Friday, May 31, 2013

Pardon My Streaking...

Just a quick post this afternoon!  This week I started the Runners World Summer Challenge, the RW Run Streak.  The challenge runs from Memorial Day to Independence Day and you are to run a mile a day, every day for that period of time.  I counted and it's 39 days!  :-)  Today is Day 5 and I will admit I have yet to get my mile in, but plan to tonight on the treadmill assuming all the tornados in the forecast hold off until I get it done!
My friend Julie (Instagram @juliemitchell) created a FB event and invited some of her local-ish running friends to join in order to keep the excitement flowing and motivate each other throughout the 39 days and it's been great so far!  There are 8 women in the group total, but one hasn't started yet and will next week.  In the first 4 days alone, the 7 active ladies have ran a total of 43.58 miles (because Julie is keeping track)!

I have to say I really enjoy the group atmostphere even though its all via FB and text messages!  Everyone is uploading their daily miles and pictures and even just motivational sayings/posters!  Here are all the ones posted so far this week!
Spring Weather in KS and OK is a hot-mess!  One day it's gorgeous, then it's cold, then it's storming, the next day it's a million degrees!  With all the rain this week a few of us have been forced inside to our treadmills while others have decided to brave the elements and run in pouring rain!

Who else wants to take the challenge?
Who cares if you are a few days behind, it's never too late to start!



  1. I would love to! Let me know where I need to post and who to let know! :) I hate running in this damn KS heat! ugh!!!

  2. I thought that was a cool idea when I saw it!! I will try to start tomorrow! Great job with your mileage!!!

  3. Bahaha I didn't do it bc I thought it was Memorial Day to Labor Day- not 4th of July! Hahaha! That is much more doable, but I already missed! :(

  4. I want to but my only running access is outside and I'm not a rain runner. Lol

  5. You're super cute Darci! Happy to be streaking with you! Keep on logging those miles. You rock, love.

  6. You're super cute Darci! Happy to be streaking with you! Keep on logging those miles. You rock, love.

  7. Happy to be streaking with you. You're doing awesome, keep logging those miles. XO

  8. Hi Darci - you are a running inspiration - I'm just finishing C25K and getting my groove! Anyway, love reading your blog . . . so much so that I nominated you for a Liebster Award - if you want to play along, please check out my blog!