Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So What! Wednesday...

This week I'm saying So What! if...
  • Shannon is on vacation and there isn't an offical SWW, I'm still going to S/O some So What! tibdits for ya!
  • My #60inSixty Challenge started last Thursday and I've only ran once?  All my ladies are knocking that shit outta the H2O!
  • If I agreed to team up with Shelly for Kristen's Thread Eleven Fitness Challenge.  Eek!
  • I'm going to the salon AGAIN this Friday to have more "blond" added to it!  I need Kardashian hair!
  • I can't stand the heat so I make Jack take Oscar outside to go potty, Jack loves being outside...even when it's 100 million degrees!
  • I've just realized I have WAY too many clothes, shopping is like crack to me, and I'm going to lay the law down and not let myself buy any clothing for the next 2 weeks!  Why are you laughing?  I can do it!  Stop laughing! 
  • I'm super excited to see Ashlee and Julie again this Saturday at the 2nd run of our 3 run night series in JoMo!
  • I "officially" weighed in this afternoon for the weight loss challenge my work is having and I screamed at the scale because it is definitely meaner than my scale at home!
  • I'm not excited for The Husband to be leaving for Vegas tomorrow for a bachelor party...don't even get me started on the last time he went to Vegas for a bachelor party...
  • I'm dying to get out of town and get another tattoo!  Yes, already!  I'm addictive!
  • I am beyond excited to be done with the #rwrunstreak challenge and back to my training plans for running!  Running 3 or 4 days a week is so much better then!  Plus, I can do cross training me some Kettlebell workouts!
  • I did indeed post a #transformationtuesday picture on IG yesterday!  I was scared shitless and couldn't believe I did it...until I started getting all the super suportive and motivating comments from the ladies!  Y'all are the greatest!
  • I need a GIRLS ONLY vacation; somewhere far away, relaxing and FUN!
  • I love Hump Day selfies...get over it!
  • You're Welcome!
What do you want to say So What! to today?


  1. I love your hair! You bet we are all knocking this challenge on it's ass!! :) #60insixty baby! PS you look amazeballs!

  2. I want to know what you do for your belly! I NEED HELP! Totally missed the picture on IG I always miss the good ones!!!! You are rockin it sistah!

  3. Hmmm, I so wish I could do that hair! Love it!! I need a girls only vacation too!! Stat!! I'm in for the weight loss challenge, I need some friggen motivation!

  4. Awesome results! You are looking hot chica! I'm just happy doing my own thing with running and exercise. its nice not being on a challenge and trying to hit a deadline. I'm on that tattoo kick with you too, I'm ready for my next one, I just don't know of what or where.

  5. I love this entire post. You look awesome and you are kickin arse with all that running!!! Also, I need to look into this fitness challenge ...

  6. I am stoked about the 5k also!! I can't wait to see you guys again either!! Remind me to squat in pictures so I don't look like a Sasquatch!! 2 weeks without shopping is hilarious to me bc I'm the exact opposite.... Ask me that when I have your bod and I might be like you are!!

  7. Love the hair idea!! I so badly need to change mine up. Thinking of going shorter since it takes forever for my hair to grow. Thinking about doing a blog post on it. We shall see! You can go two weeks without shopping, I promise. Just give the hubby your credit card while he's traveling. Problem solved! Whenever Mike travels that is when I usually shop because we have nothing else to do, let's shop.

  8. San Diego is a good vacay spot ;)

  9. your picture looks so good! I am so jealous!! Its so hard to post those before and afters you will cringe when you see my next before's (after baby) but i'm totally doing it. I am also addicted to clothes. I will also pledge to not buy for two weeks...(eek hopefully i don't take up shoplifting...luckily i mostly shop online)
    You're a rockstar and I think a blogger Vegas meetup is in order someday!!

  10. Your one hot mamma sista. Great job girl. I love the running challenge and I'll have to look into kristians one. Boys and bachelor parties just make me cringe.

  11. I have been totally slacking on the #60insixty challenge, 4th of July week threw off my 5am club routine and I need to get back into. You look amazing! I can't wait to have before and after like that. And boys in Vegas always makes me nervous. :-)