Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So What! Wednesday...

*Public Service Announcement!!  Below is my friend Amy's Post @ Write This Down! about how you can help Moore, Oklahoma!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I have lived in Oklahoma my entire life. I have seen devastation from tornadoes. It never gets easier.

Please pray for these families that lost their homes and their loved ones.

There's many ways to help:


Hello Apparel is donating 100% of sales of this tank to the Red Cross.

If you are interested in helping a family in need you can read Kimmy's post here about a single mom who lost everything in the tornado.
This week I'm saying SO WHAT! if . . .
  • I'm bailing on The Husband's Family Reunion this weekend!  It's Memorial Day weekend and (the reunion is also always on Memorial Day weekend ) I just want to have a lazy 3 day weekend...
  • I'm strongly considering breaking out the kid's blow up pool to lay out in this weekend!
  • I didn't get Queso yesterday, but opted for Brocolli Beef and Crab Rangoon instead!
  • Queso is on the lunch menu today!
  • Oscar wouldn't come down in the safe room Monday night and I closed the door leaving him in the house! Kids > Dog... #sorryimnotsorry
  • I've been obsessed with my Jawbone UP Band this week!  I get so excited when I sync up to see my stats!
  • I put Norah to bed at 6:30pm and turned Chipwrecked on for Jack at 7:00pm just so I could finish reading Beautiful Bastard last night!  It was SO worth it!
  • I'm only on Day 3 of my 8 Week 10K training program and I'm bailing on today's workout to go eat said Queso mentioned above!
  • Bean turns 16 months next week and I still haven't ordered her 1 year pictures!
  • I live vicariously through my 23 year old BFF's drama-filled love life!  Oh how I miss be young, fun and a total slore! 
  • I'm planning to attend a friend's 10 year HS Reunion with her this Friday even though I didn't even grow up in the town, let alone attend the same HS!  What?  She invited me!?!?
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So What Wednesday


  1. Glad you are safe from tornadoes and praying for those that weren't so lucky.

    You have me craving queso in a major way :)

    How do you get out of in-law family fun time (just kidding, but seriously)....I need to learn your ways :) I have a similar situation this weekend and wondering how to tactfully decline??

  2. What is a Jawbone UP Band????

    Kids definitely trump dogs!

    OMG, attending someone else's high school reunion would be so fun! So much less pressure on you to look amazing! Not that you have any problems looking amazing!

  3. Queso.... Yum!! You're a girl after my heart. It's a good thing I don't eat it too often because queso doesn't like me. Damn all the healthy eating. I say a lazy 3 day weekend is so called for and def blow up that baby pool and chill out redneck style. Lol

  4. I have heard of Beautiful Disaster, but don't really know hat it's about?