Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bad Ass Status

Warning! This post is picture heavy and I won't apologize for it! Sorry, not sorry!

This past weekend I completed my SECOND Tough Mudder, that makes me a BAD ASS! Our course was 10.9 miles and had 25 obstacles! I'll be honest, some of the obstacles are "space fillers" while others are seriously hard core!

Here are some of my favorite obstacles, and by favorite I mean HARD, SCARY, MUDDY, PAINFUL!

Holla! I have to admit, this round of Mudder was easier then the first time by far! I'm not sure why, if it was the obstacles, the way the course was laid out or what!? I went into this one thinking it'd be my last, but now that The Husband has done one...he wants to do MORE! So I guess...to be continued!

Have you done a Tough Mudder?! Have plans to do one?! We are looking at doing the STL one in October...who's in?!


  1. I did a Warrior Dash a year ago and was obsessed! It's like a mini version of the Tough Mudder. 10 miles seems ridiculous, but I have to keep reminding myself it's not all running!

  2. You ARE a BASS ASS GIRL!!!!!

  3. So happy for you!! That is amazing!!! Good for you guys!

  4. Whoa . . .bad ass for sure! You go girl! I did a couple of Warrior Dashes and a Dirty Girl and called it a day!!

  5. You're a bad ass! Ha! I wouldn't last 2 seconds in mud so I'm glad there are girls like you. Ha! Did you seriously have to jump in a pool of mud? ;)

  6. Holy crap. You are awesome. Watching videos and seeing pictures of these events gives me goosebumps. Wow.

  7. That looks like so much fun! But the electric shocks?? Oh, hell no! lol I would be bypassin' that quick. I'd suddenly have a pacemaker or a metal rod in my spine or some shit. The rest looks awesome though! Get it girl!