Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Round 2...

Hey Y'all!  I know I've been falling off the blogging wagon here lately, but work is legit killing me!  So being the gorgeous genius I am, I came up with the fabulous idea to have some of my blogging girlfriends guest post for me on Tuesday and Thursday for the next few weeks!  Yay!  I hope you are as excited as I am, don't worry I know you are!

First up is one of my favorite reads (and not just because her newest little man shares a name with my Main Man Jack), Annie over at One Crazy Mama!  Enjoy!

Hey I'm Annie over at One Crazy Mama. I've been blogging for over a year now and this is my very first time guest posting at one of my fave biotches blog! I first started blogging about losing post baby # 1 weight and I lost weight then got knocked up again and now here I am again trying to lose the baby weight. 
Annie, One Crazy Mama
Let me tell ya life after my first bambino, Hunter, was rough. I was crazy. Literally. I had post partum depression and my world was turned upside down. I didn't think it would be like that. I was imagining some perfect fairy tale that breast feeding would be easy and my baby would sleep at night and I would have the magic touch and be able to calm him easily. Wellllll lets just say that wasn't the case. I was stressed. My husband was the only one that could calm him down and bathe him and put him to bed and basically do everything. I gave up breast feeding and basically everything. I cried all the time. Finally after 5 weeks I got help. I went to counseling and got on meds. Things were looking up in all areas but losing weight. I became the mom I wanted to be. It wasn't perfect but nothing ever is, right? All I know is that I could finally calm my baby, bathe him, put him to sleep and was just all around confident as a Mother. I put everything into being a Mom and wife but put nothing into my health. So most of the 50 plus pounds I gained stuck with me. 
Fast forward 18 months and I finally lost the rest of the baby weight. I finally started thinking of myself and it paid off. I wasn't at my ideal weight yet. I still had about 20 lbs I would have liked to lose but nope I got pregnant! A little over 2 months ago I had my 2nd precious baby boy, Jack. I would have loved to tell you I didn't gain as much weight but womp womp womp...I did. I was much healthier throughout the pregnancy though and made better food choices most of the time...My first baby boy was 9 lbs 8 oz and a seriously tough birth. My second was 7 lbs 3 oz and an easy peasy birth. I think the healthier eating really paid off. 
Jack - 2 Months Old
So hows weight loss going now? Pretty good. I've been mainly focusing on eating right because finding time to workout with two is no walk in the park. When I get the baby down to nap my 2 year old wants time with me...when they are both napping (hallelujah) I want to clean and get things around the house done. But since I am breast feeding I'm burning lots of cals and eating 1800 calories a day has been giving me a 2-3 lb a week weight loss. I try to go on walks with them and when the hubs is home I will sneak in a run to clear my mind. If he's not home and I need to clear my mind I drink...haha, but seriously...try it, it works. As for numbers I have lost 32 of the 50 pounds I gained this pregnancy. I'm hoping to start running more next week when I start taking both boys to day care for an hour so I can get that in. 
Another point I want to make in this overly rambling post is that the second (or third, fourth, fifth...etc) time around can be tons different than the first. Luckily this time I did not suffer from post partum depression and have been so confident with little man, Jack. I gave him his first bath not the hubs and I was so happy about that. So new moms - don't give up. Things can be rough with a new baby but they always get better. One bad day will be followed by five great days so just keep on keeping on. Yeah your hair may be as greasy as a McDonald's fryer and you're not sure how long you've worn the clothes you've been wearing, but keep at it...it always gets better. 
Hunter and Jack thinking "somebody get me outta here!"
We all have our struggles and hurdles and we will get over all of them. This time it will not take me 18 months to get to my ideal weight. I can do this! I may not feel like it sometimes but I do not have any excuses I am going to be a hot mama again! Please, if you're on a similar journey let me know. I love hearing other's stories it's so inspirational. I will be posting more about my weight loss on the blog. Thanks for reading!
I just l.o.v.e Annie!  She is so sweet, so real and so determined!  Make sure to go over and tell her hi!

Annie, remember this picture?  Yeah, so I'm gonna need your address come Spring because I know you will be that Hot Mama again and I can't wait to see you rock this bikini!



  1. Awe!! Great job Miss Annie. It's hard work and you have a great attitude. Thks Darci for the intro to this fabulous girl.