Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jack Nolan...

Four Years Ago Today at 4:52pm, One Little Man Changed My Life Forever!  From the 6lbs15ozs and 19 inch long little burrito to my still Teeny Tiny 4 year old that has so much personality, an imagination I am envious of, a heart bigger than he is, a (maybe, slightly unhealthy) love of guns, knives and hunting, a natural athletic ability, with a face that will undoubtedly break many hearts! 
I love you Jack Nolan!  Happy Birthday! xoxo

Me & Jack This Morning!
Birthday Parties ONE - FOUR!
Jack's Birth Day versus his 4th Birthday!

Memorial Day was also celebrated yesterday with The Husband's family.  We make the rounds through SEK and hit up four different cemeteries along the way, then head to Grandpa and Grandma Spear's house for a BBQ lunch.
Oswego, KS - I love all the flags at this cemetery! #starsandstripes
Road Trippin'...
Jack was there, but rode with The Husband's parents... #hethinkstheyarecooler
Jack and Kash #cousins
Lastly, to round out the long weekend, we had our first "Oscar Incident"...let's hope it doesn't leave a scar! It won't, but you would have thought Jack's face was gashed open and spewing blood everywhere from Jack's reaction!  #dramaking #divo

 I hope y'all have a good week!!  #itsashortone #twss



  1. Happy Birthday Jack! He is such a little cutie and I'm pretty sure he should be on the list for Emmeline's future husband. ;) JK! I'm not that creepy (usually).

  2. Happy Birthday to your cute little guy! Love the hardhats!

  3. Happy birthday to Jack!! What a handsome little dude!

  4. Precious! Happy fourth bday! That wound may require surgery. I can see why Jack was sooooo concerned!lol

  5. Happy Birthday, Jack! You and Carter would be BFF's if we lived closer!

  6. Happy Birthday to your mini man. He so cute and love all the pictures!!!

  7. You have the cutest kids! Glad you had a great weekend, you were certainly more productive than I was.