Friday, December 7, 2012

Swag Swap Goodies...

It's Friday Bitches!  What!?  What!?

Yesterday was a doozie - sick as F!  It sucked, but I'm feeling much better today - thank you sweet baby Jesus!  However, due to the Flu I'm already like 48% of the way to my Holiday Weight Loss Challenge goal!  Score!

I'm horrible for not blogging about this sooner, but better late than never I always say - like every morning when I get to work 15, 20, 30, or even 60 minutes late!  Whoopsie!

Kassie over at Southern Girl Gets Fit hosted a Blogger Swag Swap last month and I was paired with Cari from The Crazy KentsCari and I have so much in common!  Our kids are the same age, she's married, I'm married, she helps people (nurse), I hate on people (bitch), she loves running, I make myself run... see, basically the same person!  Haha!

Cari sent me a ton of great stuff!  I'm not sure why the top picture is sideways, but I can't get it to turn - where is Hubby Jack when you need him?!

My Loot!  :-)

I have to say my most favorite thing is that little spoon thing you are supposed to use when cooking (yeah, I'm not a cooker - big surprise), but of course I won't be using it in the kitchen!  Also, included was a cute Christmas hand towel, 2 peppermint Luna bars (which Jack stole and loved) and the super awesome Mustache drink markers - those sucka's are NYE bound!

I also got some running gear - awesome zebra socks, a cute pink chevron headband and tons of hair ties contained nicely in a mustache bag (which went straight into my gym bag)! Also, not pictured is an awesome water bottle that helps you keep track of how much water you have drank that day!

Next was the "personal grooming" items - an emery board, manicure kit and lip gloss!  Holla!  Also, not pictured was OPI nail polish in You Don't Know Jaques - I love it!

Thanks, Cari - I loved everything!  You rock sista!

Lastly, next Wednesday is the big day!  The Santa Picture Fail Link Up!  Dig out those pictures this weekend and be ready to do a kinky linky with me - minus the kink!  Holla!  Big thanks to Holly's husband for the button!

Have a great weekend lovelies!



  1. Awesome swag and Can't WAIT for the link-up!

  2. Someone seriously needs to teach me link ups. I have an awesome Santa pic!!

  3. Love the swag!

    Kinky Linky, haha wait til the googlers find this :-)

  4. Thats the color I currently have on my fingers and I love it!! :)

  5. haha. As you know, I was sick over Thanksgiving. Even sickness-weight loss is still a loss. Goodluck on your weightloss challenge! Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Great swag! I need to post about mine! Keyona hooked me up!

  7. So excited for the link-up!

    Your blogger swap partner nailed it, didn't she? I really need to get on the ball and send my swap buddy some loot!

  8. You got some great stuff! So funny that Jack stole your luna's lol

  9. So sad that I missed the swap. I'm ready for the next one!
    I also got a great picture in mind for Wednesday!!

  10. I have a great pic ready for next week. I am over being sick. I am sitting on the couch while my husband is at my favorite christmas party of the year. Boo hiss.

  11. Cari is a sweetie pie!!!! I love her.

  12. I just nominated you on my blog...
    Love ya biotch!

  13. I can't wait to see the Santa FAIL pics...sadly, I could never convince my kids to actually get into santa's lap when they were little so I can't join in on the fun...but I will be following along!

  14. WTF< I'm going to need you to pass those sock and headband my way. Now.

  15. I want a blog swap!
    Lol I want a blogger pin pal
    I sound like a creep

  16. Cute gifts :)

    I nominated you for an award :)

  17. Nominated you for leibster too go answer the questionssss.