Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Rewind...

Via Tons of Pictures...and Few Words!
My Friday Night was better than yours: RufflesWithLove Tank Shopping, Puppy Cuddles with Oscar, Goodie Bags for Jack's Birthday Party and a Chick Flick! #safehaven
I was up at 4:50am to head to Joplin for the the Memorial 5K Run at 6:30am!  It was a great run, my best 5K time but my ugliest run to date!  Oh and my first "Finisher" medal!
I ran with my good friend, Brandy!  This was her 2nd 5K and I have to admit, she kicked my ass!  Couldn't be more proud of her, but next time I will either beat her or be with her!
Another friend, Amanda, ran her first half and finished 3rd in her Division!  She amazes me, finished in 1:51!
Up next was Jack's Birthday Party!  His birthday isn't until the 28th but Memorial Day Weekend always jacks up his birthday parties!  He was so excited!
Bean loved the foam block pit!

Balance Beam & Presents!

Ready for Date Night with great friends!
He still hates taking pictures...
Ghostbusters!  Love me some, Amanda!
The Husband was checkin' out the goods...I was not impressed...
Look Y'all!  I baked!  Who knew it was so easy!?  #justaddwater
The kids playing at Mimi and Papa's yesterday...Bean was jealous she wasn't in the pool too...
But she got her turn!
I live in Tornado Alley...last night was a scary one!  Winds up to 80mph, multiple tornadoes in the area and plenty reports of damage!  Eek!  Round 2 is scheduled to start up this afternoon!  We were lucky with no damage at the house today, I'm crossing my fingers to say the same tomorrow!



  1. I love to "bake" those muffins....I feel like Betty Crocker. And then I eat like 14 of them.

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! Awesome job on the 5k!

  3. What a fun weekend! I am really dreading the weather today. I hate storms!

  4. What a fun weekend! I am really dreading the weather today. It's suppose to start here around 2pm. Praying we all stay safe!

  5. What a fun weekend! Except for the storms...yikes. Please tell me you have a basement??


  6. Oh how was Safe Haven? I haven't seen that yet. And be extra careful with those crazy tornadoes. I think it's time you moved! lol...because Memphis is so much safer, haha jk. Happy early birthday to little Jack!

  7. Glad you are all OK!! I have a feeling those nasty storms are headed to IL! Your weekend sounds like a ton of fun! I don't think your kids could be any cuter! xoxo

  8. Fun weekend. Look the hubby checkin' out the new and improved tatas! Well, not new but recently improved.
    Aww, happy birthday to your little guy.

  9. Super fun weekend it looks like!! Stay safe tonight! Our trampoline took out our dish breaking it in half and bending the trampoline!

  10. Ok I'm the only creaper that's going to say nice boobs. Only because I'm jealous. Lol. Great job running!! Love the pics. I hope those storms miss you. I would freak if I lived in tornado alley. My moms house got taken away dorthy style so she stuck the fear of god into me about them.