Thursday, October 31, 2013

Boo! It's Halloween! Plus Some Winners Too!...


Boo! Do I have great news for you!  Eek, I rhymed!
First up, the Pink Slate Boutique giveaway ended yesterday and the THREE winners are...
Congratulations!  Kayla L, Heather B and Katie G!  Shoot me an email at and I will get you hooked up with your $15 gift cards!  Holla!  Yay!  Thanks to everyone that entered the giveaway, I think it was a total success!  If you haven't popped over to Pink Slate recently, you totally should - I'm dying over the new arrivals! 
Including both of these...
(available in Red, White and Black)

Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!
Amber and Sunny you are the BEST!

Now, let me introduce you to one my favorite ladies that I have yet to meet in person, Sami from Simply Sami!  Thanks for taking over today, Sami!  #chicago2014

Happy Halloween everyone! I am Sami from Simply Sami. I had Darci guest post for me a couple weeks ago when we were moving into our house! Here is a little bit about me.....I spent all summer training for my first half marathon! I ran it in September and it was awesome! I have another half at the end of November. I am a mom to Nathan and the wife to Brian. My boys are my everything! I blog about my running, my family and my weight loss. I have lost around 40lbs and getting close to my first goal of being under 200!! 
This will be Nathan's 4th Halloween! I was going through his picture's the other night and found his Halloween photo's! I may be biased....but he is one cute kid!! We go trick or treating in a really nice neighborhood in Rockford. Mostly, because there are a ton of people, lots of lights and they all have great candy!!!!!!!!!!!! 

His first Halloween (2010)! We made a Mr. Potato Head pumpkin! He wasn't too thrilled with it at first, but he warmed up to it! Arrrgh!! Nathan was a little pirate!! We didn't trick or treat this year...we handed out candy. Mostly to kids that were not dressed up and had Walmart bags to carry their candy in. I felt so bad for them. They must have been like 8-12 years old. I wanted to kick their parents in the head. 

The next year (2011), he was a little older and able to walk. This was the funnest Halloween yet! He ran around to every house so fast and was so excited about saying Trick or Treat to everyone! He also wanted to take handfuls of candy from every bucket instead of just one! My little skeleton! 

Last year Nathan was Mr. Snowman! This was my favorite outfit! He LOVED IT...................until we put it on and then he wasn't so happy. Especially since I asked if we could take pictures. Then we started trick or treating and he was totally into it. Running around to every house, but forgetting to get his candy! Haha! Everyone that saw him commented on his he was carrying his snowman around with him...after a while tried to put Mr. Snowman in his bucket, he fell out and thankfully someone picked him up and returned him to us!! 
This year Nathan is going to be a yellow Crayon! I feel like a horrible mommy....I waited until the last minute to buy his costume and Target had like nothing left and of course I am here we go. We tried to do a homemade Batman costume, but he wanted to be this instead. I hate spending like $30 on a costume! This was only $18.99!! (Yeah, I know, I am cheap! HA!) 
He is certainly the cutest little crayon I have ever seen!!! 
Next year I am going as Samantha from Bewitched and Brian is going to go as Darrin....he just doesn't know it yet! This was the first year that we, as a couple, didn't dress up and go out. I guess that is what we get for buying a house right before Halloween! Womp, womp. 

Thank you to Darci for having me guest post today! I hope you enjoyed pictures of my little guy! Have a fabulous Halloween!! 

 photo signuature_zps6eca8690.png

Isn't Nathan just the cutest!?  Thanks again, Sami for posting today!  Love Ya!
It's supposed to be raining black cats and rabid dogs around SEK today, fingers crossed I can convince Jack to just hand out candy! 


  1. Nathan is so cute in all his costumes throughout the years. They grow up what to quick.

  2. Is that Heather me? Did I win? That never happens...

  3. Oh my goodness Sami! He is absolutely adorable!!!