Friday, May 24, 2013

I Run...

To say I got a little off track with running after my surgery is a bit of an understatement!  When I first started back I could barely pull my shit together to get a solid 2 miles in without wanting to walk and/or die...mostly die! But thanks to some wonderful, motivating women I'm determined to get back to the pavement (although I prefer the rubber of the treadmill - yup, I'm crazy! Tell me something I don't know!).  I had a run on my Run Calendar back in April and bailed out like the little huge brat that I am! I knew I was no ready and the girls I was running with are beasts!  I sucked it up this past weekend though and participated in my first run since my 10k the end of January!  It was an fugly, fugly run - oddly it was my fastest 5k time by like 10 seconds but I felt less than proud of myself!  After that I knew it was time to get focused, so what'd I do?  I pulled out the ole Hal Higdon Training Programs!  This week was Week 1 of his 10k Novice Training Program and I stuck to the schedule really well - that I am proud of!
My non-runner friends always ask me why I want to run, especially since I wasn't a runner when I was younger...I thought about it and there are tons of reasons, but probably my number one reason...
It's time for me! Time to not worry about bills, the kids, work, dinner (not that I cook), weekend plans, the dog, what I'm going to do when our daycare provider moves out of town, The Husband's travel schedule, etc. etc. etc.
Wondering what's on my Run Calendar?  I figured you did, here's what is officially lined up:
I'm really depending on the 10k's and the 15k to prepare me for the half!  Eeks!
In other news, these compression socks and calf sleeves seem to be the shit!  Anyone have them?  What do you have?  If you have both what do you prefer? 
 Pro Compression has the Marathon Socks (left) 40% off right if you have been looking to try them out or if you already love them!  The code is ACTIVE40.
I think I'd like the calf sleeves over the socks because I currently wear the Thorlos Experia Padded socks and I can't imagine switching to anything else at this point.  I wish the calf sleeves were on sale too, dammit!
If you are from the area Starlit Running Company (look them up on FB) is out of Joplin and they have a pretty good race schedule through the end of the year! For me, it's nice to be able to get up and run and then be home and not have to drive 2 hours or go to the city the night before for a run!  So I have 3 of these runs on my calendar so far, but I'm sure I'll throw a couple more on as they get closer!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It's going to be a great weekend, except Mother Nature is being her usually self and rain is in my forecast ALL.WEEKEND.LONG!! :-(



  1. Wahoo! I am doing a glow run in August. The half is November is going to be awesome!

  2. Good for you girlie! You know I've been pushing or peer pressuring you. ha!
    I have the pro-compression marathon socks and I put my normal socks over them. Werid...well maybe but I love them and as all my other peeps were complaining about being sore after the half, I was happy to be comfortable and able to walk down stairs like a normal person and not like an old man. I swear by them. I haven't tried the calf sleeves yet but if/when you do let me know. Good for you girl! Here's a little secret I was not a runner when I was younger either. I walked the mile you were required to do in phy ed. So here's to getting wiser with age, that running is great stress relief as well as a kick-ass cardio workout!!

  3. I completely agree. It's my me time!! Time to think and just relax and do something good for myself. I've never tried compression socks but am curious about them.

  4. Girl you will do awesome on those runs! I was never a runner when I was growing up either. But now I almost love it (as much as I hate it, ha ha!) I am also doing a glow run on the 29th!

  5. Those foam runs look like a blast!!! I keep telling the hubbs when we become little bills of fitness I would like to do a tough mudder

  6. I use the pro socks for after my long runs to help with recovery. running in the sleeves keeps me a little cooler, especially in summer! Hope that helps!

  7. Go Darci! Holy crap that's a lot of run scheduled!!!!



  8. I'm all signed up for the Starry Night 5K! I don't know if I'll be able to do the other two in the series, but I'm looking forward to this one. I've had my eyes on those Pro Compression socks for a while now, too. I just need to bite th bullet and buy them, I think.