Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Rewind...

Happy Monday, Y'all! I had a great weekend, what about you?!

I've mentioned before that Pitt State Football is a BIG thing around these parts and this past weekend was the annual Fall Classic that's held at Arrowhead Stadium home of the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS!

It was also GIRL'S WEEKEND! Holla! Smoove Stack-A-Dolla!!  Enjoy this Weekend Rewind brought to you via my Home Girl (Instagram)!

 Pre-Game Mimosa's!
 1)  Bottoms Up
2)  My Pretty Girlfriends - Katelyn, Fallyne and Kelley
3)  Watco Tailgate - BBQ Heaven
4)  Watco Tailgate - Feeding the Masses
 5)  Katelyn and Fallyne
6)  Headed Up To The Suite
7)  The Tunnel
8)  "It's Get'n Cray In Here!"
9)  The Ladies
10)  Post-Game
11)  Still Look'n Fly 14 Hours Later #bedtime
12)  GUS
And then...this happened...EPIC!
How do you think it ended?!  LOL..


  1. OMG... I would have made it maybe a milli second with that thing going that fast! LOL ...especially while drinking!!!!! You looked gorgeous per usual!

  2. It looked like you had an amazing weekend! I wished I was there! Ahhh, this weekend I needed some me time!