasn't the only one!

  • My Kids ARE Cuter Then Yours! Holla! #sorrynotsorry

What are YOU saying So What!? to this week!?


  1. I love those shirts!!! Might have to do some stalking on their IG today!!! Congrats on the coaching gig:)

  2. I heart Cheese dip. Geez... it sounds fat. ;)

  3. I love those shirts!!! I need them all!

  4. ok so about this Shakeology... its really good?